Stored 278 Years: 1979 AMC Pacer

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AMC Pacers are very much a “love it or hate it” kind of car… They’re kind of like a DMC-12 in that they’re an iconic design that’s been immortalized in film and popular culture and always turns heads of passers-by, but without the whole “being cool” factor of the Delorean. Thanks to loyal reader AMXBrian for sending in the tip on this 1979 AMC Pacer, which you can find for sale here on Craigslist for a mere $700. It’s located in Franklin, ME which is about an hour outside Bangor and is being sold without a title.

Exterior cosmetics on the Pacer look pretty decent for the most part, aside from being in need of a thorough cleaning it’s got a cracked taillight and is missing one of the front bumper pads. I think with a little elbow grease (or failing that, some actual paint restoration products) that factory two-tone finish will really pop out nicely.  Looks like the front two wheel covers might be included inside the cabin?

Aside from the price tag, which is squarely in “heck, why not” territory for a fun-looking project, the seller also claims the car to be totally rust free. That is a huge selling point for a vehicle that was notorious for falling prey to the tinworm; thankfully this one has been garage-stored for most of the past 3 decades. From what we can see in the photos, the floor pans and sills do appear to be intact and free from any rot. The interior is in need of a serious cleaning but at least the upholstery we can see looks to be free from any major damage.

If you love the looks of one of the most polarizing automotive designs of all time and happen to be looking for a fun project for the new year I think you could do a lot worse than this Pacer. The main sticking point for me would be the lack of title, but according to what I’ve been able to find online Maine doesn’t require a title for vehicles prior to 1995 – perhaps some of our readers local to Vacationland can chime in with their insight on that! Would you take a gamble on this funky rolling fishbowl?

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  1. Jaydawg7

    Wow, that’s a really long time to be stored.

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  2. redwagon

    used to live in Maine back in ’83-’85. Loved the place and had a blast for better part of two years. Bought a car, got it licensed never needed insurance, so I didn’t buy it. Brought it to Michigan when I moved there and had a whale of a time getting it (or me) insured. Dont recall anything about titles.

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  3. Brian R

    Looks good for having been in storage since 1740

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    • Dave

      It was in the abandoned Del Gato mine…

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  4. Francisco

    Running when parked by Ben Franklin.

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  5. Tara Pilkington

    Wow only stored 278 years, I looks realy modern for its age too.

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  6. Brian

    There’s clearly a typo—obviously he meant 78 years. Lol

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  7. That AMC Guy

    Next for sale: a 200-year-old Volkswagen…

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  8. DAN

    Well there was metion of a time machine…

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  9. TortMember

    Maybe the styling will be appealing in another 278 years.

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  10. Woody

    Hey “Keith”,this one fits ya! HA!

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  11. hatofpork

    Does it come with a Queen tape?

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  12. Doug B

    This is one of the cars where there was a direct reflection of designers involvement with psychedelics. I mean does anyone have a better explanation?

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  13. Buick Lover

    “Marty, hide the Delorean behind the Pacer. It’ll be safe there ’till you find me”

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  14. Dale Watson

    This is the Best Buy on the planet , I will check it out

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  15. Fred Ashmore

    I purchased the pacer and it is a very complete rust free car. I have a taillight and 4 new tires for the car. Both wheel covers were included. What you can’t see in the picture is the very rare option of power windows and power locks. That puts this car is a very collectible box of low production. The interior is being cleaned and have gotten it running as it still retains the original untouched exhaust. Maine does not require a title to vehicles older than 95 however it’s very easy to obtain from another state by old registration and notorized Bill of Sale. Likely after a good going through of the necessity’s, it will be readily available to a forever home. Several of my barn finds have been featured on here over the years.

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    • Mitch RossMember

      You’re the man, Fred, keep quiet and grab the car. 6 months back I made a deal for a 1980 fully loaded two tone blue Pacer for $300 from Freeport, NY. Rusty up high because it was near the ocean but otherwise solid. Went to pick it up and the guy had taken a $1500 offer from another guy. Just today, I lost this 77 Cassini Pacer I was heayti Mexico to buy. Not much luck with Pacers

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      • Fred Ashmore

        Thanks Mitch, what I forgot to include was, when I picked it up, the original owner was the seller. She bought it new and it had always been garaged and this was its first time outside.

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  16. Fred Ashmore

    Thanks Mitch, what I didn’t include in the write up was that it was sold to me by the original owner. She said it was always garaged until this fall. So it’s a legit one owner car.

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