Stored 36 Years: 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Seville

The Cadillac coupes from 1957 look like muscle-bound big brothers of the ’57 Chevys, and they are! This 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Seville, offered here on eBay with bidding at $9100, looks like it may have been parked under a tree for a few decades, but it’s actually well on its way to becoming a show winner.

This picture shows what the engine compartment of this 1957 Cadillac might look like some day, but actually… that day is today! This *is* the engine bay of this car, and the seller has invested over $16,000 so far. Whoever ordered it spared little expense, including ordering air conditioning and the upgraded dual-quad manifold and Carter carburetors for a total of 325 velvety horsepower

This powerful classic may have been a mob car back in the day. The elegant muscular design comes with a dose of “Don’t mess with me or you sleep with the fish.”

Anyone caught without fins on their new cars in 1957 surely felt shame. The Space Age was the rage, and Cadillac’s all-new for ’57 was ready for any fin measuring contest. This rear-end treatment was specific to the Biarritz and Seville. Thanks to for some details.

Original green interior shows little evidence of crimes committed by mobsters or upholstery-eating rodents. The seller claims to have run out of money and time, and projects the car may bring north of $70,000 when completed. Do you have what it takes to finish the job? Where do you think the bidding will end on this well-begun heavy-hitter?

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  1. joeinthousandoaks

    I wasn’t expecting that under the hood!

  2. Windy Lawyer George

    When completed it will bring far north of $70K seller projects.

  3. DrinkinGasoline

    Leave the gun….take the cannoli.

    • jackthemailman

      Always good advice.

  4. Will

    I think I would finish the mechanical restoration and leave the exterior as a beater driver meant to be driven daily. Freshen the interior and be the first person in decades to see what it is like to cruise in daily a 57 Eldorado.

  5. Mountainwoodie

    Man that is a sweet ride……… long as you have the money to dump into it , and I wish I had, I think you’ll come out on the other side smelling like a rose. beautiful design…………

  6. DavidC

    My uncle had a 57 but it was gun metal gray with red leather interior. That was a special car. It caught fire and burnt to the ground. That was in 1967. His last Cadillac was a 1978 Coupe Deville loaded of course. They found him slumped over the steering wheel on the side of the road engine still running in 1991 he had a heart attack and died. He managed to pull the car off the road and put it in park and that was it. He was 90 when he died and yes he is missed. Very cool guy. He traveled to Indianapolis every year for the big race.
    He had a lot of Cadillacs but the 57 was always his favorite, mine too.

  7. JimmyJ

    Sorry bout your uncle DavidC he definitely had taste I’m not a big gm guy but these daddys are top shelf!
    Love the chrome and the fins!

    • DavidC

      Thanks Jimmy J, us old car guys have lots of old car stories. I could go on and on about my uncle. He was a car guy. The truth is I come from a long line of car guys and I have a bunch of great memories and stories.

  8. Rob

    Every time I see one of these mid 50’s Caddys it makes me want one more. Maybe someday……..

  9. don

    ebay listing says “no rust on the car” how about the rust hole about the rear tire?

    • Clay Byant

      Go back and read the Ebay listing………..

  10. Car Guy

    Allready at $11k. Perhaps the owner ran out of money to finish the project. the factory Sabre wheels are a big plus. These are striking cars when restored to a high standard.


    No stainless steel roof? I don’t dig the green color so that would have to change. They made one in blue that was magnificent.

    • JTNC

      A few years ago there was a 57 Eldo Biarritz (convertible) at the Amelia Island Concours in what I believe was this same medium metallic green, and it was striking. From memory it had a white convertible top and a green interior. Stunning. I think the owner is being modest, after a first class restoration I think this car could bring over $100K. Of course the restoration would also likely cost over $100K.

    • William Decker

      No, changing from the triple green would seriously hurt the value.

  12. JulieShootsPeople

    Beautiful Caddy!! I wouldn’t paint it. I wish my sister hadn’t had our Granny and Granddad’s 61 Cadillac painted. It was originally a Golden Cadillac. It was 85% restored in the 90’s and garage it’s whole life up until 2 years ago. It does have a beautiful paint job though. Still I wouldn’t have painted it.

  13. JP in WI

    Too many colors in the engine compartment.. Wheel well covers should be black.. I’d go with the original green and wide white radials and done power disk brakes and be done.. Amazing style this caddy has…

  14. TouringFordor

    I’d guess just the cost of chrome would end a project like this one

  15. Bill McCoskey

    The Dual quad carbs were not an upgrade, they were standard on the Eldorado.

  16. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Cool….no power windows to mess with….when you gotsa couple of strong arms !

    • jackthemailman

      Those strong arms better be long, too! The doors are in separate zip codes.

  17. Dickie F

    A couple of years ago, I viewed about 10 mint Caddys parked in a warehouse in Cape Town. Some dating back to the 1930s?
    All were often used by the collector owner . He kindly allowed me to sit in one. I just marvelled at each item being a work of art – the window handle etc.

    But what came as a surprise was the fact that Cadillac owns so many motor vehicle patents! They were first with just about everything those early days.

  18. Keith

    I think I know this car. It’s located about an hour from my shop in NJ. It sat behind a house there for many, many years, not in a garage but mainly out of the elements. Anyone who inquired about the car was chased away by an old woman. Finally about a year or so ago, rumor had it that the lady either died or moved. Shortly afterward, the car was no longer there, but at a repair shop about 1/4 mile up route 46. Was there for a few more months, then disappeared about 2 months ago. I’ll have to dig in my files but I have pics of it from about 5 years ago, I’m betting it’s the same car as there can’t be too many of these around.

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