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Stored For 30 Years: 1975 Pontiac Trans Am

When the owner of this 1975 Pontiac Trans Am found the car, this is exactly how he found it. He has dragged it out of the shed where it has been sitting for more than 30-years and is now moving it on to a new home. Located in Peel, Arkansas, you will find the Trans Am listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding is currently sitting at a mere $1,225 in a No Reserve auction.

Given the fact that the Trans Am has been sitting for decades, it really isn’t a surprise to learn that it is still wearing its original Buccaneer Red paint. It has actually held up quite well, and the other thing that I’ve noticed is how little rust is in the vehicle. It looks like there might be a few spots in the trunk floor, but that seems to be about it. The car is complete, although items such as the rear bumper have been removed. The tires that were on the car have been removed, and the wheels and tires that are currently fitted to the car will go with it.

Being in the dark for the past 30-years certainly hasn’t done the interior of the Pontiac any harm. The carpet has been removed, but this gives us a chance to see just how clean the floors are. The remaining interior trim actually looks to be quite good, so it looks like a new carpet set and a good clean could have the interior looking nice again.

The Trans Am is a numbers-matching car, and after 30-years of inactivity, it has kicked back into life with relative ease. The owner treated the car to a fluid change, dropped in a new battery, and the 400ci V8 roared right back into life. The Trans Am also comes outfitted with an automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, and air conditioning. He hasn’t gotten any further with the car, but he does say that that it isn’t roadworthy, as the brakes need work.

As a solid project car, this ’75 Trans Am shows plenty of promise. Apart from giving the car a thorough mechanical check, it really only looks like it might need a repaint and some detail work before it’s ready to hit the road again. By 1975 the edge had gone off both performance and economy for cars like this one, but they are still a great looking car, and one in good condition is still capable of attracting plenty of attention.


  1. NotSure

    Ahh… the dangers of having empty storage space… I like the looks of this model. Wasn’t 1975 the year that the back glass was changed to wraparound? Also every time I see the automatic gear selector with its absolutely straight and forward leaning stance it feels like I’m seeing it for the first time. I don’t think that any other model has this same pronounced look.

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  2. Tom Henderson


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  3. TimM

    It’s a cool ride if you can get it cheep enough!!

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  4. Robert Sabatini

    Performance-wise, the ’75 to ’77 TA’s left a lot to be desired although the Radial Tuned Suspension made up for a lack of under-hood power. I owned a ’75 with a 4-speed and it was still short of performance in respect to acceleration. However, it was a very reliable car and never saw the dealership service center in the six years of ownership. A swap to some 72cc heads, a cam and exhaust change would definitely wake these 400’s up!

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    • Steve

      My late brother had a white 76 TA with a 400 4 speed. He and my uncle did exactly what you mentioned, with heads from an older 389. A cam swap, headers , aftermarket intake and carb really brought the 400 to life!

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  5. v

    i say oil it up and dont change anything unless absolutely necessary. and if there are necessary changes go with NOS or good quality OEM used / rebuilt original parts. how many untouched nut and bolt real originals are left. most are changed so much that its really a chinese copy of what america really had. this is 1 outstanding start of an original and getting quality used parts should be a snap on ebay. again dont even change the heads. this is a true piece of history that has had no obvious changes. preserve this classy automobile and let the other non OEM exist with the at home mods. i wish i had your apportunity and the foresight of history to realize what this original 75 TA actually really is. an untouched nut and bolt original. save what paint you can cause that is part of the car also. not many can say original and reeally mean original. ****************body lines are nice

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    • Steve

      Once you drive a stocker, you would realize why the desire to improve the performance is so immense. A swap like this only enhances the original intent, and could be returned to stock with no ill effects.

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      • v

        breaking into an engine never broken into is a modified car since even head gasket selection can even change compression ratio. the original builders that had there hands in originally building these type cars were featured in magazines like pontiac mag, would take an original car and retune timing and fuel characteristics. they would also remove weight ie spare tire and everything else not bolted down. they were getting 25 to 30 horses and better 1/4 mile times just with those mods alone . even these tuners new that plenty of extra stock hp was available without breaking down an engine. im just saying very few have bragging rights that there car is a nut and bolt correct not broken into car. ive even seen featured cars where the original owner brags the engine has never been broken into for mods. not many owners can say that. a modification is a modification and that changes the originality of the car. i myself would try retuning carb and distributor before changing heads. very few untouched originals are around, if any at all, and when they are found they are coveted by almost everyone. im just saying if you want more power look for something with more power. but modifying a 44 year old original car would be kind of crazy especially with a found untouched original. it would be a money waster. there not building original 1975 TA’s anymore. why is it that no matter what, there has just got to be 10 more horses somewhere. this original TA should be appreciated the way it is, an american car, and not a chinese copy…a vw bug had 65 hp engine and they were really fun to drive. the 2015 honda crv has 185 hp and this 1975 TA has 185 hp stock not to shabby id say. which would you rather drive… why is it we always want more. if we were happy with what we have this world would be a nicer place to live.

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      • KeithK

        My best friend is one of those who must mess with everything. He has a cherished 67 mustang that undergoes performance improvements monthly. In an effort to gain a few ponies he limits the time he could be spending driving it. Now he’s so scared of scratching it , overheating it or overexposing to “looky loos” , it just holds down the garage floor. Just drive it dammit !

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  6. v

    heres what NADA says for nut and bolt original
    400/185 HP 4bbl V8 Engine
    Air Conditioning
    Total Price
    $4,740 msrp
    $17,880 low
    $36,000 average
    $61,200 high

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  7. PRA4SNW

    “This listing was ended by the seller because the item was lost or broken.”

    Never heard that one before.

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    • v

      i would say he cancelled the ad cause he realized the gold was not at the end of the rainbow it was in the 75 trans am. a true numbers correct valuable car.

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  8. Chris M.

    v, wow just, wow. Lol All sorts show up here to spew some form of nonsense so it seems.

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    • v

      differences in people make our world great. not accepting differences is what creates hate. peace be with you

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