Stump Puller: 1993 Dodge W350


After we featured a nice 2500, Barn Finds reader Randy N. spotted this low-mileage 1993 Dodge W350 here on craigslist with a steep asking price. However, you don’t have to look too far in Google to see that Dodge fanatics do love their diesels, so it may not be such a far-fetched price for a loaded truck that’s seen limited use.


This particular example is described as being used to “pull wagons out of the field” after which it was left to sit for the next 11 months. I can’t quite get my head around that description, but it seems to indicate there was one month per year when this Cummins-powered Ram was put into action and then it proceeded to sit the remainder of the time. But questions remain, such as what kind of wagons were pulled? And why didn’t such a heavy-duty truck have more than one use?


One thing American trucks have always done well is provide comfy captain’s quarters, and this W350 is no different with a generous pair of bucket seats up front and a console that looks like it could swallow half of the week’s groceries. Despite being a workhorse, this W350’s interior looks like a nice place to spend some time – and it’s equipped with a manual transmission, which has got to make this a near unrepeatable combination of options.


The wide fender flares and dually wheel set-up give further indication as to what this truck’s intended use was from new. Given how this likely cost a fair amount of money to buy off the dealer lot when new (the Cummins powerplant alone was over $2K), maybe it’s not so crazy to see the $30,000 asking price. And if you’re hankering for a first-generation Ram body style with this level of equipment and low miles, where are you going to find another one?


  1. jim s

    if the miles are true and the seller has the service records showing that it was serviced based on months not miles this will be interesting. seller needs to work harder, photos and text, if they want that kind of money. might do better on ebay. put a snowplow on the front and a slide-in camper in the bed and i would be set. great find.

  2. Gary I

    I don’t get the prices of diesels lately as I live in truck country and they don’t go for this kind of money. I think it’s time for me to do a little flipping myself. Stay tuned, I see some every bit as nice as this and if $35,000 is the going price, I can get them for half that still.

  3. David Frank David Member

    Another used truck, not very old, not rare or a barn find.

  4. dave

    My 94 with 165.000
    Bought it new and still have it.
    Desiel with 5 speed.
    Love these trucks.

    • Gary I

      Maybe the diesel is key to the lack of rust, none of mine have been diesel, but all have rusted badly. I live in Ohio and fully blame the salted winter roads, but my 1990 van went floors first and then the bottom half, my 1994 had rusted fenders, my 2001 has rusted fenders, and my 2003 started rusting before it was five years old. I have used them all for daily drivers and I work in construction so they have gotten used. The rust makes it tough to keep them looking good for much longer than it takes to pay them off. I have switched to Chevys because I saw more old ones on the road still.

      • dave

        I used to live in Detroit until recently and none of my cars rusted. Its how you maintain them.

    • Audifan

      What’s a “Desiel” ??

      • Metalted

        If you relax , just a bit! And not be so an**l . About a Mis spelled word. And just enjoy these great finds. Life and the world would be much more pleasant.
        We are here , on this site , to dream and share with each other,

        Not to be made fun of, or graded on our grammar.

      • Bobsmyuncle

        I’m glad someone stepped up to the plate. I’m sure there are many grammar and spelling sites to check out if that’s your thing.

  5. Slim Chance

    The powertrain in a Dodge will always outlast the body. They are notorious rust-buckets.

    • dave

      My 94 has never had rust. Depends how you maintain a vehicle. What would you look like if you didn’t shower for a year?

      • Mike H. Mike H.


      • Wayne S.K.

        DANG! So, THAT’S why I’m so “crusty.”

  6. ChrisRussell

    A great engine with a piece of junk built around it.

  7. grant

    Why would someone think they can get new truck money for a used dodge? I’m with Jim s here, if this is the kind of money they bring I’m in the wrong line of work. This is new truck money. Why would I buy a 30 year old dodge when a brand new anything can be had for not much more? It isn’t even collectable at this point. It’s just a used truck.

    • dave

      My 07 stickers for 68.000. Bought it for under 50.000 after talking to some key people.

    • Bobsmyuncle

      Go down to your dealer and price out a new one ton, 4×4, extended cab, diesel and see how much it is. Then we’ll continue the discussion.

      Don’t worry we’ll wait.

      • dave

        About 65.000 to 70.000 plus full ins and interest and depreciation. Almost 100.000 when carried full term on medium credit .

      • Bobsmyuncle

        Hey Dave my comment was intended for Grant who thinks a new truck will be “not much more” than this 30 year old truck.

      • dave

        That is why I spit out those figures. Couple friends did. We were offered 40,000 for my 07 and 18.000 for our 94.
        And they are paid for. I don’t want to spend 100,000 in a new truck the is chocked by the exhust system and the air bags kill if blown off.

    • dave

      Sold a 1971 for 40,000 with 12.000 miles 3 years ago. But again, just and old truck.

  8. JW

    Never owned a diesel because they are too noisy and I know nothing about diesel motors except they are stump pullers. My youngest son owns 2 one race truck and the other his daily driver but he’s in maintenance and cuts trees down as a second income and he loves them. This one being a dually it would not be a realistic daily driver but more a work vehicle and way over priced IMHO.

  9. ChodeBoy

    Come on, There are some really GREAT finds out there. This truck is neither, old nor a barn find. Plus it’s not rare. Price is CRAZY high $ $ $ territory.

    • dave

      show us example

    • Bobsmyuncle

      I agree with Dave, opinions are useless. Find a couple better deals and we’ll listen to you what you have to say.

    • dave

      Just what we thought
      I keyboard Rambo

  10. MountainMan

    Very nice old truck but not a $30,000 IMHO….see what it actually sells for

  11. Metalted

    Last year for that body??? I think?
    I true dodge , Cummins. Fan, Will grab this up. Won’t be me, but cool, tough truck for sure.

  12. geomechs geomechs Member

    These were the last of that series. Leaf springs on all four corners, made them the roughest riding trucks ever made. Unfortunately the club cabs had a lot of undue flexing and they would crack across the floor. Good otherwise. Last year of the small injection pump; as I mentioned in the previous post you were limited in how much power the motor put out because of the injection pump. Still a capable hauler.

    • JohnM

      As a farm truck I have a ’95 F250–it’s gas not diesel but it does have leaf springs at all four corners. It was a $1k truck when I bought it and it’ll be a $1k truck when (if) I sell it. As an added bonus, unlike this wildly overpriced Dodge, I’ll never have to worry about the frame coming apart due to design flaws.

      • dave

        YES, all kinds of trucks like the one you mentioned above for cheap money. We impound these trucks in our tow company on a regular basis. Not a truck that you would put into the work force. We have a couple Dodge trucks that we have over 200.000 miles with no frame issues. Your truck wouldn’t pass a DOT inspection if put into commercial use and the gas mileage would be a killer.
        So that being said, it’s a different class that we are talking about. I wouldn’t hesitate to put this truck on the road for commercial use. Towtruck, 2 to 4 car hauler or pulling a dry box or flatbed or take it to truck pulls in the mud and use this truck to pull them out when they get stuck. Or truck shows.

  13. T.Saffery

    Yeah that truck sold within the week. If I had the choice between a 30k 1993 and a 70k 2016 I definitely would go for the 1st gen. Because in the long run that truck will hold its value way better than any new model truck today. But if your talking about the New Tundra Cummins coming out then that’s a different story.

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