Stored Split Window: 1963 Corvette Survivor

Split Window

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After Josh featured a story about how one of our readers found a ’63 Corvette in a Beverly Hills parking garage and was unable to get the owner to sell, I decided to hunt around online to see if I could find something similar that was actually for sale. It didn’t take long before I found this split window and it’s claimed to be all original (except the wheels). The owner apparently tucked it away 25 years ago with the intentions of restoring it when they retired. Well, they have retired and now they don’t have the energy to do the job. That’s a shame, but hopefully we can find a good home for it!

Saddle Tan Leather

The numbers tells us that this car did leave the factory with saddle tan leather seats! I think this gold over tan color combo is killer. Besides some detailing, I don’t see many needs in here. I had to email the seller to get these photos, but you can view their gallery here on photobucket.

Wheres The Engine

The numbers also tell us that this Corvette is fitted with a 300 horsepower 327 V8 and a Powerglide automatic. Well, they are supposed to be under there! The seller mentions that the engine and tranny are currently out of the car, but are the correct ones.

1963 Corvette

So, the engine and transmission need to go back in. The brake and fuel system will need to be gone through and I’m sure a host of other maintenance will need done. Still, this seems like a good place to start if you want a split window. The seller claims that he has some standing offers with the highest being $50k so they must be holding out for more. If you think you can beat that, then you can find it here on craigslist out of Campbell, California.

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. DRV

    Those colors are the dealer pamphlet colors which always look best to me. It has something to do with the way you remember it and the color it was designed with.
    I think 40k and the 20k it would take to make this safe and reliable survivor is all the money….but someone will pay too much.

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    • Rspcharger Rspcharger

      Dealer pamphlet colors are a thing of mystery. When I found my Charger I was shocked at the color combo, but soon learned its provenance. White over Copper.

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      • Chris

        I have that ad on the wall in my garage. Love it.

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      • leiniedude leiniedudeMember

        Why does Julia ring a bell? Both are very nice looking cars.

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  2. Rspcharger Rspcharger

    Is that your photbucket Jessie or the owners? Click past the corevette and its hard to believe those are the pics of a retiree. The “sportbike” pic gave me a good laugh.

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    • Jesse JesseAuthor

      That’s the seller’s.

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  3. Van

    Hagerty says $60
    If he was offered $50
    It’s in a box for gosh sakes.
    I turned down $80 for my wife’s D-type.
    Wink wink
    It was featured in January.

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  4. paul

    Morning Guys: Had a chance in about 1972, Monterey Cal. real close to Pebble
    to buy a 63 split, Engine was somewhere locally out of the car. Car was on jacks with out
    original wheels…………………$1300. Because I was engine dumb I passed on it!!

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  5. DolphinMember

    Seller says the engine has been out for 25 years because he was going to rebuild it, but doesn’t give the mileage on the car, or offer any documentation to confirm whatever the mileage is. The underside looks really good in the Photobucket photos, so unless the engine came to grief you wonder why it needed to be rebuilt 25 years ago.

    The SCM Guide says the median price actually paid at auction for this model was $85,600, but doesn’t distinguish between Powerglide and 4-speed. You would need to be on top of whether the market is going up, down, or sideways on these, because the $$ difference between this car as described needing a rebuild, and a very nice running, driving, 4-speed auction car with documentation isn’t that great.

    After looking at the Photobucket pics, I think this Corvette is definitely a car that you would need to check out carefully in person, including the ownership documents and any paper trail that exists for the car.

    Definitely caveat emptor on this one. And check out those Photobucket pics—-all of them.

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  6. William H

    I wonder how many would turn it down if you showed up with physical cash. I know I’ve picked up many, many cars, bikes and trucks from people that “told” me thy had an offer of whatever and were asking for more. A lot of people change their minds real quick when someone pulls out a big ol’ stack of C-notes.

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  7. Shayne


    Found this one in PHX… The white would go perfect with my Wimbledon White K code Fastback!

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  8. HeadMaster1

    I used to send an e-mail to sellers all the time making them a very low offer. I made up a company name and e-mail address, sent it as a form letter explaining that my organization would show up with cash, haul the car away within 24hrs and handle all the paperwork……….I’d always apologize for the low offer, and suggest that they just keep my number should they not be able to sell elsewhere. My “Company” bought about 40% of the cars I made offers on. I was into Mazda RX7’s and had over 30 at one time. I would offer $250 for a base model, $500 for a turbo or convertible, NEVER a penny more……It’s all about the perception :-) I used to build rotary engine for Mazda I’d build 10 a day for Mazda, then on the weekends build another 5 for myself (at $1,500 a pop)…..Let’s just say that I retired at age 42, but I still have a few engine kits laying around here somewhere, lol….My point is this, NEVER be afraid to make a low offer, just make sure to dress it up a little…..

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  9. Old geezer

    Too much money for what it’s needed here. If anyone pays 50k or anywhere close, they will be under water by the time they drive it for sure.

    Many owners look at some auction prices and think that’s it takes very little to get the cars in that condition and therefore “it’s a money maker for the buyer”. I have learned my lesson on these “fixer uppers”. What most people don’t realize is that for a car that sells at auction, many don’t sell and those owners are more likely to sell for a fair price.

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  10. jimjim

    At the outset, let me say I don’t know enough about this car to know what its worth. if your goal is simply to buy something, flip it, and make a profit, then Oldgeezer, you are very likely right. However, if you are looking for a project you could get into for the next year or two, possibly with your son or as a hobby, then this could definitely be the one, especially if its a no-hit, original paint body. Colors are great. If original paint, just getting to be the one to go pick it up and then try to wash and wax it back to respectability would be worth some money. I’d just get it going mechanically and drive the hell out of it. Its a journey v. outcome argument.

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    To bad it’s an automatic, four speeds bring all the money. Being born in 63 it’s a number one bucket list car for me. My uncle bought one brand new in 63 and traded it for the first 289 Cobra model, which he still has.
    Different color than the usual red or white. It’s kinda cool but 50k is all the money.

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