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Stored for Decades: 1972 Dodge Charger

Hiding under this cover is a car that the original owner parked in this barn many years ago. After many years of storage, the car has emerged into the light of day. It is original and unrestored, and the next owner can make the decision as to whether they will bring it back to its former glory, or they will leave it exactly as it is. If you want to see this car finally see the light of day again, you can watch it unfold on this YouTube video.

Hiding under the cover was this 1972 Dodge Charger. Before it finally saw the light of day again, it had spent many years parked in a barn that appears to have been nice and dry. It is located in Clearwater, Florida, and is listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding on the Charger has reached $7,700, but the reserve hasn’t been met.

The overall condition of the Charger looks to be pretty good. The paint is said to be original, and it is in quite nice condition. The vinyl top has deteriorated quite badly, and this will need to be replaced. The owner provides plenty of photos of the underside of the Charger, and it appears to be rock solid. It doesn’t look like anything is missing, and the exterior chrome and trim looks like it is all in very good condition. One of the features that I really like is the concealed headlights, which were part of the “Topper” Package. According to the original window sticker, this package cost the princely sum of $155.60 when the car was new.

The interior of the Charger has its good and bad points. The front seats both look like they are suffering from seam separation, but it isn’t clear whether these could be repaired, or whether new covers would be on the cards. The carpet looks to have deteriorated, the dash pad is cracked, and the headliner will also require replacement. There are a couple of aftermarket gauges hanging on the dash, but the rest of the interior looks to be original. One nice option is the center console with the Slap Stick shifter. The Charger was also optioned with an AM radio with rear speaker and air conditioning.

Powering the Charger is the 38ci V8, while you also get a TorqueFlite transmission, power steering, and power brakes. It isn’t clear just how long the Charger has been sitting, but apparently, the time can be measured in decades. Obviously, the new owner would be well advised to go over the car with a fine-toothed comb to ensure that everything is solid and reliable, but the car is said to now be in running, driving condition. Still, I’d rather be safe than sorry.

When I look at this Charger, what I see is an original survivor. If I was the person considering buying it, the restoration work that I would perform would be very light. I would replace the vinyl top, bring the interior back up to scratch, and then I wouldn’t touch a thing. Some of our readers might consider this path, some might consider a full restoration, while some might just drive it as it is. I’ll be very interested to see what the majority of you would do.


  1. Winnipegcarnut Member

    Adam, I believe you meant 318 ci.
    Unless you were referencing displacement of AC compressor.

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  2. Fred W

    I hope whoever buys this leaves it alone. Everything is modded and cloned to the point that those who weren’t around back then think every car that rolled off the line had a 440.

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  3. OhU8one2

    I remember a friend of mine in high school had one of these. Doing burnouts in school parking lot. He thought nobody would notice, I said oh yeah there’s a bunch of 71 Chargers running around our area. He was suspended from school for 3 days and given a warning. Any trouble from him the rest of the school year and he was out. He was caught streaking at the next pep rally and was gone. That was the last time I saw him. But, I do remember the front fenders were like six feet long end to end.

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  4. TimM

    I like the older ones better but this is a clean looking car

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  5. Moparman Moparman Member

    (IMO) one of the most MEH colors, but as for me: replace seat covers, new headliner/vinyl top/dash pad, buff paint AND add a set of Magnum 500’s and RIDE!! :-) Oh! And just maybe dual exhausts, later…..

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  6. Joe Machado

    Just brought home yesterday, an all black 71 Charger RT, 440, Air, restored correct, 2 build sheets. Gorgeous. Do not know how to add a pic of it here. Will drive it tomorrow on a driving club cruise up the mountain here. A convoy of about 30 cars. Drive them, they are not brittle. Goin to AAA now to insure her.
    This RT will be in a convoy of Barracuda’s, and a 69 Daytona. One EM3 Pink Barracuda Hemi convertible, 4-speeed. Daughter will drive Pinky. 2 grandsons will drive, the 70 Lime, white top, Barracuda coupe. Other grandson, the 71 RT. I the Daytona. I 40 from Calif to Memphis, then South to Destin, Florida. Say Hi when you see us. A traveling car show. Trip will be first week in August.

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  7. Woody

    Sweet ride! It’s ready to drive and enjoy for many more years,hide-away headlights keep it looking like the “60’s,the big block is a big plus!

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  8. Superdessucke

    I had a ’72 Topper X in high school, only in light green/dark green. Got it as a consolation prize to the ’72 340 Road Runner I really wanted but my dad wouldn’t let me have.

    The package gave you the concealed headlights from the SE on the base car and “gator grain” vinyl roof and some other trim items. Not particularly valuable, and no performance goodies, but interesting.

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  9. Del

    There are 2 things that make this a great buy.

    The slapstick / console.

    And it has A/C

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