Stored Heated And Dry: 1970 Dodge Dart

The seller of this 1970 Dodge Dart assures that it’s been stored heated and dry since they purchased the car in 1998 from Georgia. It’s now located in Roann, Indiana, and has been listed for sale here on eBay. As I write this, bidding has not yet reached the reserve figure and is only up to $5,600. With the ‘pie plate’ center caps and black steel wheels, this could be quite the sleeper build or you could just enjoy it as-is!

Apart from the crease seen in this picture on the rear fender, the car appears largely original and intact on the outside. The seller is including a spare front fender l0wer corner, presumably to fix an issue, and notes that the rear bumper has been bumped. Honestly it doesn’t look too bad in this picture but if you want perfection, you’ll need to have it straightened and re-chromed (or replaced).

The seller is kind enough to include this closeup of the crease. You will also need an emblem, and is it me or does it look like there’s a mismatch in the paint here? Maybe I’m just seeing a reflection? Opinions are welcome in the comments! Hopefully the car is just as solid up close as it appears. You can also see where the seller has replaced the rear springs here.

In 1970, the Dart Swinger Hardtop was marketed as a low-priced entry that didn’t suffer from a stodgy appearance or lack of features. However, the Swinger 340 got most of the performance press over the standard Swinger model.

While the interior has suffered a bit, a $310 re-upholstery kit (or even a set of seat covers) would go a long way. That gaping hole in the dash has been handled by the seller as a replacement dash is included.

This is the factory 318 cubic inch V-8 engine and we are told it runs and drives well. The seller impressed me by noting that the rear axle has a slight whine; that’s the sort of detail that didn’t have to be pointed out and a buyer should appreciate knowing that ahead of time. I’m hoping the air conditioning either works or can be reconditioned and I think this could be a really fun driver — hopefully for a total outlay of under $10k. What do you think, readers?

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  1. Rex Kahrs Member

    Love the A-body cars, and this one looks “period correct” with the green paint. There seems to be no shortage still of guys who want to build these cars into hot rods, and this one looks like a relatively clean car to start with.

    I’d yank the 318 and drop a 225 in there.

    • jerry z

      What?!? I just threw up a little.

    • DayDreamBeliever Member


      Or, what the heck, just go with the Hellcat drivetrain and call it a day.

  2. Tom S.

    Or a big block.

  3. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    These cars could be made into very fast cars without a lot of money. Hot rod magazine did one back in the early 90’s called 12 seconds under $2000.00. They used three cars to build one. A light weight 6 cylinder, a doner for a big block and another for k member and other essential part.
    I worked on a lot of these cars back in 70’s and 80’s. A weak point was the ecm or electronic control module. When replacing these it’s very important to disconnect the negative battery cable. Also interior door handles were cheap and broke easily. Their strong point was their engines. The 318 and 225’s were well designed and were good long after the rest of the car had fallen apart. The 727 transmission was good but the 903 was a bit more problematic.
    God bless America

    • Bill

      Where was there an ecm. They had a little ceramic electrode

      • Dave

        These were too early for computers. Chrysler replaced the electromechanical voltage regulator with a transistor unit beginning in 1970 and a transistor ignition module joined the party in 1974, IIRC.

  4. Joe Haska

    These are great cars, a few years ago ,I bought a 69, a little old ladys car. Six cylinder, 3 speed, bare bones,no radio, rubber mats, had a heater, because you could’n deleat it. One of the best buys I ever made, I drove it for years passed it on to my son and then after several years of service, he sold it to a MOPAR restorer,, who was going to make a race car out of it. The car listed was above 6k and I think its a grear deal.

  5. Tom Member

    Nice car but a bit “Kermit” ! It’s hard to be GREEN !!!! Love these cars.

    My sister had one back in the mid 70’s. It then went to my sister-in-law who had a bad habit of destroying any car you gave her…..most died slow death, the Dart she totaled with one hit. Actually she got rear ended.

    She let the guy go because it didn’t “look” damaged. 15 minutes later the car soon started overheating. He hit her so hard it broke the rear end off the leaf springs, shoved the entire drivetrain forward when the trans and motor mounts all broke and shoved the fan into the radiator, thus the overheating.

    Rarely get a chance to tell that story. UGH !!!!!

    • Steve Douglas Member

      That’s a strong body, if it “didn’t look damaged” after taking a hit that hardf!!!

  6. JoeNYWF64

    An interesting way to “modernize” an old factory wheel, tho a darker green would be even better.
    Younger drivers will not like the “balloon” 75 series tires, but i do!

  7. Dbauer

    My first car right there! Give a 17yo a 318 and lifetime stories will be told! Great dependable motor with plenty of torque and thrust from stock. Add a ram intake with 4-barrel and a young man begins to dream of bumpy cams. My dream ended in a snowstorm crash that pushed the gas tank into the backseat. Sold the car to a local stock car driver who did pretty well at the Milwaukee mile. I need another Dart!

    • Pete

      I had a 67 with a 225 slant six. That engine was indestructable. I found a 4barrel manifold and slapped on a 650 Holley. talk about a sleeper

  8. TimS Member

    I love the green and A/C. It would be made into a dry day daily driver. The 318 would do fine, especially if it was breathed on a bit.

  9. mymga8a4re

    Picture this. A 1974 Dart Swinger, blue metallic paint with white vinyl top. 318. 5,000 original miles. One owner, garage kept, my Grandmother. My mom sold that car in 1994 for…$500. Unfortunately to a teen age kid. It’s probably in a junk yard now. If that doesn’t make you cringe this will. A 1985 300ZX. One owner (my mom) 68k lady driven miles. Zero mods. Sold it in 2007 for…$2500.

  10. DayDreamBeliever Member

    So there was a guy from Western Ohio (Dayton area) by the name of Jerry Martin. His Valiant version was a couple of years before this one, I think. This color for sure. My recollection is that it had a 273, and the auto trans, as Jerry was somewhat physically challenged and would have issues operating a clutch. But he could DRIVE. Really drive! The car was lightened a bit, the suspension was set up for handling, and a cage was installed. People look at these bodies and think drag strip, but I am here to say they could be made much more capable than being fast in only a straight line.

    Jerry was Always a threat for top time of day at SCCA and other clubs’ local autocrosses, against some pretty fast and undeniably more sporty cars. Later he would pack racing tires/wheels in the car, drive it to Indianapolis Raceway Park and other tracks, race for the weekend, and drive the car home again.

    Hard to imagine that Jerry would still be around, he’d be well over 90 years old. Thanks for the memories, BF. This recollection came from a time when I wasn’t driving yet, but my older brother and dad were often competing. I was really keen to go along and watch. Good times.

  11. Robert Burke

    I’d basically keep it as is.
    Dump the dead ac. Open up the the motors breathing through intake a exhaust, tune it up, upgrade suspension and tires and get a seat cover. Then just have a lot of fun driving it. Would be a big plus if it had a stick.
    A big block is as unnecessary waste in these things for real world driving fun.

  12. Bruno

    Had one just like this 25 years ago. Should have never sold it. Only differences were mine had a black vinyl top and black interior. This one has the rare horn rim steering wheel even though it has a lace on steering wheel cover. Also the only bad part of the 318 is that the timing gears were covered with nylon which flakes off and clogs the oil pickup starving the rod bearings and causing a ticking in the motor as it dies. They always need a revuild with non coated gears.

  13. TimM

    This car would be a switch or more like the old days when you could get a car that didn’t need tons of bodywork and just upgraded the drive train a have a cool hotrod that was a blast to drive!!


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