Stored for 10 Years: 1975 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

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Some Barn Finds are better than others. Some Barn Finds are easier to revive than others. This ’75 Corvette Stingray is quite a nice find, and even though it hadn’t been out of the barn for more than 10-years, it didn’t take much work (or time) to return it to the road. There is still some work to do, but I think that this is all part of the fun and satisfaction of buying a car like this. If you are really taken by this Stingray, it is located in Weslaco, Texas, and it is listed for sale here on eBay where it is being sold in a No Reserve auction.

When you compare the first photo with the second one, you have to say that the car scrubbed up pretty nicely. The seller bought it off the original owner earlier this month, has given it a clean and is now moving it on. I know that some of you won’t mind this, while some of you will. Leaving that aside, the car does present quite nicely. The paint isn’t original, as the car received a repaint at some point in the past when it was still the property of the original owner. There are a few marks on the paint, but the overall condition seems pretty reasonable. It was also the original owner who had the side-pipes fitted. While there are no photos of the underside of the car, the seller does say that it is solid.

The interior condition looks quite good and is in keeping with a car that is believed to only have a genuine 33,000 miles on the clock. It is not perfect, with a couple of defects in the upholstery and the carpet. There are also a few items that don’t function at present, including the wipers, the left-hand turn signal, and the air conditioning. In one of the photos in the gallery below you can also see some damage to either the seat or door-close trim on the driver’s side, but I can’t work out which it is. The owner also supplies this YouTube video, providing a brief walk-around of the car.

Under the hood is the numbers-matching 350ci L82 engine, which is backed by an automatic transmission. Things aren’t all original under the hood, with a good dusting of Mr. Edelbrock’s products visible, along with an MSD distributor, and aftermarket headers. For a car of this age that has been sitting in a barn for 10-years or more, the condition looks pretty reasonable, although I really do hate the use of the detailing spray on the hoses, especially when it is pretty obvious that the hoses haven’t been sprayed all the way to the end. The owner does say that the car starts and runs well, but that it should have a tune-up and an alignment before it hits the road. The owner has also fitted new BF Goodrich tires all around.

This Corvette is a nice car, and it is a pretty decent sort of Barn Find, but there are some details that would need to be checked and possibly addressed before it is able to hit the road. The car has been out of the barn for less than 2 weeks after having sat for more than 10 years, so it deserves a complete mechanical check before it returns to active duty. There are also some obvious flaws on the inside of the car that don’t rate a mention, while flaws that are virtually invisible do get mentioned. While there have been a few bids submitted on the car, the bidding hasn’t gone completely mad. Bidding has reached $6,977 at the time of writing, and with this being a No Reserve auction, it will be interesting to see how high the final price goes.

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  1. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Bid is currently $7K+ right now. This isn’t a tire burner, rather something to take out and enjoy the drive. It looks good and probably is, but still should inspect the underside along with the birdcage on it for rust damage.

    I’d take it out on a cruise.

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  2. Miguel

    A Texas car with no air seems odd.

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  3. Miguel

    The Ebay ad says this car has air but I don’t see a compressor on the engine.

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  4. whmracer99

    Whatever you do don’t exit this car without having long pants on — if you do you’ll only do it once. I still have a burn scar on my leg from my 68 when I first ran it without the side pipe heat shields.

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    • Alan

      You too huh lol? Same from my ’70 a few decades ago. Compliments a couple others on the right calf from the Harley drag pipes way back when. Almost matching if I didnt give up with the Vette after the 1st time.

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  5. 77Vette

    The way I read the vin this is the base engine not the L-82.

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  6. MFerrell

    Nice car, I like it a lot.

    Not sure about the ZL1 stripe on a ’75 L48 – that’s about the opposite of a ZL1, the all aluminum 427 race that Chevy put in only two C3 Corvettes in 1969.

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  7. Brian K

    I’d go with new tires all around, hoses, tune up to start. I’d get it road ready with the little fixes to pass inspection and have fun with it. If I decided to keep it for awhile, I would get rid of the sidepipes and throw away those edelbrock covers under the hood. The stripes look painted on but, if there was a way to take them off? Red on red is a great combo.

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      Those tires cost 750. Not cheaper coopers. Thats a plus.

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  8. R Soul

    Looks like it got the barn finds bump, it’s up to 8,700… It’s only worth 7,000 IMHO.

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