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Stunning One-Of-A-Kind? 1991 Volvo 240

At least that’s what the seller would like us to believe. I’ll admit it, this 1991 Volvo 240 is in spectacular condition despite its recorded 156K miles. But one-of-a-kind? C’mon man! Volvo built somewhere near 2.8 M 240s over the series’ long (’74-’93) life span. Now, finding a 32-year-old example in this shape? Admittedly, that could be a challenge so let’s look this one over and see what makes it special. Located in Winter Park, Florida, this very red sedan is available, here on eBay for a BIN price of $8,950 – there is a make an offer option too. Thanks are due to Michael J for this discovery!

OK, so this isn’t a typical Barn Finds subject but it is at least, old, it’s not that expensive, and it is a product from a well-known marque. Truthfully, I’ve never been a Volvo fan. Yeah, I know, they have a great reputation for safety, reliability, and long haulin’. It’s just the excitement factor or lack thereof. I must admit, however, that I do like the boxy, functional, no-frills demeanor of this 240, it presents itself as a serious automobile. And this example has a potential double jeopardy factor going on with its red finish and black rubber trim – two facets that are often adversely affected with weather-exposed fade but that doesn’t appear to be the case – this is a sound-looking car. This is considered a mid-sized sedan, riding on a 104″ wheelbase but the profile images project a longer-looking silhouette.

Power is provided by a 2.3 liter, in-line four-cylinder engine which transmits approximately 113 net HP to the rear wheels via an automatic transmission. There’s no word as to how this sedan motivates but the seller claims that the true mileage is probably more like 136K miles than the reported 156K – you’ll have to read his listing explanation.

The interior looks great! The black leather upholstery belies this car’s age and mileage. There is some degradation occuring with the dashpad, near the defroster vents, but that’s about it. The seller mentions that the original radio/stereo system has been replaced with an upgraded Alpine unit and the A/C system has been converted to R134A refrigerant. Another nice feature that will greet this 240’s next owner is its power moon roof.

The seller concludes with, “It looks better in person it’s probably the nicest 240 I’ve seen in the past 10 years- it’s in show car condition“. Well, I haven’t witnessed any Volvo 240s at a car show and this sedan, as nice as it is, is likely more in the driver category than a car show participant. All in all, it seems like a pretty reasonable buy, regardless of the mileage, be it 156 or 136K miles. And being a Volvo, the actual mileage count probably doesn’t much matter, wouldn’t you agree?


  1. Nick

    Does it have an interference motor?

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    • HoA Howard A Member

      Apparently, all Volvo SOHC motors are non-interference motors.

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      • Howard N

        I know by pleasant experience. I held my breath until the mechanic called to tell me it was non-interference. I wrote the check with a big grin!

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  2. Uncle Ed

    Needs an LS

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  3. HoA Howard A Member

    Well, I’d hardly call a “brick” stunning, I’d save that for a GP, but what they were, just the best foreign car, and sales numbers proved it. Every hippie on the planet had to have a “brick”, wagons mostly, but they did appeal to a large counter culture audience, why even I had one, a ’78 244 DL. I don’t remember an OHC, I think OHV( B20) and OHC( B21?) were available. I never would have bought it if it had a belt cam, the weakest link in an otherwise ultra dependable car. It was a great car, and when the brakes( $1,000 at the time) exceeded the cost of the car,( $350) I got rid of it. Fact is, I bet this is a retired hippie couple in Florida selling their treasured Volvo.

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  4. Sam61

    Nice find…stage a drag race with a Mercedes Benz 240 D and have a wall of wet paint at the end of the 1/4 mile…dry paint wins!

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  5. Marques Dean

    Nice find. 240s were known to be built like tanks. If you want to give your kids a safe reliable vehicle for high school/college then look no further. The rare ones are the manual transmission versions, IIRC early versions had a 4-speed manual with an electric overdrive,5-speeds came later.

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  6. Car39

    Sure it’s a one of a kind. It’s the only one he owns.

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  7. MKG

    Actually, the correct mileage does matter! I’ve had a Volvo and M/Benz, both with over 200,000 miles and I was very proud of the correct high mileage. My 240 had 2 factory 100,000 mile badges to testify to and document that fact. The Benz, by another owner, has over 450,000 now.

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  8. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    I could be wrong but:
    My understanding was the 240 was the base model, followed by 240DL and finally the 240GL. And what we are looking at here is a 240 base model with a slider and leather?

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    • MKG

      They dropped the later lettering a few years earlier. All were referred to as simply 240.

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      • 370zpp 370zpp Member

        MKG, that makes sense. Thanks for clarifying. My wife’s 89 240 DL was a great car until we ran into problems finding parts. But that was a while ago.

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    • $ where mouth is

      it is buy features a GL, leather, sun(metal)roof, pw/pd,, but
      those are base model hub caps plastic crap. The GL had alumeeniums .

      I grew up in one,, and Howard A
      as usual, your perspectives spoken as realities
      close maybe ok kinda
      not really.

      Too know one is to live one and to find a one like this is getting ironically rare.
      This is BY FAR a better car in its age and condition than most new cars.
      Two Volvos wagons in my family to this day.

      Mine is a real Volvo, 98 and older, and Moms is a Blue Oval Volvo, 99-09.
      Both have most all original euro made parts, my windsheilds made in Sweden.
      Both roll roll down the highway with prowess and comfort .. Volvo for Life
      after 2009, sold off to the highest bidder, china.
      Now, a gimmick of its once self, the way of walmart and Craftsman; not that it was American to begin with.

      The 240 was designed be a sound investment for the owner, able to be owner maintained, affordable, to last a family for generations..

      Now the world is digital, and consumer principles are dust in the rear view, bling, cheap, pre disposed to early disposal ;)

      Ya, barn finds, why most of us peanuts in this gallery delight to see what ol relic Barn Finds tantlizes us with tomorrow …

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  9. Chris Cornetto

    It’s clean, we know its reliable. I had one. If I were going to buy an everyday car. I buy this over any overpriced 10 year old electronic, pain in the butt to work on jellybean of today. I have nothing negative to say of these. The Swedish brick and a darn good one.

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  10. chrlsful

    I’m w/chris’n $mouth on these. And…
    1. MB/2. wolwo: 1 no longer hand made & 2. tuth? chinese owned.

    What can one do? Pray merica comes to the fore w/the world beating
    solution (probably in EV guize, which as U no w/me, is ok.)

    I say the industrial designers are off shore (looks, style in europe?) and the mechanicals R in Japan (prius for 25 yrs now). We should pull them together (colleges, government, big 3, and a “Boston, Boulder, SanJose” type city? It’s time to get goin. Covid’s over for the most part. Ferget elections’n get to work~

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