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Sturdy Survivor: 1965 Rambler American Convertible

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The Rambler American certainly wasn’t a sporty car, but they were dependable and sturdy. A classmate in high school thought it might have sports car abilities, but you could see the skid marks where he plowed through the understeer and eventually rolled when he ran out of road. Luckily his had a top to land on. This Rambler convertible is listed on craigslist in Hershey, Pennsylvania for $5,000. It’s a 6 cylinder automatic and said to have only 67,000 original miles. It’s running and driving with a fresh tuneup and new tires and brakes.

The pictures make this convertible look amazing. The sellers doesn’t provide much information though. It no doubt needs a new top. If the pictures of the bottom are typical of the condition of the underside, this car is in amazing shape. It looks like it could be a driver just as it is. The upholstery might need a little help as it looks a bit crispy. I’m hopeful it will stay original. This car certainly isn’t for everyone, but for someone on a modest budget wanting a reliable, easy to maintain convertible for weekend drives, this could be the ticket!


  1. randy

    I had a girlfriend back in the mid 80’s that had a Rambler American, and that was back when I’d do anything for love, I put a clutch in the monster in the parking lot of the Apts. I lived in, I was black from head to toe from that black oil, grease that accumulates under old dripping cars. I still have no idea how I managed to get it done. Yeah, she left me.

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    • Walt

      Did you forget to clean your fingernails ? ?

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      • randy

        I get it now, it wasn’t my fingernails she was interested in, she was after a pilot at Addison Airport.

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    • francisco

      That chick doesn’t know what she lost.

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      • randy

        I don’t think they ever do. Must be something in the water!

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  2. randy

    After that job, I did not have any finger nails left! Just smashed ones.

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    • Texas Tea

      I love the humor. We all have stories. You were brave enough to share yours.

      Thanks for the laugh……………………..

      I like how honest and clean this car is. Where else will you find a rag top this clean for the money? No where that I know of……………..

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  3. Chebby

    How could you go wrong for $5k?

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  4. Barry T

    Not usually a fan of this color, but it just seems to fit this car. Plus I have always thought this body style was attractive.

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  5. Moparman Moparmann Member

    Amazing resemblance to the Dodge Dart of that time as well! :-)

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  6. Ed P

    This looks like a great buy for the money. The top may need replacing, so only drive on sunny days until it can be fixed. The AMC I-6’s were known for torque and durability. And, yes the front end does resemble a Dart.

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  7. 64 bonneville

    These are fun and cheap way to get into the hobby, a convertible with good gas mileage to boot! I don’t remember if they were still using the king pin front end in 65 or had switched to a SLA ball joint front suspension. They have the typical front end geometry of cars of the 60s’ and sort of small drum brakes, so some leg power is required to stop them.
    I know where a 65 Marlin fast back with the big 6 cylinder and a 3 on the tree is with an asking of $950. no options except for the heater and defroster, not even a radio. has typical Rambler rust, and floors may need work. I haven’t looked at it as it is on the western side of the state.

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  8. Paul B

    These are very cute. Dick Teague did a fine job on the new styling for the ’64 American and its descendants. Just don’t expect it to be fun to drive other than being able to put the top down. Slow steering, very mediocre handling, and really not as reliable or durable as a comparable Valiant. Still, fun for the right person and at a reasonable price.

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  9. GOPAR

    Great price on a neat little car. Here’s someone’s chance to break into the classic car hobby for cheap. It may not be the pick of the litter, but it’ll be something that not everyone else has!

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  10. dogwater

    That is cool little car, I would put some wheels and tires on her and just drive it to car shows, chicks would love it…….

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  11. George

    I drove my grandfather’s ’67 Rambler American when I was 6. It was brand new at the time. (I sat in his lap and steered)

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  12. AMCFAN

    The Rambler American is a real buy in any trim. The converts are of very limited production. For instance only 921 were made in 1967. But that goes for just about ALL AMC’s when you break down the production numbers with Series/Engine/Trans/colors etc. You would be very surprised.
    What would be fun for this convert…..and cheap is to swap a Gremlin 4.2 if you like a carb. or a Jeep 4.0 EFI. Talk about tire smoke!
    Lastly the Rambler looking like a Dodge Dart? Hate to break it to you. It is the OTHER way around. Starting in 1960 AMC overtook the Chrysler Corp for the number three spot in sales which pretty much blew everyone away behind Ford and GM with the Rambler. The Dart in 1960 62 was huge as were all Chryslers. In 63 Chrysler downsized the Dart making it into that of Rambler. Had the powers at AMC followed Romneys direction after he went into politics maybe just maybe AM could have been more stronger in the late 70’s. Maybe AM could have bought out Chrysler and Maybe those new Hell Cats would be Javelins. Interesting is that George Romney still drove AMC’s long after his career in politics.

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