Stored 30 Years: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro

UPDATE – The seller has relisted this Camaro after the winner of the previous auction never contacted them. If you’d love to have it, here’s your chance!

The successful Chevy Camaro was in its third year of production for 1969 and continued to sell well, with nearly a quarter-million of them built. Ones bearing the cowl tag code X11 were the basic Camaro coupe and comprised more than three-quarters of output. This example was running when it was parked some 30 years ago and spent time alternating between the insides of a barn and the Great Outdoors. Located in Bernville, Pennsylvania, this rusty project is available here on eBay where bidding has reached $10,100.

Second-generation Camaro’s were scheduled to go on sale at the beginning of the 1970 model year but were delayed. Fisher Body had trouble with the new car’s quarter panel draw dies and they had to be rebuilt from scratch. That extended the production of the 1969 Camaro by about three months, meaning the new cars weren’t in showrooms until after the year-end holidays. Contrary to popular belief, the first of the second-gen Camaro’s were not 1970 ½ models, nor were the extended production 1969s titled as anything but that.

Perhaps a restoration was intended when this car was taken out of service around 1990. The previous owner replaced the left fender and brush-primered the whole car to match. There are holes in some of the floor pans and the trunk is rusted through at one of the body mounts. Most of the sheet metal seems to have little dimples or places where corrosion has started. Once painted silver with a likely black vinyl top, the latter’s material is past the point of no return, and we wouldn’t be surprised to find issues underneath it.

This Camaro has a non-running 307 cubic inch V8, but it’s a replacement motor that will need work. The motor is paired with the commonly used Powerglide 2-speed automatic transmission and power steering. It was a factory A/C car, but that plumbing now resides in the trunk. The glass is good though the windshield may have some flaws. We’re told the car is complete, though some trim pieces are not attached. The odometer reading is 34,000, but the seller doesn’t know how close to accurate that may be.

The interior will require a great deal of attention once the rust issues are repaired. It was red in color, which would have been a nice contrast to the original exterior finish. The dash pad has been removed along with the floor coverings. Since this is a basic Camaro (i.e., not an RS, SS, or Z28), it likely has the lowest resale value of the ’69 ponies. Hagerty pegs top dollar at $36,000 for a Concours edition, while Fair draws no more than $14,000. This one is a stretch to reach Fair and the current top bid is closing in on that number.


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  1. grant

    Really? 10k+ for a rusty, plain Jane Camaro? And who moves a car out of dry storage to sit in the weather “to work on it?”

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    • m.j.

      be good to get 2k for this cancer victim..shameful

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  2. JoeNYWF64

    How do you break an all metal GM horseshoe shifter?

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    • Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

      Duct tape repair on the black plastic part that gets squeezed. Fail point on my Mom’s 72 Monte Carlo.

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  3. Charles Sawka

    Do what with it ? C’mon man

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  4. Denny Tuttle

    No more than 1800. for this pile of rust. And is is a plain jane with a V8

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  5. Larry D

    The 1970 GM cars were also delayed due to a strike at GM.

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  6. Gary Rhodes

    If you are that desperate to throw your money away I’ll take it.

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  7. RSparks

    It must be all the weed in the air these days giving folks a contact buzz. You can buy a complete new body minus the doghouse for $13k. This heap is probably worth $4k tops for the title, K member, lenses and what’s left of the dog house.

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    • RSparks

      I don’t hate Camaros, not even this one, but this car is just a bad investment in my opinion. If it’s a person’s dream to have a real 69 Camaro at any cost and they don’t care about turning a profit for at least 50 years this is a good deal for them.

      Made in Sanford, Florida. $13k less doghouse.

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      • Gary

        A real Camaro? Not even close. A Chinese body turd that will have to have a builders title made for it.

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    • JB

      Please! What are you, THE SELLER??? The other buyer came to his SENSES AND WOKE UP AND RAN!!!!!

  9. Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

    These were the F bodied cars we all saw as heaps in 1979 (!), on the back of the tote the note lot…selling for hundreds not thousands of dollars. This one just happens to have 40+ more years of environmental abuse that has attacked it. PASS at this asking price.

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  10. jerry z

    The body lokks like a piece of aluminum foil! Is there a straight panel anywhere on this car?

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  11. Kurt A Von Zech

    Fake Bidders

  12. Gary

    You’ll have to buy every piece of sheet metal reproduced for this turd and probably have 25k in it before you ever start the mechanical work. A big waste of money that you’ll be underwater in in a hurry.

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  13. Steve W

    Sorry folks, I just spent a bucketload of money restoring a 69SS, and compared to this scrap, it would cost a small fortunate to make this one look good. The best place for it is in the junk yard.

  14. Seahawk!

    That 307 is a 1968. I had a 69 with a 307 that did 200hp. Wasn’t bad for my first car in 1978. I wish I had it back! BTW – I bought it for $400. drove it for a year and sold it for the same.

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  15. Bick Banter

    As a former 69 Camaro owner I concur this’ll be an expensive one to get right!

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  16. Sam Shive

    Not even enough to make it a GOOD DEMO DERBY Car.

  17. george mattar

    This douche bag seller had his tattooed toothless friends bid this POS up. My 97 mini van is worth more. The world has truly gone mad. Why do you people even waste your time writing about trash.

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    • JoeNYWF64

      I know of someone who has a ’69 that is driveable, looks worse than this car, & is used for errands. & to his surprise, 2 different people offered him 10 grand for it, one at a stoplight thru his side window – & the car needs both rockers, fenders, doors & quarter panels. & the floor is in worse shape than the above one for sale here. But the mechanicals are good – has a 6 & a glide – that’s the reason it’s still kickin. lol

      Can i assume the exterior panels(except maybe for fenders) on this car for sale are salvageable, & the floors have just surface rust? Yes it needs a new trunk floor, but how many well used old cars don’t?

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  18. theGasHole

    Sitting in a barn in PA for 30 years….yeah have fun with that one.

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  19. JB

    Please! What are you, THE SELLER??? The other buyer came to his SENSES AND WOKE UP AND RAN!!!!!

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