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Stored for 13 Years: 1970 Dodge Challenger

The seller of this 1970 Dodge Challenger S/E in Maine has been stockpiling parts for years awaiting an eventual restoration that never happened. The Challenger is largely solid despite its New England location and some bodywork has begun. It is equipped with a running 318 paired to a floor-shift automatic transmission. The car and truckload of parts are listed here on craigslist for $18,000. Thanks to Barn Finds reader AMXBrian for the find. 

While the 318 isn’t the engine many of us would crave under the hood, it sounds like the seller was hoping to build a clone of sorts. Among the included spare parts are three R/T hoods, along with grills, doors, spare trunk lid, new vinyl top, and numerous interior parts. No word on a 340 hiding out on a pallet in the back of the barn, unfortunately.

The interior looks quite nice, with black vinyl buckets showing some modest wear and a dashboard with just one claimed crack in it. The seller thinks the seats should be recovered, so they must be worse than they appear here. The seller notes the door panels are in good shape, and the photos appear to reveal wood trim and a center console in good order.

There are numerous photos showing the parts stash the seller has accumulated. While nothing here is particularly exotic, I’m sure the next owner will enjoy having these solid spares to pick from as they look for the best parts of the bunch. The seller says rust is minimal with the center of the trunk floor the worst offender. My question is, is it worth $18K even with all the spare parts included? You decide.


  1. Chevy Guy

    I got here after it was posted one minute ago. Impressive. Thats with no notifications btw.

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  2. Dave

    I remember people throwing those parts away while cleaning out their garages. Fools! Little did we know…but you cant hoard everything.

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  3. Gaspumpchas

    Kowalski Clone!!!

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  4. Skorzeny

    Remember that you can build a 400 HP 318 pretty easily. Or insert engine of choice. And a manual trans…

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  5. Troy s

    “hey soup, pick up on this; suspect vehicle…1970 Dodge Challenger white in color!” The beginning of my favorite part of that old flick Vanishing Point, heck of a chase with those two fast patrol cars, what with jumping the highway back and forth to the song by Electric Flag.
    This car reminded me of that movie the second I saw the listing, in looks of course. Definitely not powertrain wise.

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  6. KeithK

    You know , Kowalski didn’t die in Vanishing point. Close examination plainly shows us a Camaro crashing into the big Cats. I wonder if Hollywood ever considered a proper re-boot. I know there were a few cheeseball attempts but I believe Barry Newman is still alive. Age didn’t stop Redford or Eastwood. Hey propmaster , here’s your first step.

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    • Troy s

      Unfortunately, the five Dodge Challengers used in that old movie were returned to Chrysler and crushed, four 440 4 speed cars and one 383 automatic…and one derelict Camaro, burst into flames in the dozers. Just a low budget movie with great stunt driving capturing the screw the system attitude back then.

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    • Gaspumpchas

      Yeah Keith K but a reboot would probably involve a rice burner with a kid with a baseball hat on backwards or a man bun. They would really screw it up. One of my favorite car movies.. Barry Newman was a bad@$$!!!

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    • JoeNYWF64

      Ck out “Fear is the Key(1972)” & the empty roads back then …
      THAT’S what Starsky should have been driving 3 years later, but sponsor Ford had to sell cars & no longer made a fastback Torino, let alone one with stylish bumpers.
      Good thing the ’72 was no longer unibody with the jumps it makes in this movie. The car is a bench seat column automatic.
      Ford motors were nothing to brag about tho – in ’72.

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      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        Great stuff JoeNYWF64! Thats how I like to board the Ferry at Merrimac.

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    • AMXBrian

      The actor’s actual death doesn’t even stop the movies, just look at Star Wars or Fast and Furious, but that would be a horrible movie.

      I’m all for a proper reboot, a realistic car chase movie would be nice.

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  7. Del

    No. Worth maybe a quarter asking price

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  8. James Martin

    Here we go again. Way over price pos
    Wtf! The mopar guys smokin something I am not
    Damn puff puff pass!

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  9. Louis Q Chen

    Whoa Pardner! $18K is a little steep even with extra parts. From the pics, it’ll will need at least $10K to bring this car up to snuff! Good luck to the new owner.

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  10. CCFisher

    If it’s a real SE, those are leather seating surfaces.

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  11. GeneB

    My best buddy, while in HS also in Maine, had this car new in red. We had fun in it. His not-even-girlfriend wanted to drive after the bars one night, hit ice, freaked, and totaled it. There were 5 of us in the car, one of the 16 ‘totals’ I’ve been in.No parts available to fix it yet, he bought a 71 or 72 green one. He hated it compared to the 70. Dumped them both eventually.

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  12. the one

    Stupid is as stupid does..

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    • GeneB

      He kicked himself for years over this, and of course the non-relationship ended then and there. It was a fun car, ran great, and never let us down.

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