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Stunning Survivor: 1973 Toyota Corona Deluxe Wagon

For over 40 years, Toyota used the Corona nameplate on various compact to mid-size passenger cars, and it was one of the first Toyota models to achieve success around the world. Of course, like most classic Toyota models, finding a clean and well-preserved specimen isn’t an easy task, which makes this 1973 Toyota Corona Deluxe Wagon that Barn Finds reader Andria Antonakos found here on Craigslist quite a sight to see.

This fourth-generation Corona is available in Vancouver, Washington with a clean title. There isn’t a ton of history about the wagon included within the advertisement, but the pictures speak for themselves – this is truly a time capsule, and the seller adds that “you will likely not find another in this condition, and so original.”

You’ll be hard-pressed to find any serious flaws when taking a gander at the exterior of this Corona, though the seller notes “one hubcap is mismatched… not the end of the world.” I’m going to agree with the seller here – considering how many old Toyotas are extensive projects, a mismatched hubcap is one of the last things that should elicit a red flag on a survivor-quality example like this.

Inside the cabin, things are arguably just as impressive as they are on the outside of the wagon. The tidy brown interior is all-original, complete, and shows almost no wear at all, which is incredible to observe.

There’s a 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine under the hood, which pairs to a 4-speed manual transmission to drive the rear wheels. The drivetrain has a mere 78,000 miles on it, and the seller mentions that this Toyota is a “turn-key runner and driver.”

For a reasonable $9,950, this beautiful ride could be yours. If you purchased this Corona, what would your plans be?


  1. Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    That’s quite a find, nice write-up, Kevin! Those wheels look so tiny, though, I’ve never noticed that before. That’s one nice car.

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  2. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever


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  3. Howard A Member

    Too early for “Corona” jokes? Now I see some think the “virus” deaths were almost 90% exaggerated. As far as the car, great example, naturally I’m amazed at the price, ’tis no $10G automobile, priced strictly on it’s rarity. While these cars were superior in every way compared to what we had in ’73, make no mistake. They were great mechanically, but made out of tin foil, and still a tough sell to Americans, whom for folks like my old man, never thought them much of a threat. Eventually, enough people bought these, and their neighbors saw what great cars they were and the rest is history. Automotive wise, we never caught up until Detroit finally just gave up on cars and concentrated on trucks. Just shows, there was at least one that never saw the salt.

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    • John Halsey

      Although at age 54, I agree it’s tough to imagine that the day has come that a ’73 Toyota Corona is a $10K car, To see one in this stunning condition inside and out is amazing. I would walk by each and every Chevelle, Mustang, Corvette, etc at a car show to check this one out. To find a unique gem like this for under five figures is appealing to me. I guess one of the beautiful things about the car-collecting hobby is that there can be an appreciation for cars of all shapes, styles, and levels of performance regardless of price.

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  4. Bob C.

    These were the Cadillac of Toyota until the Cressida came along.

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    • Michael Keil

      I think there was something called the Mark 2 that was the Cressida before the Cressida.

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  5. Doug

    My family had the sedan version of this car when I was a kid, the jack for which still acts as a leveler for my shed as I type this. I love old wagons, this would have been a fun one to own.

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  6. Jim

    Bear in mind that if this Corona has the original type engine, it is most likely the 18R & is not noted for durability. Later models had a 20R, a much improved version.

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  7. Car Nut Tacoma

    Lovely looking car. A neighbour of my aunt’s had a Toyota Corona. It was the same colour as this car. I haven’t seen one like this in close to 40 years.

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  8. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    This is a gem, especially with that 3rd pedal. A keeper for sure.

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  9. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    The listing is already deleted. For those of you that underestimated these cars back then and underestimated the value of this one today, there is a lesson to be learned.

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    • Steve R

      That lesson won’t be learned. There is a strong market for many older Japanese imports, especially sporty models and wagons and it isn’t going away. Many of these buyers will never go to a traditional car show, why would they. Even though many people will appreciate their uniqueness, too many people will be more than happy to make sure the owner knows they consider it a cheap tin can.

      Steve R

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    • Miguel

      Deleted doesn’t mean sold.

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  10. Allen Member

    Oh boy does this arouse some horrible memories!!! This example is identical to the one I bought new in 1973. There is not a single driveline component that did not fail in less than 30,000 miles. The string of failures started out at 24,000 miles with a burned exhaust valve. ‘ Pretty sure mine was an 18R. I will say that Toyota extended their warranty to cover it – and the 2nd time they got it right. The synchros then started failing, and the rear end took on a nasty growl. It took four or five trips to the dealer to get that sorted out – at my own expense. Then I moved to St Cloud Minnesota where the car simply refused to start during cold weather. When leaving work, I actually quit trying; I’d simply call the local garage and wait. No it wouldn’t start with a jump; they would have to give me a push and the whole car was so stiff, the rear wheels would skid rather than turn.

    I bought an old ’66 Dodge Coronet for $275 that got me through the two following winters while the Toyota stayed at home. ‘ Soured me for life on Toyotas in particular, and new cars in general. I’ve had a lot of wonderful cars – all used, most of them nearly ten years old when I bought them, most of them American, with the exception of four Volvos, one VW, and so many MGBs I’ve lost count.

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    • Shawnga Shawn G. Member

      Gotta laugh with you, Allen ! As a teenager, my brother had a Toyota Celica . 73ish. It did not like to start in the winter, either. Heater on the block. Boards around the car. Charger on it all night. Nothing. We’d call a friend of our Dad’s and he’d come pull start it. Once warmed, it was fine and during the warmer months, ran great! Thanks for the trip down memory lane !

  11. Mark

    Nice car.
    For all you younger folks out there, a bit of advice for the future……the cars that you think will, or possibly are getting you laughed at by people your age, if the parents offer it to you take it and if possible hang onto it.
    Reason being is that those cheaper, ugly, rust prone, underpowered 4 door cars are going to be in high demand down the road, not because they are low production or special in any way, but because they will be considered rare and “cool” due to somehow avoiding the scrap heap or turning into a pile of rust. Case in point, the 80’s Olds compact wagon posted a few days ago.

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  12. bone

    Its amazing to see one in such nice shape ; ue to their tendency to rust out I don’t think any of these made it into the 1980s here in New England

  13. nlpnt

    This was a one-year-only car in America; previously Toyota had offered wagons only in the smaller (and then two-door) Corolla and the bigger Mark II lines, and the Corona only as a sedan or hardtop coupe. The wagon was added for ’73 and there was a full redesign for ’74.

  14. Tucker Callan

    What about the `69 Eliminator?? Wish I had the VIN for Phil. (He does the Cougar Data Base)

  15. Stephen Coe

    That is not worth 3 times the 3200 original price! Proof that dreamers abound

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  16. Ward William

    Now if it were a Crown in the same condition, you would already have my money.

  17. chrlsful

    10K $ “reasonable”? boy am I outta da mrkt ! 30, 40 yr ‘wagon-man’ here lookin to replace my focus, this is perfect (would B my 1st Toy). Already “Deleted Listing”. Man? hafta pay more’n that? I wuz hopin for a ’83/6 LTD/Marquis…that must B way above this?

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