Stored For 24 Years: 1971 Olds Cutlass Supreme

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Having been in storage for 24 years, this Oldsmobile Cutlass needed some work to bring it back to life. This has been done, and the car is now sitting in Dallas, Texas, with a clean title, just waiting for a new owner. If this is a car that appeals to you, then you will find it listed for sale here on Craigslist. Barn Finder Rocco B spotted this Oldsmobile for us, so thank you for that Rocco.

This is a tidy looking car, and it is said to wear all of its original paint. Rust issues are pretty limited. There is a small amount on either side just behind the rear wheels, a small amount below the windshield on the passenger side, and there looks like some surface corrosion in the drip rails. There was a spot in the front floor on the passenger side, but this has recently been repaired. While I always like triple-black cars, there’s no doubt that triple-white cars have a touch of class about them. The owner has also fitted 15″ Rally wheels and new tires. While they aren’t original to the car, I think that they look really nice.

Finding fault with the original interior is a tough ask. The armrests on both doors are discolored, and there are also a couple of small cracks on the outer edge of the driver’s seat back-rest. Otherwise, it all looks nice. The car is fitted with air conditioning, and this was blowing nice and cold. Unfortunately, the compressor recently threw in the towel, and the owner has been unable to find somewhere that does R12 recovery, so it hasn’t been fixed. This sounds like a job for the new owner.

Under the hood are the Rocket 350 V8 engine and TH-350 transmission. Because the car had been sitting for so long, a fair amount of work was completed to bring the car roaring back to life. The car has a new gas tank, sender unit, and fuel pump. The carburetor has also been rebuilt, the thermostat has been replaced, the cooling system flushed, the transmission has been flushed and fitted with new gaskets, and virtually the entire barking system from one end of the car to the other has been replaced. The result is a car that is said to run and drive nicely, and that has plenty of power.

This is a nice looking Cutlass Supreme that appears to need minimal work to make it really shine. Good examples continue to sell strongly, and prices around and above $20,000 are quite common. The owner of this car has set the price at $8,750. Does that sound like a fair thing to you? It does to me.

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  1. Bob

    This is a really good buy… I want it!

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  2. jdjonesdr

    Silly price. Probably won’t last the day. I’d love to have it.

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  3. William C Barkdull

    Looks decent, wouldn’t take a lot more to make it choice. Priced right I think. Too much white for me, interior, paint and vinyl top but if that is all OEM I would leave it the way it came for sure! I would be more interested if it was a 442 or rather it be a W31. . . Refreshing to see it price pretty close, not so much you couldn’t put a few more bucks and make it choice!

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  4. Big River

    Parents bought one brand new in 1975? ..from Colonial Ford Danbury CT ..a red wagon. Ran like a top! Couldn’t kill it.. I believe it was a German in line 4cyl.

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  5. Matt Trummer

    I started to work on this 72 after locating in a WI auction last year. Having trouble with taking bill of sale to title though.

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    • Terry D.

      Your Viking Blue convertible is a 1971.

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      • Matt Trummer

        Terry D I only have a receipt of sale thus far. I obviously need to do a VIN search

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  6. Tony Primo

    Don’t know which sentence made me squirt my morning coffee out of my nose more.
    1. That the car has barking systems.
    2. That you could buy a 4 cylinder RWD Cutlass.

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  7. Superdessucke

    Wow! Really brings back some memories. A guy down the block from me back in the day had this exact car, only in red with white vinyl top and a white interior identical to this one with the black carpet and dash. I remember how new and minty it smelled. This one now looks quite old and a bit crusty but not in bad shape at all. Seemingly good buy at this price unless there’s some serious hidden issues.

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  8. r s

    This looks like a real survivor. And it doesn’t matter to me one bit if the Rally wheels aren’t original, they likely could have been ordered for the car and I believe they’re appropriate.

    And the ‘Rocket’ V8… in the late 70’s when GM didn’t have enough of them they started putting Chev V8’s in the Oldsmobiles. There was actually a class-action suit because of this – they called those cars ‘Chevymobiles’. I watched a film clip of a lady testifying in court that she thought the car would have a Rocket engine, not a Chevy engine, but I suspect she thought the ‘rocket’ engine was like something from NASA. In any case GM switched to corporate engines afterward to preclude any more such nonsense.

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    • Ken

      My dad was not happy to discover his 1978 Buick Skylark had a Chevy 305 under the hood. He thought he’d bought a Buick.

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  9. James Smiley

    If you like this style it would be great oldsmobile were always the sleepers of the muscle car era but man they are good looking cars

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  10. mike b


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  11. Patrick S Newport PagnellMember

    I’d just go old school. Add some Cragar SS wheels and cruise. Good looking car at this price.

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  12. Todd

    I’d love to have this but have these two plus a few Challengers. I’ve owned damn near every year Olds Cutlass up tp 1987. Also have ’62 F-85 that is road worthy and a daily driver in Florida but needs some body and interior work. The two in this picture are a 70 and 72 and need nothing. The 72 was purchased from Barrett Jackson in 2003 and the 70 was purchased from Auburn auction. It was known as Kruze Auctions back then in 2005.

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