Stored Since ’74: 1963 Chevrolet Corvette

A new breed of Chevy Corvette was unveiled in 1963 and dubbed the Sting Ray. It would replace the first generation of the sports car that had enjoyed a 10-year run. The second-generation or C2 would be built through 1967. This ’63 convertible (that also has a removable hardtop roof) is a one-owner car that hasn’t been used for 47 years. As such, it doesn’t run and will need a complete restoration to recapture its former youth. Located in Oceanport, New Jersey, this viable project is available here on BringATrailer where the bidding has arrived at $30,001. Once again, Larry D comes through with a great tip!

Buyers approved of the changes that Chevy made to the Corvette for 1963, with sales increasing from 14,531 units to 21,513, the first time the sports car would cross the 20,000-copy mark. Production was split almost 50/50 between convertibles and the new “split-window” coupes (the window became a single piece in 1964). The seller is liquidating his father’s estate, of which he was the single owner after ordering it new in New Jersey in April ‘63.

For reasons not stated, the car hasn’t been driven since the mid-1970s, possibly because of an issue with the cooling system. The radiator has been removed and missing and would have been an easy repair overall unless there was something else wrong at the time. Although we don’t know for sure, the garage/carport where it lies now may very well have been its home since it was last parked. Under the hood resides the Corvette’s original 327 cubic-inch L76 V8 that was rated at 340 hp with a 4-speed manual transmission. The car traveled some 85,000 miles before it was sidelined after 11 years.

The Chevy is finished in Riverside Red paint and there appear to be no issues with the fiberglass body, though the paint is blemished and has chips in a few places. Also, the chrome bumperettes have begun to pit. We’re told there was some prior work done to the front fenders and hood in 1965, perhaps due to a small accident. The matching interior shows its age from exposure with the driver’s side bucket seat, door panel, and dash having cracks and possible mildew on them. The carpeting will need replacing along with some of the dials/switches on the console.

Original documentation will come with the completed transaction, including its Day 1 purchase documents, service records, and manufacturer’s literature. The title from New Jersey is clean.  The car’s white convertible top was removed and is included in the sale. The tires are at least 47 years old so they should be the first thing replaced once the car is in running condition again. Hagerty estimates a ’63 ‘Vette in Fair Condition to be worth upwards of $50,000. To put things into perspective, this car cost $5,018 when the seller’s father bought it. Which is equal to $44,769 in 2021 money.


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  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    Having lost a car in salt water flooding in the past few years I would bet good money all that rust on the metal pieces under the hood didn’t get there sitting in a dry garage.

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  2. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Hurricane Sandy victim

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  3. George Mattar

    Purchased in April 1963, yet body number is K1, which is first week of July. More fishy than hurricane Sandy. Why a red/red 63 convertible sat since I joined the Army also is very fishy. This car will sell for $50,000.

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  4. John K

    It was a custom factory build. He put down $100 in April, the car was built in July.

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    • Luther P Hinesly

      the 63 that had the removeable hardtop/ convertible was a one piece window. Also the 63 327 had in the range of 365 to 375 hp, not 340hp

      • MC

        The base Corvette was either a coupe or a convertible. The Convertible was about $215 cheaper and thus, about 500 more convertibles were sold.
        The Hard top for the convertible was option C07 and was about 26% of the convertibles built.
        The base drivetrain for both the Coupe & Convertible was a 250 HP 327.
        Optional motors were:
        L75 – 300 HP 327
        L76 – 340 HP 327
        L84 – 360 HP fuel injected 327

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  5. Rbig18

    I love these cars but in this. See hard pass. Very hard to believe this is not a complete rust bucket. If that storage was damp enough for mold to grow all over doors panels imaging the rust that developed in the hard to see areas. It is cool that it’s heritage goes back to day one but a Jersey car with over 80k in 11 years means salt and then damp storage. 10k internet car. Seen in person maybe more if it checks out.

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  6. Gary

    Would it kill them to pump the tires? Not only is this a questionable car, a lazy seller too. Too bad, these were awesome cars in the day. The 327 was truly great.

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  7. Chris Webster

    That mildew on the door panels is a worry. What other horrors lurk beneath?

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  8. CraigR

    That might be salt residue, not mildew.

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  9. George Mattar

    I misread the sales contract. My mistake. Cars near the Jersey shore equal rust. I still hope someone saves this car. Yes 327s are great. Reliable as a 70s Maytag washer and perform well.

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    • Mike W_H_ Mike Hickerson Member

      And not just rust, but a good chance it was a victim of Superstorm Sandy and spent some time under water.

  10. Dirk

    1963 corvette had a rear split window, this one does not.

    • James Kalka

      Dirk: This car is a convertible, so no split window. The split window was on the coupe.

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    • MC

      The ‘split window’ was the coupe. This is a convertible & what you see is the hardtop (a separate option) . Note the comment about the white convertible top.

    • Luther P Hinesly

      the 63 that had the removeable hardtop/ convertible was a one piece window.

  11. Lee

    Mice can do bad things to good cars too.

  12. Troy

    I have never owned a corvette, and the current price on this one for its condition is a major factor for why I just won’t get one. Looks like a fun car to restore over the winter if you know what you’re doing.

  13. fran

    Neat to see a car like that for sale. However, I thought BAT was better than that. Meaning, I thought you had to have a car in good driving condition to sell on there, thus it will become “ebay 2.0” and soon be full of non-payers. When are we going to start seeing BJ auctions nothing but this type? I guess it all started about a week ago with a 65 or 66 Mustang fastback in similar condition.

  14. gaspumpchas

    3 things to check- frame, frame and frame. And birdcage. If you decide to take it on, good luck and know what you are buying. Time capsule and one of the coolest cars ever.

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  15. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

    IMO this is one reason why this hobby is out of control.
    $30,000 for a car that doesn’t run, has a ton of mold and/or salt damage ( I’m from NJ so I know what the salt air can do to a car) is just questionable up one side and down the other.
    Yes, it’s a C2 Corvette. I’m pretty sure you can find one in better running condition for a lot less money. Or is it just me?
    I think it’s crazy what some people with too much money and too much time on their hands will do. It’s because of people with too much money that makes the hobby inaccessible to most of us.

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    • fran

      Could not agree more!!!
      I have been saying this on the Shelby side of it, and the Mopar???? STUPID CRAZY!!!
      Great way to ruin a hobby!
      “Bidding Buddies”
      Looks like ebay is doing a better job at policing “Fake Buddy Bids!”

      • Joe Bru

        fran: surprised someone saying ebay doing bid policing, I see 0 bidders or shill bidding every day on ebay. It’s good for them, higher prices higher fees.

  16. Donald Spillman

    This is a 63 convertible with a hard top, not a fast back!

  17. Jon

    So, someone has to pay upwards of 30k to buy it, and probably another 30 easy to get it where it needs to be. Have fun.

  18. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    For those who believe in “It’s only original once”, here is your ’63 Vette Vert.

  19. MY

    Dont EVER buy a car.. or especially an Airplane.. within 50 miles of SaltWater..

    You are gonna regret it..

  20. Jz

    Trade in for the vette was a 57 Fairlane 500 retractable hardtop
    Original owner had good taste,🌵

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