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Storage Unit Find: $1K Chevrolet Camaro

While I’ve been able to find interesting cars on farms and in junkyards, a storage unit find has eluded me. Of course, if you don’t use a storage unit for extra space, it’s hard to come across interesting finds like this 1980s-era Chevy Camaro, which is offered for $1K as part of the entire storage unit here on craigslist. This is not an uncommon practice if the owner of the unit passes away or stops paying their storage fees, or perhaps this is an audition for Storage Wars. 

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Ikey H. for the find. The Camaro has clearly been parked for a while based on the liberal coating of dust, but it looks like it spent several years outside baking in the sun prior to that. Little information is offered and no interior pictures are provided, so we don’t know if it’s the desirable manual transmission variant or a more traditional automatic. As per the other items in the locker, I doubt there’s much here of any value, but you never know.

On the back of the car, the paint actually looks quite nice and the factory badges retain their original colors – as does the factory pinstriping. The taillight lenses are surprisingly clear, too, and the Montana license plates don’t look too weatherbeaten. Perhaps there’s hope that this Camaro isn’t as tired as an abandoned storage unit find might suggest. If it was repainted, it’s good to see the badges and stripes were re-applied.

Here’s the view from the front of the locker, and if this isn’t a total 80s dude’s storage unit, I don’t know what else could be added to it to make it more so. The old-school Budweiser almost certainly hung over the pool table in his favorite local dive bar, and the drum set is just the sort of thing to make your backyard party go up the extra notch it needed to get people dancing and falling in the pool with their clothes on. Or something. Does $1K seem like a deal for the whole unit?


  1. David I

    Scam, this is a fake post on Craigslist. This storage unit does not exist. Do not trust Craigslist as it is the breeding ground for scams and identity theft.

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  2. irocrobb

    If I lived close I would want to check it out. Maybe the tpi engine,if still in it, might be good and who knows what else. Could be gold bars in the green cabinet in front

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  3. IkeyHeyman

    If this were local, I’d be driving over there now with the cashola.

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    • Stillrunners

      Yep the Budweiser signs worth $500.

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      • TCOPPS TCOPPS Member

        Sign is made to go over a pool table. I think they do hold some value: https://www.ebay.com/i/273309730461?chn=ps

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      • CaCarDude

        The Bud sign is worth as much or more than the car, I have seen these in good to excellent condition sell for $2k +, I have a good collection of the signs myself but could never see parting with that much $ for one of these signs.
        The animated or motion signs with the Clydesdales are the one to find, Big $$$$ signs.

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      • Steve R

        Only one has sold on eBay for that price in the last 3 months for more than $500, most sell in the $200-300 range. Maybe someone could get $1,000 for a perfect one at an antique show. I’d bet this one has condition issues which will hold down it’s price.

        Steve R

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  4. 86_Vette_Convertible

    never dealt with something like this, can you get a title for a vehicle in an abandoned storage unit?

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    • Ikey Heyman

      Good point! In South Dakota, you have to get the title from the owner, and if the title has been lost, “titles are only issued to the recorded owner or someone who is an authorized agent and can provide documentation of the power of attorney.” Good luck with that in this situation. Another dream down the tubes….

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      • James

        Legal jargon. I had to do this a while back on a 59 chevy 2dr Brookwood here in SD. I bought it from a guy who had it on his property, he and a buddy parked it there in 75 and the buddy was killed about a year later. I had to send a certified letter to the last known address of the person who was killed in 76 or 77; (it was 2010 at this point). When the letter came back, I sent it to the state with my lost title paperwork and 25 bucks and I got a new title.

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    • Steve R

      It might not be hard if you can establish the car has actually been in the storage unit. The rental contract gives the right to the storage company to sell the belongings if rent isn’t paid.

      Steve R

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  5. Boatman Member

    Did you even look at the ad, Jeff? It’s an ’85, and it’s automatic.

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    • al8apex

      87-90, 350 1st arrived in 87 …

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      • Superdessucke

        It”s an ’88-90. The rear bumper emblem says “IROC-Z” instead of “Z28”.

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  6. R Soul

    When I used to watch storage wars, there were some episodes where the car wasn’t allowed to be part of the sale. Maybe a State law, or local bylaw?

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  7. Scott

    By the way not real drums but something for a games console

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  8. Cadmanls Member

    Ad says it’s an automatic, like a few already stated getting the title may be a problem, too bad could be a great buy.

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  9. CaCarDude

    Nope, not an ’85. Possible it is an ’87 as the give away is the 3rd eye brakelight which did not become mandatory till ’86 ( I know since I had a ’86 Berlinetta) and it was top hatch mounted generic and not built in like this one in the rear hatch. Also the taillights look to be possible ’87 vintage. The person listing this is very lax on information and I think is just guessing at year model I suspect saying it is an ’85. I like these Camaro’s and would not mind taking this one home. Just not sure about all the paperwork that would be involved.

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  10. John Oliveri

    My wife who’s a few years younger than me has a different taste in cars than I have, so this ones for her, but too far away to fool with, I’m sure the person selling it had to get a Lien on it to legally sell it, so I would think email the auctioneer and inquire

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  11. RobB

    The lack of paperwork, i.e., title could be why this is so cheap. Maybe, you could hire a mechanic to get it and get a lien on it.

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  12. Rick

    I can just imagine the pretentious dude who owned that Camaro clad in acid washed jeans, cowboy boots and a long mullet. Yeehawww!

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  13. jwzg

    That was an ’89. The IROC-Z badge on the rear bumper gives it away.

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  14. Mike

    I don’t know about other states but I’ve bought cars here in Ohio on just a notarized bill of sale. The DMV then runs the VIN to make sure it isn’t stolen, salvage, rebuilt etc. Then, assuming everything checks out, they issue me a clean title. I’ve only had one come back as salvage/rebuilt but I new it would since I new the cars history. Not a big deal that time because I only wanted the engine. The rest went to scrap but I still needed a title.

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