Stunning Custom: 1964 Chevrolet C10 Pickup

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There is nothing quite like finding a custom build where the owner has lavished his time and effort on every aspect of the vehicle. That is what we get with this 1964 Chevrolet C10 Pickup because the next owner will need to do nothing except slip behind the wheel and watch heads turn as they motor on down the road. The Pickup is a turn-key proposition and would suit someone unable to complete a build for themselves. Located in Spokane Valley, Washington, you will find the C10 listed for sale here on Barn Finds Classifieds. The owner has set the sale price for this classic at $32,990, and as you will see, you will be getting a lot for your money if you do choose to park it in your driveway.

The presentation of the C10 is impossible to fault. The pale blue metallic paint that the vehicle wears imparts a classy look, and it has been laid over panels that appear to be flawless. It shines magnificently, with no visible chips or marks. There are no signs of rust, with the lower cab corners appearing to be particularly clean. The lenses on all of the lights look bright and clean, with no cracks, fading, or other marks. The chrome also shines beautifully, while the painted exterior trim matches the rest of the exterior by looking spotless. The owner has slammed the Pickup, and this gives it a sense of purpose. The American Racing alloy wheels are new, and these are wrapped in a fresh set of Cooper Cobra tires.

The bed hasn’t escaped the owner’s attention, and he has applied more of that pale blue metallic paint to every steel surface. Polished oak timbers provide a perfect contrast to the painted surfaces, and these are held in place by stainless steel bolts and strips. It looks clean and classy and provides the perfect finishing touch to the C10’s exterior.

This Pickup is about more than good looks, and you only need to lift the hood to see why. It features a veritable smorgasbord of desirable mechanical components, including a 350ci V8 and a Turbo 400 transmission. If that isn’t enough, the owner has equipped the C10 with power steering and power front disc brakes. The engine upgrade alone would offer the buyer impressive performance, even if the motor had been left in its standard specifications. However, “standard” isn’t a word in this owner’s vocabulary, so the drivetrain has been treated to some tweaks. The 350 now features an upgraded camshaft, a 600 cfm Edelbrock carburetor, an HEI distributor, polished headers, and a tuned Magnaflow exhaust. The specifications aren’t over the top and should make this a potent but reliable motor. The Turbo 400 hasn’t escaped attention, with the owner fitting a shift kit, and he says that if you tramp on the loud pedal, the C10 gets up and moves! The scope of the work that he has undertaken is breathtaking. It includes fitting an Edelbrock fuel pump, a serpentine belt system, a rebuilt radiator, an electric cooling fan, and a new wiring harness. The list goes on, and it is enough to fill a small book! Put all of that together, and there will be nothing for the next owner to do. Add into the equation lashings of chrome highlights on the belt system, alternator, pulleys, and valve covers, and you almost need to break out the shades to check out this engine bay!

When you open the doors and take a peek inside the Pickup, you are confronted with an interior that needs nothing. The seat wears a new cover, there is fresh carpet on the floor, while the rest of the trim is immaculate. The dash features several custom touches, including upgraded gauges and a Sunpro tach. A leather-wrapped wheel should help to relieve driver fatigue on longer journeys, while a custom section in the center of the dash houses a radio/cassette player. That gives the buyer tunes on the move if they tire of the song being sung by that sweet little V8. The finishing touch is the addition of air conditioning, and with Summer rapidly approaching, this pushes the comfort level up a notch.

The person who buys this 1964 Chevrolet C10 will be getting quite a vehicle for their money. No aspect of it has escaped the current owner’s attention, and it seems that the buyer won’t need to spend another dime on it. The drivetrain configuration should provide impressive performance, but it is a bulletproof combination that should be reliable and easy to maintain. If you rocked up at your local Cars & Coffee in this classic Pickup, there’s no doubt that you would draw an admiring crowd. It isn’t that often that you can look at a custom build and realistically say that it could work well as a daily driver, but that seems to be the case with this one. So, if you’re sick of life behind the wheel of a Toyota Camry, maybe it’s time to pension it off and slip behind the wheel of this C10. That sounds like a fine idea to me.

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  1. bobhess bobhessMember

    That, folks, is one fine truck. Nicely done!

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  2. Jim C

    That folks, is gawd awful! Who would do that to a classic truck? It would take a lot to restore.

    Like 7
  3. Russell Bounds

    Nice build – ruined a truck. I have zero use for something like this. Keep looking though.

    Like 7
  4. Way2nutz

    No offense to the author, but. This isnt even close to a $33k C25. Wheel tubs in the box are dented, inside of tailgate has numerous dents, paint missing near left tail light. Doesn NOT have AC, just an ac pump, no drier, condensor plumbing etc. The rear “roll pan” is poor attempt by using a brake bent piece of sheet metal. I’m tired of typing, you get the picture. The eng compartment is reasonably detailed though.

    Like 10
    • John Staley

      Mr Nuts,

      Thanks for your criticism. You seem to be an expert and I always appreciate an experts opinion. So, what do you think the C10 is worth?

      Thanks, John

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  5. James Martin

    I see car and truck prices are in comparison to the lumber prices. 33000 is a bit steep, like 15000 steep.

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  6. Francisco Andrade

    I like it minus the aftermarket steering wheel and missing rear bumper.

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  7. Rj Keenan

    It’s a 57 year old truck. If you don’t like whats been done to it who cares, skip over the listing till you find something you would buy if your 2002 Corolla was paid off.

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    • Way2nutz

      That fact you couldn’t spot a defect until someone pointed them out bothers the heck out of you doesn’t it Skippy?

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      • Rj Keenan


        It’s a 57 year old truck. If you don’t like whats been done to it who cares, skip over the listing till you find something you would buy if your 2002 Corolla was paid off.

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  8. mark w. young

    maybe 18 grand

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  9. John Staley

    I appreciate peoples opinions but the kind of numbers that your all throwing around seem to be unattainable. Do a search engine looksie and see the kind of numbers come up on these trucks.

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