Stovebolt Beauty: 1931 Chevrolet Truck

With a beautiful blue color to match the beautiful blue sky, this 1931 Chevrolet Model 114, 1-1/2 ton truck is located in equally-beautiful Tempe, Arizona. That’s a lot of beautiful. This tough truck can be found here on Craigslist with an asking price of $5,000 or offer. Thanks to Ikey H. for submitting this tip!

I have probably been haunted by vehicles that I have actually gotten more than ones that got away, but one that got away which still haunts me was a gem of a 1929 Chevy 1-ton pickup that I missed out on a couple of years ago. I was the high bidder but like a moron, I didn’t just hit the buy-it-now button for another $2,500 and someone else hit the buy-it-now button and.. wait, I’m going to need a minute… (checking clock) (twiddling thumbs) (where’s SG?) Ok, I’m back, whew. That one still haunts me, which probably explains why I’ve gone nuts buying almost a dozen vehicles in the last two years not wanting to miss out again. Which brings me back to being haunted by vehicles that I have actually gotten rather than passed on, it’s a vicious circle. But, back to this great looking 1.5-ton Chevy truck.

We don’t know the history of this truck, is it from Arizona? There is no visible rust that I can see at all, maybe it is. This is a Chevrolet Independence Series, LT truck, Model 114, which is a 1 1/2-ton, 131-inch wheelbase, dual-rear-wheel truck. It looks complete for the most part and in good condition, at least cosmetically.

The seller says that this truck is all original, “Original rims – Original axels – Original cab and fenders/ running boards – Original mechanical brakes run to all 4 wheels – Original gauges – Original headlights – Still has wood paneling on the inside!!” We already know that it’s a cab and chassis, so there is no bed, but they also say that there is no “gas tank, or tail lights”. Bummer. Also, unfortunately, there is no title. I recently spend eleven months getting a title for a rare, pivoting 1984 Honda Gyro that came with a bill of sale. I’m not sure how long it would take to get a title for this truck but I’m betting that it would be a lot easier and quicker.

This great looking truck is from Chevy’s Stovebolt era, which was 1929 to 1936. The 46-hp, 125 lb-ft of torque, overhead-valve 194 cubic-inch Stovebolt six made it possible for Chevy to upgrade from a 1-ton to a 1 1/2-ton truck. Good news on this one, this engine “is not “stuck”. It turns over by hand. All rods move”. I don’t know what I would use this truck for but when has that mattered?! I like it, does anyone else think this would be a fun truck to get back on the road again?


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  1. canadainmarkseh Member

    That’s got to be one of the coolest trucks I’ve ever seen on here. I like that it has a short wheel base too. I’d restore the cab get it running and repair all needed mechanics I’d build it a truck box much like the one on the 1 ton picture. I’d detail under the hood and repaint the truck forest green with black fenders an running boards. Then pin stripe it in gold. It would be my summer run around and Home Depot truck. I don’t know why but this truck hit all the buttons for me. Again very cool.

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  2. geomechs geomechs Member

    This truck could come to my place and just be there for the occasional joyride. Of course it would get a decent stakebed so it could be put to work. I love the shade of blue so it would stay. Looks like an original engine or close to it. Some teething problems with the first couple of years of the ORIGINAL Stovie. I never cared much for only 3 mains in a six cylinder engine but Chevy used that configuration till ‘36. And, Scotty, I believe you contacted me about that LONG 3/4 ton Chevy a couple years back. I kind of thought you had that one in the bag…

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    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      Geo, that is the one that still haunts me. What I would do with a one-ton (what they had it listed as) truck I’ll never know but I’d love to have it. Thanks for looking up a few details in your home library a couple of years ago when I asked you about it. I was the only bidder at $4,000 and a couple of hours later someone hit the $6,500 buy it now button.

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    • Howard A Member

      I think we can safely say, this truck is resto-mod proof. I’m trying to figure out what this truck was. Too short for a stake bed, and that cab doesn’t look like any factory cab. Maybe a dump or tow truck. It doesn’t appear that it was used much, what ever it did. Great start for a restoration.

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    • Jeff Baatz

      I have a 1931 independence long bed. Been in the family for 50 years. Fun truck ! Always looking for parts to keep it up in the future.

  3. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Long time listed…..even fishing for a buyer all the way east on CL…..nice but maybe on the high side ?

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  4. Chinga-Trailer

    You can get a title here in Arizona almost “instantly” with a title bond (usually under $100.)

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  5. Alfred

    Looks like i could have been used as a tow truck

  6. Chris

    Outstanding old truck that looks to be very near operational.

  7. Jeff Baatz

    Own a 1931 1 1/2 ton , Original stake sides. Truck is mostly original. 4th owner of truck since new. Was in the Great Circus Parade in Milwaukee Wisconsin multiple years. Also Dilinger movie.. filmed in Milwaukee. Greta family owned truck and family tradition.

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