Stored 20 Years: 1966 Chevrolet Impala SS

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Chevy discovered in the 1960s that people would buy big sporty cars, witness the Impala Super Sport. The Impala model debuted in 1958 and took over the top spot from the Bel Air the following year. Two years after that, they introduced the Super Sport or SS which could be had with a 409 V-8. In ’62, the SS became largely an appearance package that could be had with virtually any engine that Chevy built. This Impala SS is from 1966 and has been out of commission for two decades. It has some rust and a missing windshield, but it looks a lot better than some of the restoration prospects we’ve seen. The price is firm at $2,000 here on craigslist and the car can be found in Longview, Texas. Thanks, local_sheriff, for pinning a badge on this one!

When you ordered an Impala SS, you got things like the appropriate badging in various places, full wheel covers with simulated knock-off centers and a passenger side grab bar. When going with buckets seats, you got a floor-shifter with a decorative housing around the shift lever along with aluminum trim. But the stuff that really mattered consisted of special shocks and front springs, power steering, tachometer, and power brakes. Surprisingly, you got get an inline-six in an SS, but not many came that way. For 1966, Chevy sold 119,000 Impala SS hardtops and convertibles and fewer than 1,000 didn’t have a V-8.

We don’t know a great deal about this ‘66 Impala SS except than it hasn’t run in 20 years. It’s a nicer project car than many we’ve seen here on Barn Finds – and for a lot more money. The seller tells us the 327 V-8 in the Impala was rebuilt, but we don’t know when and it’s not running now. The car has its share of rust, but for a change it’s not the rust that’s holding the car together. The window channels, trunk and passenger side rear quarter panel appear to be the worst spots.

The car has no windshield wipers, but that doesn’t matter because there’s no windshield to wipe. We assume the car was stored largely inside as that big gaping hole in front would have left the interior open to be totally ravaged. The seats and door panels will need to be redone and the carpeting is shot, yet the dashboard looks pretty decent.  No need offering the seller a trade because he’s not interested. And the price is reasonable considering this could be a $25,000 car with the proper time and money invested. We wonder if this is not the first time this car has been up for sale this year as the date stamp on the photos is nine months old.

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  1. alphasudMember

    For the asking price and if the car was in my area I wouldn’t be typing right now but instead be hooking up my car trailer and driving to his house with cash in hand! One of the best looking cars in this era IMHO.

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  2. Clutchartist

    The wheel covers on this ’66 belong on a ’65. The ’65 that was featured yesterday were sporting wheel covers from a ’66.

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    • Bob

      ’65 and ’66 SS’s had the same wheel covers. The non SS’s had different ones.

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      • Jeff

        Wrong. 65 ss and 66 ss technically had different wheel covers. They looked the same but the depth of the ‘dish’ was deeper on the 1965.

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      • Bobby W MillerMember

        You are correct Bob. Clutchartist is wrong.

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  3. 370zpp 370zppMember

    Potentially straight forward project and for a reasonable price. That is rare these days.

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  4. Troy s

    I always liked the blue Chevy in Dirty Mary Crazy Larry better than the Charger, I really don’t know why. This car reminds me of it a little.
    Fixer up and drive with pride…. just dont hold up any grocery stores and watch out for the mouthy blonde chick.

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    • Turbo

      I haven’t seen that movie in years and I don’t remember that scene, but the joke is on me. I married a mouthy blonde chick.

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      • Troy s

        It’s all good so long as you dont call her dingleberry, little miss Mary’s nickname in the whole movie. That chick inevitably led to their getting identified, pursued and of most unfortunate consequence, fatal collision with a train. Too bad for the Charger.

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  5. local_sheriff

    Anyone interested should note these pics were shot 11(!) years back – seller probably tried to get rid of it during the last recession. Hopefully it’s been kept indoors in the meantime to prevent it from further degradation.

    10-15 years back this was a parts car. Now; with the availability of restorable examples in the market this one has been given a 2nd chance in life. A 100% resto project it is, however underneath any camoflage of bondo and sloppy paint we see on so many other 60s cars at way more $, this one probably isn’t much worse. Here we actually get to SEE what is bad

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  6. Lee


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  7. petemcgee

    Some one must have liked it, CL ad has been deleted. GONE

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  8. Steve BushMember

    Not surprised it’s gone. This what I think of when I think of a project car. Something intact that actually looks like a car and doesn’t cost a crazy amount. If it were a 1968-70 Charger, the asking would 10 times this.

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  9. Roy

    the 66 SS is it still for sale call me text me or leave me a message 818 681 8218 cool

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