Stored 30 Years: 1968 Mustang V-8 Fastback

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Although the seller is aiming this time capsule Mustang at folks that want to build a Bullitt or Eleanor clone car, I personally hope someone buys the car that just wants a nice Mustang to restore. It’s being sold here on ebay and is in Nashville, Tennessee. Bidding is over $17,000 at this point and the reserve has been met.

At first glance, you can see lots of dings and dents in the car, and it’s pretty easy to guess that there’s some rust under there as well. However, it does look fairly complete and intact overall. We’re told the car has recently been started and now will move under its own power.

One of the neat things about being a car enthusiast in the modern era is the ability to look up all kinds of information on the internet. Using this decoder you can discern the following info from the tag above:

63A Fastback, standard interior, bucket beats

O Color: Sea Foam Green

2A Interior: Black vinyl

04C Build date 4 March 1968

71 Los Angeles (original district sales office it was delivered to)

2 Rear end ratio: 2.79:1

W Transmission: C-4 Automatic

So cool!

While the interior is complete, it needs a major freshening. However, the nice thing about seeing it like this is that you know all the fasteners, clips and brackets will be there to attach the nice new reproduction parts that you buy.

This is probably the original 289 V-8 and note that the car even has air conditioning, a relatively rare option on these early pony cars. Would you restore it to Bullitt, Eleanor, restomod or stock?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Nevadahalfrack NevadahalfrackMember

    Clean it up and drive it. Very nice original from what’s shown; renovate it over the winter then drive when in the dry!

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  2. nycbjrMember

    No more clones!

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    • TS

      For the love of God, NO MORE CLONES!!! Eleanor clones are a dime-a-dozen, are worth about as much, and far from cool. Bullitt clones aren’t much better. If someone out there thinks they know what they are doing and wants to make a clone that would sell for big money, let’s see your Tucker clone.

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  3. CapNemo

    It damn sure wouldn’t be Eleanor or Bullitt.

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  4. Russell Casey

    No more clones. I will say I like Highland Green. As others have said, get it roadworthy and just live with it a while before doing anything to it. The factory AC is a big plus.

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  5. EJB

    I was in a resto shop last Fall and one of the guys was nice enough to show me around. They had an “Eleanor” clone in the shop. I said something to the effect of: I’m really done with that look. The guy showing me around nodded knowingly and replies: That look has been waaaay over done.

    I hope whomever owns this car enjoys the heck out of it whatever they do with it but please no more Eleanors!

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  6. Jimmy

    It looks like someone backed up with the drivers door open and hit something, not good. Too much $$$ for the work needed to be presentable IMHO.

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  7. John Holland

    Just get it road worthy and enjoy it for the classic it is. No more clones or anything else it isn’t. Classic originals!

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  8. stillrunners

    Nice….factory A/C and rare for a base – it looks like someone ordered disk brakes…….

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  9. Winesmith

    No front fender marker lights. 1967?

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  10. TimM

    Nice blank pallet for whatever you want to do!! A/C car to boot!! The only thing I would do is change the gears in the rear and stick a tremec 5 speed in it!!

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