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Stored Since 1975! 1969 Chevrolet Corvette 327 Survivor

At first glance, this 1969 Chevrolet Corvette looks a little rough around the edges. In fact, it is an all-original numbers-matching survivor! It has been stored for over 45 years and is ready for a new owner to rescue and enjoy it. Located here on eBay, it has a current bid of $10,400. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of photos in the ad besides exterior shots. Have a look at this cool car and see what you think.

Here you can see the interior seems to be all original. Obviously, it needs some TLC, but it looks like a great place to start for a restoration. As mentioned before, there aren’t a lot of photos in the ad including none of the engine compartment. According to the ad, the engine is a matching-numbers 327 cubic inch V8 backed by a 4-speed transmission. Rated at 300 horsepower, the 327 powered these fiberglass cars really well. Unfortunately, the engine is not currently running. Hopefully, 45 years of sitting hasn’t ruined the engine.

There are several photos of the exterior of the car, half with the hardtop installed. I’m not sure what looks better, no top or hardtop? The original Fathom Green paint is coming off in several spots. If the numbers-matching engine is able to run, the owner might want to leave the paint alone. As they say, a car is only original once. If the original engine is not usable, then the new owner might as well go ahead with restoration and repaint. What do you think?


  1. Maverick

    Sitting where .outside.

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  2. Dave at OldSchool

    no Survivor… this one needs restoration

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  3. Mark C

    Serious question for those “in the know”, why is a peeling, faded, or scratched original paint job considered better than a good quality re-spray? If this were my Vette, I’d personally want nice body work. But does that actually hurt the value?

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    • NewtownJack

      I’d rather see it (buy it) with original paint…any re-spray can hide poor bodywork. Then I’d have it re-sprayed and know “everything” about it…no hidden secrets.

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      • MarkC

        That’a a fair point: do it or have it done yourself then the paint quality isn’t in question. I just found the suggestion that the new owner might want to leave it “as is” somewhat odd.

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  4. Dave at OldSchool Restorations

    Engine is a 350… and @Mark C … No, this will win NO car show points as a Survivor… and you are right, a good quality repaint will add to it’s value

    Rebuilding the engine ( and most everything else) so it road drives, will help too.

    Once again, Survivors, are well cared for vehicles… . vot just any old car that still exists and needs MAJOR work.

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  5. Gaspumpchas

    Needs inspection especially the frame and birdcage. No pics of the mill, don’t know what is in it and if its numbers matching. One of the worst listings ever.
    Caveat Emptor- maybe some one will get a good deal.

    • Eric_13cars Eric_13cars Member

      New England car. You’re spot on with inspection necessity.

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  6. Retired Stig

    Not being a Corvette fan, I will ask the more knowledgeable among you: Is that stance normal? To me it looks like it has air shocks. The colour looks great, a nice change from all the blue ‘Vettes that are so common. Agree with Dave, would have to be a 350 in a ‘69, unless the original motor was replaced.

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    • Macfly

      No, it is not normal. Not even close.

  7. Pookie Jamie

    Did they have cassette tapes in 69 or 75?? Looks like there’s a cassette in the radio??

    • JOHN Member

      The radio is an aftermarket item, but yes, there were cassettes in 1969. 8-tracks were more prevalent, but by 1971 or so cassettes began to take over the market.

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      • Scott linn

        My moms 1979 vette had a factory 8 track.

  8. Tom71mustangs Member

    I’m pretty sure those (3 of 4) Eagle ST’s didn’t exist in ‘75? I’m pretty sure I was rockin’ a set of those in the late 80’s.

  9. Blyndgesser

    The ‘69 should have a 350. The ‘68 was the only c3 with a 327.

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  10. CharlesinDallas

    I had a ’69 side pipe 427 convertible I restored. Never should have restored it. Had a rebuild engine and mechanically was excellent. I received more thumbs up and smiles when it was several colors of exterior paint, no hub caps, etc. Looked like a well-worn road racer. Sounded bad to the bone with the side pipes. Once is was pretty and yellow with hubcaps, nobody gave it much attention. Which is also why I sold it. Very boring at a car show. Nobody cared…they just said, “oh, Corvette, nice…” and kept walking.

