Stored Over Two Decades: 1960 Chevrolet Corvette

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Except for a few trim items, 1960 was pretty much a carryover year for the Chevrolet Corvette on the outside, but when the body looked this good by the end of the fifties why fix something that’s not broken?  In the performance department though, horsepower was on the rise for most of the 283 offerings, plus an anti-sway bar was added out back which helped things in the handling department.  If you’ve been in the market for an early sixties C1, perhaps this 1960 Chevrolet Corvette for sale here on eBay may be worth considering, as it’s fresh out of a long hibernation and already in running condition.  The car is a resident of Orange, California, with bidding already up to $37,500 and the reserve not met.  Or you can cut to the chase and buy it now for 60 grand.

This one’s part of an estate, and has been turned over to a knowledgeable shop owner to help sell for the executor in order to make sure all the paperwork gets handled correctly.  A new California title has been obtained and the car is currently registered, so hopefully, the ‘Vette is ready to exchange hands after the sale is completed.  Outside, the seller mentions that the paint has a few blemishes and rates about 7 on a 10 scale, although if you’re just wanting a driver it may be adequate.  The body looks quite decent overall and the wheel covers are stated as original, but the tires are old and should probably be replaced.

Surprisingly, we don’t get a single shot from under the hood, and the seller mentions that he’s no Corvette expert and says to inspect the car yourself or send someone to help make the determination if the drivetrain is numbers matching.  But he does mention that the motor has had a recent tune-up plus a fluids change, and it’s said to start right up with a transmission that’s also claimed to shift well.  Despite no engine pictures, we do get nearly a dozen photos of the underside which seem to show a reasonably solid undercarriage.

This is as close as we get to a photo of the entire interior, and from what we can tell it looks pretty much complete and in acceptable condition overall.  The seller points out that the carpeting, seats, and door panels are salvageable but states the steering wheel is rough.  This is one of those cars where it would be hard for me to decide whether or not to take it to the next level immediately or just enjoy driving it like it is, at least for a while.  What would you do?

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  1. 8banger 8bangerMember

    Now that’s a good-looking whip!

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    • Flip

      Only one key? Deal killer!!!!

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  2. Tbone

    If you are going to use a shop to sell your car, wouldn’t you hire one that had some expertise with that model? At least one that had enough sense to take engine and interior shots.

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    • Victor

      I agree. I am now in my 70’s. The cars are built to be driven. Pamper for sure but squeel the tires from time to time. You will enjoy then and they’ll give back memories. You can have a bit of fun and not destroy them.

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    • Brian

      A Corvette specialist would charge more money and would list defects in detail, which most eBay sellers would rather not disclose.

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  3. Greg

    I would change the tires and do the basics then drive it like it is. I’ve had several of these cars over the years. Each time I would do a frame off etc. It became a trailer or garage queen. I am done with the trophy piece it’s time to enjoy these cars. Drive these muscle cars, the person who had this car may have saved it only to die and never enjoyed it. That’s my take.

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    • FrankDMember

      I can relate, did it with sports cars and motorcycles. I’m looking for a C2 that is all there but is in need of work to make it a driver or maybe another Pantera. But the cheap Panteras are shaky with rust issues and parts can be a problem.

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  4. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    This is a nice Vette I like the color its different from same colors we see all the time. . First thing change the rims to Cragar rims and raise lettering tires. Rears 60’s front 70’s. Then the exhaust tailpipe thru the rear bumper exhaust tips. Detail the whole car including the 283 under the hood. And have fun driving it… also can’t forget the fuzzy dice! 😂🐻

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  5. Dave

    The color is beautiful. That’s not an original color, is it?

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    • FrankDMember

      I don’t think it is for that year. I recall seeing it on 62 Corvettes and thinkit maybe Honduras Maroon.

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  6. 64 Bonneville

    looks like overspray in some of the undercarriage photos. Powerglide, somewhat unusual to see in this model, most 60 and up I have seen were sticks. Radio is missing, $60K buy in is a really tough bullet to bite. I feel about $45,000 is more reasonable. I would like to have it, as the C1 series are my favorites.

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  7. Chris

    Was the exhaust cut? I thought this model extended thru the bumper?

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