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Stored 10 Years: 1967 Dodge D100 Pickup

Dodge redid their line of trucks in 1961 called the D/W series; “D” stood for 2-wheel drive while “W” stood for 4-wheel drive. Two styles of beds were available, the step-side narrow bed called the Utiline and the straight-sided version dubbed the Sweptline. The seller has a D100 pickup which would have had a payload rating of half-ton. The seller inherited the truck from his father and – after it’s been sitting 10 years – he recognizes that he’s not the right party to bring it back to life. Located in Pocatello, Idaho, the pickup is available here on eBay where the no reserve auction has been bid to $5,600.

From the photos provided, we can’t tell if this 1967 D100 is a Sweptline or Utiline. It’s said to be white over red in color, but the sun has turned the red into flat orange. The seller’s father got the truck from the original owner in 2000 and used it sparingly for the next decade before parking it in 2011. We’re told it was running at that time. In the meantime, the father passed away and the seller held on to it for years thinking he would get around to restoring it. Sentimentality, you know.

The Dodge is equipped with a 318 cubic inch V8 with a dash shifted TorqueFlite automatic transmission. Whether by accident or design, someone removed the air cleaner and stuffed a rag down the carburetor, which has likely prevented dirt and debris from getting into the engine over the years. This is no mention of what it might take to get the truck running again, but at a minimum the fuel system is going to need flushing from the carb to and including the gas tank.

While the paint is quite faded, the chrome front bumper looks remarkably good. The rear bumper, on the other hand, as plenty of surface rust. The only reported issues with the body are two small dents in the tailgate. Most of the photos are of the interior which looks quite good although there is a cover over the seats which may be shielding expired upholstery. Given the condition of the dash, door panels and headliner, I’m going with it simply being a protective measure.

This truck has an aftermarket air conditioner with hardware under the dash as well as under the hood. Wouldn’t it be neat if only a recharge would be needed once the rest of the truck is operating once again? The tires are all flat, but presumably they will hold air long enough for loading and then unloading the pickup at its next home. The odometer reads under 44,000 miles and my gut tells me that it’s accurate.

The D/W series of trucks would serve Dodge well, lasting through the 1971 model year. After that, the RAM models would take over for 1972. So, what’s an old truck like this worth? According to Hagerty, Good condition is about twice the current bidding on the D100 and Excellent would be north of $25,000. With some good luck and mechanical knowledge, this truck might not be a difficult project to undertake.


  1. Avatar photo Skorzeny

    And DW is Darrell Waltrip, but this truck is not ‘all ate up with motor…’.

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  2. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    Somebody at BF’s got a hankerin’ for older Dodge pickups. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this many. Dodge just wasn’t very popular in the midwest. These guys were very loyal to their Ford/Chevys, come heck or high water, they would never jump ship. And that’s all it was, because Dodges were as good as any other. I often wonder, if Dodge never introduced the Cummins diesel, if they would have had the success they have today. Great find, little pricey for something not driveable, yet, and that A/C, a bit overkill. That unit would cool an office building.

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    • Avatar photo Joel

      The popularity started in 1994 with the big rig design. In 94 Dodge turned the truck market upside down. They couldn’t build them fast enough for the demand. Believe me, Ford and Chevy buyers started switching over. IMHO

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  3. Avatar photo Dave

    It’s a Sweptline. Utiline has a different tailgate and taillights. Nice old truck.

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  4. Avatar photo Hoss

    Says that it was stored for 10 years.

    Looks to me it was stored …… Outdoors. lol

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  5. Avatar photo Dave

    If you can’t tell if this is a Sweptline or Utiline form the pics, you need to change professions.

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  6. Avatar photo Gary Raymond Member

    Love the dash shifter, straight out of a 60’s Mopar console car!

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    • Avatar photo Terry Bowman

      Same shifter as in their vans.

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  7. Avatar photo Eric B

    Who the f bids on a truck that doesn’t even have photos that actually y’know, show the truck, as a whole? It’s in Idaho, it’s probably a really nice, solid survivor. Looks to be from what it is actually shown. Funny seeing it right after the yellow one sitting on a lift for 45g (LOL). Having said that about the lack of photos; in some hypothetical situation where I was forced to choose, I’d be willing to take my chances and pay close to 10 for this one, rather than pay anything even close to what they want for the yellow one.

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  8. Avatar photo Bill Hall

    This truck does not have a correct 318. An original would have different valve covers and a wider block.

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    • Avatar photo Bill Hall

      Disregard my previous comment please I took another look at the WHOLE POST

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      • Avatar photo Eric B

        Bill, could you elaborate? I didn’t notice anywhere in this post or the ebay listing mention if it’s original or not (?)

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