450HP Street/Strip Ready: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro

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The Chevy Camaro was in its third year of production in 1969 and had already solidified its position as #2 in the “pony car” market which was led by the Ford Mustang. A SS 396 with the L78 V8 (375 hp) would have been one of just 4,889 built, but even fewer of those also had the Rally Sport trim package. But 325 and 350-hp versions of the motor were also offered. Which this car may have been but there’s not much original about the Chevy today other than the interior. Located in West Babylon, New York, this hot rod is ready to take on all comers at the track but civilized enough to be driven there. It’s available here on craigslist for $39,900 OBO (within reason). Kudos to Pat L. for another nifty find.

If this Camaro had any version of a 396 when new, it’s long gone now, replaced by a 468 big block that we’re told has been modified to put out close to one horse per cube. We suspect this machine had a manual transmission, to begin with, as only one small pedal serves now for the brakes. A performance version of a Powerglide Transmission is where the original tranny would have been (just two speeds?). A Dana rear end is out back with 3:73 gears and we wonder how much has been modified to accommodate the very wide Weld Draglite wheels and tires.

The body and paint look good, with a fresher coat of Daytona Yellow over what would have been Dover White according to the cowl tag. We’re told it has “most new metal” in an “all-metal” car which translates to most of the exterior panels having been replaced, except for the trunk lid which could be aluminum or fiberglass. What was the condition of the original panels before they were jettisoned?

Was this car always an SS and/or RS or is that, too, all part of the transformation that has taken place here? SS badging has been applied along with striping to look like a Z/28. So this Camaro may be a little bit of everything that’s gone the resto-mod route to make a name for itself out at the strip. The seller provides a video to help pique your interest. Do you like what has been done?

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  1. Jack M.

    You will have the usual complainers, but try building one for less. Nice find!

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    • A.G.

      For the asking price I see issues starting with the rattle can rebuild of the engine. Take away all the bright shiny bits and the engine becomes a big question. Where the passenger door and quarter panel meet, it shows problems with the ‘new’ sheet metal which was painted over. There’s at least more than a little body filler involved. Is this an RS or an RS/SS or just gussied up with an intention to deceive? As a supposed strip car, there should be time slips. Based up the ad even I could build a competitive car for $39k. The pretty paint would be far down the list AFA where my money would go.

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  2. Melton Mooney

    Welp, it’s yeller. At least the MSD box is mounted in its proper location above the heater core cover. Chevy should’ve dimpled the firewall there for proper mounting.

    Other than that, looks like one of those unfinished ‘track to street’ projects that’s no longer track, but not quite street either.

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  3. Neal Jacobsen

    I would love to have it, but I really don’t like yellow on a car and $40,000 is more than my banker would let me invest!
    468 HP? Your going to want to use 110 octane airplane fuel in. Last time I bought some it was like $7 a gallon. Rear tires would need to be replaced shortly though. (468 HP, yeah man let’s go!!) Lol!!

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  4. Jay McCarthy

    Did the seller mean what isn’t bondo is metal, because those panels were waving at me

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    • Neal Jacobsen

      I see some things don’t match up on drivers door or is that the sun light in my eyes?

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  5. Marshall Belcher

    Nice car but yellow sucks!!! Mosquitos would chase you all summer long. bzzzzz

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    • Neal Jacobsen

      I think you could run away from them for a minute or two!

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  6. JoeNYWF64

    Does that console appear to be set back further than stock?
    Shifter also appears shorter than stock.
    Not sure why for either of the above.

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