Stretched Swede: 1977 Volvo 264 TE

If you were in East Berlin in the 1970s and 1980s, this was not the car you wanted to see pull up outside or worse yet, go for a ride in. Volvo only made about 300 of these and almost all of them went to East Germany. Many went to the Stasi and some to VIPs. Four were imported for the Swedish Consulate. The V6 engine in these was very sluggish but it was much faster than the other cars in East Germany at the time. This 1977 TE is listed on eBay in Houston, Texas for $7,500. The pictures outside were taken in 1988 after the car was first repainted.

Up front this Volvo looks like a regular Volvo with nicer seats. The upholstery was redone in 1991. The original velour material was replaced with this material.

The stretch makes room for a pair of small seats.

After rebuilding the heads, a small hole was discovered in the engine block. A usable block is included with the purchase.

Here’s how the car looks now. You can really see the added length in this picture. The car was repainted in 1988 and the owner says the car has been indoors since. He also says he put 65,000 miles on it since restoring it, but I don’t think those miles were indoors. It is said to need repainting. Why do you think someone will buy this and what will they do with it? What would you do with it?


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  1. Dave Wright

    Fun car, Junk motor……..what a shame.

  2. RichS

    California plates that don’t come back to have ever passing an emission test in CA. Seems fishy.

    • Jim L

      Not to mention that the VIN doesn’t follow the numbering convention that was used in 1977.
      Quoted from Wikibooks:
      “The Volvo Cars group started using a standard VIN pattern in 1976 on the 164 and 240 series vehicles. Since the VIN specification had not been defined yet, the codes are a somewhat different configuration than modern VIN codes yet still contain much of the same information. The most distinguishable features are the 2 character manufacturer identifier “VC” and 15 character length.”

      There is no VC in the VIN he posted. Makes me wonder.

    • Horse Radish

      It’s called Diplomatic Immunity. No joke.

      What I am referring to is that they probably drove it on official Diplomatic plates and were exempt from any regulation, CA or federal.
      If they did, they (Consulate) would keep the plates.
      The ones on the car are probably just random plates thrown on there by the seller.

  3. Woodie Man

    The plates are circa 1995….probably on for effect. I’d love to have this. Perfect to load up the Grumpy Old Men pals and take ’em to the ice fishing shack. It might be worth the ask if it ran like a top…

    • RichS

      Probably to sell the “Has been in CA for 10 years before coming here” story

  4. Sunbeamdon

    Ya, it runs like a top – spinning-out-of control!

  5. Rustytech Member

    Offer $3000 drop in a small block ( Ford or Chevy ) perfect for hauling around the grumpy old men, don’t want to be sexists, so women too.

    • Danny74

      I actually have a book on installing a Chevy 350 into volvo’s.
      It’s not a bad idea, and not hard to do.

  6. Anthony

    Growing up we always had Volvos P1800’s 144’s 164’s and 240’s – who would have thought that the prices would climb so high? THIS IS ONE CAR I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE! > and the right color too!

  7. Jaymes

    I’d fix and use for uber

    • Danny74

      I was thinking the same thing. But make it a Diesel to keep fuel costs down.

      • tirefriar

        Put a bio diesel in it and rent it out the hollywood crowd!

    • tirefriar

      Thats my first thought whenever I see older limos for sale but Uber now has a 15 year old rolling model year requirement where as they will not allow a vehicle over 15 years old. So this old long swede is sol, even with Lyft

      • Danny74

        Well that really sux. What the heck is wrong with Uber.

  8. Jeff Surratt

    I would have to pass on this one. Not running is a bummer, overpriced. There have been plenty of cars listed on BF that were much better buys, than this turd.

  9. Paul R

    It would be more reliable with a Yugo engine transplant over the camshaft eating stock V-6!
    A 302 Ford is a practical swap for this car as were small block Chevy’s for Jags. makes a nice car a dependable car.

  10. Jake

    Convince your company to expense it! New executive limo, seats 7 very practical.

  11. sunbeamdon

    Be wary of unsolicited tax advice, mine included – and of course be mindful of a “conditional response – “it is more likely than not the IRS would not allow the write-off/depreciation of a collectible”

    I counsel my tax clients – there is a 99:1 likelihood the IRS won’t disallow the deduction, until such time as they do (disallow). At which point I remind the client of my 1% likelihood which is now 100%.

    Best wishes for the end of the year and a wonderful life for next year – go Huskies!

  12. K. C.

    Use the replacement engine and put a Judson supercharger on it.

    See here:

  13. Danny74

    I would definitely like to see this with modern a fuel efficient engine.
    Maybe a diesel engine or an EFI V6.

  14. Colin

    Would take. this any day. A rare .
    Some of my Volvo collection, featuring some rare body modifications.

    Like 1

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