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  11. Tom Member

    This car, I can’t hardly even comment. 6 years on the road…..HOW do you explain this horrendous condition?

    Seller posts no photos of the engine bay or undercarriage….any we all know why. If it looks this bad on the outside especially on a fiberglass car….if a Corvette body where metal I would bet big money this would be totally rotted out.

    0 miles? Why wouldn’t you list the mileage on a 6 year driven car which SHOULD be relatively low based upon 6 years, a corvette (MAYBE it was driven daily??) typically not driven daily. Would not matter anyway as I would not be able to believe the mileage without at the very least putting a 1 in front of the number you tell me.

    Thank you Lord for not making me an idiot.

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  12. mark

    ’69 has a 350 not a 327. The radio is aftermarket. There should be a “Stingray” script over the side louvers.

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  13. 3Deuces

    1968 was the last year for the 327 in a ‘Vette … 1969 models received the 350. Could this “327” C3 really be a ’68 with ’69 trim installed on the fender gills?

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    • Pookie Jamie

      Couldn’t be a 68. All 4 taillights were red and backup lights were under rear bumpers

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  14. Dennis6605

    Louvers shouldn’t be chrome either. Should be a gray color.

    • BeCarSmart Member

      I am not a total authority on these but the only 2 years for this front fender treatment were 68 and 69. 68 was the 4 openings and 69 was the same 4 openings with the bright trim?

      Would an expert please confirm? thanks, TOM

  15. George Mattar

    69 louver trim pieces were painted metallic silver and held on with two chrome Phillips screws. Very popular add on today. No 327 in 69 as mentioned here numerous times. For a car driven only 6 years this heap is no survivor. 68 and 69 fenders functionally the same. Car is worth $8,000 tops. Sits a little high in the rear. Fathom Green one year only color. Convertibles bring more than coupes. In 1976, I was the assistant service manager at a Chevy dealership. A salesman was selling his 69 Fathom Green coupe. Saddle leather. Tilt. Power windows 350 350 hp. He let me road test it. There was snow on the roads. He knew I was looking for a C3. He told me it had had a burnt valve. Being 20 years old, and not knowing what I know now, I passed. He wanted $5,000 for the then one owner never wrecked car. Instead I bought a green 71 454 coupe from one of the mechanics friend for $5,300 and a bag of pot, which cost me $50. Biggest piece of crap I ever owned. Shoulda bought the 69.

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  16. Dennis6605

    When I was on R&R in Subic Bay in the Philippines in May of 1968 I ordered my new 1969 Vette with both tops through the Navy Exchange and gave $4250. My buddy gave $4200 for his. His was $50 less because I had vinyl on my hard top. Both of them were 350/350. A few years later I got a ’69 with a 427. It turned out that I liked the 350 much better.

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  17. gbvette62

    I think the paint looks like it does because it’s had a crappy repaint at some point in it’s life. The fender “Stingray” scripts are gone, the C-O-R-V-E-T-T-E block letters between the tail lamps are gone, and it appears the crossed flags emblem is gone form the gas door. You don’t remove emblems without filling the holes and repainting the car. The car may have had side pipes on it previously too, since the rocker moldings are newer 70-77’s, and I don’t see any sign of exhaust tips under the rear bumpers?

    A new rear leaf spring, is usually what causes an early Corvette to sit high in the rear like that. They usually settle back down to the stock ride height after about 500 miles or so, or you can buy longer spring bolts to adjust the rear ride height.

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  18. dogwater

    It would be nice to see the engine and frame pictures,but at 11k its a good start

  19. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    SOLD for $11,300.
    At first, I thought that if the guy put a little more effort into the ad and cleaned the car up a little, he would get more money. Then, I found through feedback that he sells some pretty high dollar muscle cars. So, he knew EXACTLY what he had and EXACTLY what he was doing.

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