Stored Since 2000: $500 1987 Jaguar XJ6

When a seller has a realistic sense of both the work required to bring a project back to life and the value of said project when it’s complete, it can result in a very fair deal for all parties. This 1987 Jaguar XJ6 spotted by Barn Finds reader Jim Murphy is only $500, but it will require the next owner to complete what the seller has started. Find it here on craigslist near Covington, Georgia. 

Underneath that cover is a familiar face, with the quad headlights of the venerable XJ6 sedan. This is actually a Vanden Plas model, which doesn’t necessarily add any value to the car other than notoriety. The VP sedans usually had higher-grade interior appointments and different wheel / hubcap designs. Later models may have had extended wheelbases and picnic tables in the backs of the front seats, but no word on just how well this example is equipped. From here, the body appears accident- and rust-free.

The seller’s tone seems to indicate an owner who has clearly severed ties with his project. Heck, he even lists the street address of the storage park where the Jaguar is locked up. Included in the sale are a rebuilt and installed long block, but it sounds like the head has yet to be re-assembled and installed (no word on if the head needs freshening up as well). The seller is including everything needed to complete the project, along with a clean title. No word on what prompted the rebuild in the first place, but at least the interior appears largely complete.

Although it’s hard to form an opinion based on the handful of photos taken from inside the storage unit, the body does look pleasingly straight on this Vanden Plas. The asking price of $500 seems quite fair if the work that’s taken place so far has been done correctly, but even if it’s a total crapshoot, there’s easily $500 in good body panels on this XJ6. While it will never be as valuable as its predecessors, the XJ6 still has the classic Jaguar looks and is always a good candidate for a cheap and effective SBC swap.

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  1. Jag-Yew-Arrrrrghhh

    “Although it’s hard to form an opinion based on the handful of photos taken from inside the storage unit”

    Maybe, but that ain’t stopping us!

  2. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Holy moly, this is a steal even with all the Jaguar quirks and issues form this era. $500? If I was anywhere close it would be mine already

  3. Jay M

    This is a great deal, even for a parts car.
    I wonder if the prices will start to rise as I am seeing quite a few with LS power lately?

    • doug6423

      MUCH better cars with a Chevy power plant under the hood!

      • Murray

        Not in everyone’s opinion…….. Look a small block Chev is a nice engine, but its not the answer to every question. There is a lot to be said for the 4.2 six and the 5.3 V12 is a jewell.

  4. DAN


  5. redwagon

    204,000 miles? ufda. that’s a lot of miles for a jaguar. even with a rebuilt engine the body has gone through a lot.

    clearly the owner wants to move this car. hopefully a jag lover gets to take it home.

  6. rando

    I hate to be the quibbler here but do you guys write these thinigs on your phones? Where auto correct kills you? reference: ” the January is locked up” – I assume you mean Jaguar?

    Doggone mother forklifting auto correct!!!

    • Jesse Staff

      Haha, good on rando! All fixed. Thanks for catching that.

    • Andrew

      I ducking hate auto correct

  7. Joe Haska

    I am anxious to read the comments, because I think there will be negative ones. But I don’t see how, would I like to have it yes, but would I take it no. I am just to old too broke and really don’t need a project. But, what a deal if you do, its more than fair, and how often does that happen. Its just not for everyone, but that’s OK.

  8. Anthony

    I love the taillights on these models before they ruined them with larger ones later on. I love these cars.

    • Tim

      Love the body style. Have a 77 all original with 50,000 mi. Sweet ride, 8 track and all

  9. Veloce33

    Run away. These are big trouble.

  10. Ross W. Lovell

    Greetings All,

    These are great cars, but lack of use is more deadly on the ones with the IRS rear ends.

    The fact that engine has that many miles isn’t winning me over in light of it’s been removed and I’m only guessing that it probably has been disassembled.

    Occasionally, I’ve been known to drop $500-1000.00 on a car for parts, but never with a disassembled engine.

    I’ve bought good runners with less than 100K with good interiors and body but with faded paint.

    The only issue has been getting the rear brakes unstuck from sitting.

    I love the John’s Cars conversion, wish they made a Ford version.

    The homemade conversions always seem unfinished with the details. I figure if getting the tach and other gauges working is beyond their abilities, not sure the engine transplant was done correctly as it’s the harder of the two.

  11. Mark

    Not to poke fun, but I have to chuckle when reading certain comments. Everything is relative. The car is 30 years old. 20 years from now folks will be looking back through their rose colored glasses and say “back in 17′ I could have bought one of these for $500”.

  12. GP Member

    Doesn’t a rebuilt long block include the head already done and on the engine?

  13. Doug Towsley

    We had one of these,, Picked it up for $1000, Motor had head gasket issues as they all do. The Fuel injection also were crappy on these and known for catching fire. We had a friend with one well maintained and we used it for a few nice country drives so in good shape they are the poor mans luxury car. We bought a different property and didnt have time for it and got sold. Was going to do the SBC conversion as the wife didnt want to but after research agreed.
    These have quirks that you have to address, not impossible but you MUST research these issues. Electrical needs attention, one of the biggest issues is make SURE the rear fuel tanks are properly serviced. They are alloy and if the clog or the vents are blocked or sludged up they will collapse. Trust me you DO NOT want to deal with that. The brakes as mentioned, and its easier to drop the rear for service. But,,, they CAN be a great car but they are labor intensive to sort out.
    You ALSO really want inside storage on these. They can leak, and get a super funky smell if you dont keep it out of the weather. But well taken care of the leather interiors and wood grain are quite nice.

  14. ron

    Good catch GP (on the long block)

  15. Ryan Paris

    I have an 84 v6 model with 82k that only has front end damage….. how similar are the 2? And could I swap the engines? Does anyone know?

    • Ross W. Lovell

      Greetings All,

      Ryan Paris, Jaguar in ’84 DID NOT have a V6, they had only the straight 6 that originally was the XK block, just in a 4.2 displacement.

      The two are similar. There may be front grille differences. The only thing I’m not sure on is whether the accent line that goes from front to back is in the same place.

  16. Doug Towsley

    Ryan, If you had BOTH cars, anything is possible if you want to invest the labor. Might be a real fun project. But I suspect it would be labor intensive. I cant say for certain the answer to your question, might need to find some Jag forums,,
    I just want to remind you again to fully research this. I mentioned the fuel tanks but it bears repeating.
    On the STOCK Fuel injection system, the pumps WILL damage the fuel tanks if the vents get clogged, and they clog easily, especially with the fuel caps where they are at. I would strongly recomend it be a regular service item to check and clear the vents. If you dont, the fuel tanks suck down and flatten themselves. It would be a highly unpleasant development.
    But properly sorted, these are wonderful cars. They are not some raw muscle car like our Chevelle. They are affordable luxury and grand to motor about in.
    The one characteristic of many Jags though that kills their adopters,, they are deceptive. They cruise along so nicely sometimes one forgets how fast one is going or dont realize,, and many an owner has come to grief.
    There is a guy racing one locally on the west coast and he does quite well. Really nicely done race car and he has Jaguar print upholstery inside the race car and a Jaguar tail off the back. Sorry I dont have a pix handy but I love seeing that out at the races. (PIR,SIR, Sears Point)

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