Storage Lost: 1959 Oldsmobile 98


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The seller tells about the common story of lost storage causing the sale of this 1959 Oldsmobile 98. I can sympathize as I’ve recently had to relocate our family collector cars. It’s looks pretty solid and runs, and it’s for sale here on eBay at no reserve.


There’s a lot going on with the styling on this car! Plenty of glass, a nicely curved rear window, elaborate fins leading into nacelle tail lights, lots of character lines and trim certainly make this 3/4 rear view interesting. Although there’s some rust in the rear quarters (the seller characterizes it as “typical…for a 59 GM car”) and trunk floor, there’s a lot of decent sheet metal here. A LOT of sheet metal! I think the trunk lid alone has enough metal to make up one of my Triumphs.


Here’s a closer look at the trunk, possibly the classic flipper shot on a trailer, although the seller claims to have driven it around last summer. They also tell us that the transmission needs some work, but the brakes have been rebuilt, as well as the carburetor. The fuel tank has been removed and cleaned, removing one of the major issues when recommissioning a car. Some of the value for this car depends on what the transmission really needs; the seller says a new filter, fluid, and adjustment. The “adjustment” worries me, but I’ve been surprised before how much new filter and fluid can make a difference. If it has the original transmission, it will be a four-speed automatic.


The dash echoes the extravagant styling of the exterior, which makes the rather plain looking seats pale in comparison, despite the advertisement stating that the interior is in good shape. The seller has chosen not to include pictures of the engine or underside of the car, but they do tell us the 394 cubic inch V8 runs strong but needs valve seals.

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  1. Robert White

    Nice car, and I like the new boots.


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  2. piper62j

    OMG! The memories.. I was a 7th grader when my neighbors’ daughter (age 19) took me to dance night at the school in their black 59 Olds.. It was the top of the line model (can’t remember which) with a red leather interior.. Absolutely beautiful car. So was she.. I’ll never forget her or the car… What a night.. She took me right home after the dance… Seriously,, she did.. My folks were waiting on the front steps for us..

    Those were the days..

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    • John Deebank

      I hear you Piper62j. That love drug is stronger than anything that can be reproduced. Thnx for sharing that. I can still feel those times.

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  3. grant

    One has to wonder why a 19 year old would go to a 7th grade dance….

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  4. piper62j

    LOL Grant.. My folks wouldn’t take me..

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    • ydnar

      Is she a 7th grade teacher now?

      I like this car, but it’s not something I’d drive.

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  5. piper62j

    Her name was Janet.. If she is still with us, she’s well into her 80’s..

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  6. RON

    It would be a beautiful car restored in that gold color. I had and preferred the Pontiac in 59 because of the first year wide track. The Pontiac was more attractive in the front as well. Don’t know about the Olds Tranny’s but the Pontiac’s were not very reliable. Can’t remember if the 59 was same as 64 but I had both in succession and had no trouble until the 59 got high mileage. The 64 followed the 59 and it had what was called a “Slim Jim” tranny in it, I bought it with a supposed 30,000 true miles from a supposed reputable new GM Dealer as a trade in on Sat. in too much hurry and Sunday morning it would not back up at all.. I carried it back and they attempted to rebuild it 3 different times and as soon as it hit the streetand you put it in reverse, it would bind up and not move. After some serious threats, they took it to the local Pontiac/Caddy dealer and they supposedly put another tranny in. I drove it about 18 months and it never shifted smooth and eventually started giving much engine problems that the Pontiac dealer where I live in another state pulled the valve covers and there was sludge built up to near the tp of the rocker assys.. That’s when found some hidden oil change stickers that the clean up man had missed and realized that it has probably between 75-100K run off the clock and had been using both gulf and quaker state oil in it from new. Of couarse in the day they were paraffin based oils and most all of them were no good but from that day forward I would park a car before I would put a quart of either brand any engine. you used to hear and still do what great Quaker State is but I new a lot of people that ran fleets using both of them and almst all of them had trouble long term. I had Buicks from the late 60’s until present and never had a tranny problem or engine problem especially the 455 and 407? Olds engines.

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  7. JW454

    I’d be a buyer up to about 5K but after that, it’d be out of my comfort zone. I really like this era of cars.

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  8. Dan h

    Great, great lines on this car!
    Rear wheel arches forward pitch conforms with the rear glass, just amazing.

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    • Robert White

      I agree, the design lines are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The designers obviously knew their craft well. And yes, style wise the car is amazing, and I would buy it if I had the dough.


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  9. Brad

    Wow. I’m not a late 50s kind of guy, but for this I would happily become one.

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  10. Metalted

    I’m not a gm fan, but absolutely love it.
    Beautiful car!!
    I’d drive it any day!👍

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