Stuttgart Stretch: 1989 Porsche 911 Limousine

To many people, the 1990s represented the last full decade where automotive manufacturers and aftermarket customizers treated vehicles as something more than A to B appliances, though one could easily argue that the shift towards the mundane began midway through the decade. Regardless of that debate, this 1989 Porsche 911 Limousine found here on craigslist by Barn Finds reader Taylor Wright is the kind of custom project that only an era like the ‘90s could have spawned. Ironically, we featured another stretched 911 just last month!

This stretched sports car is available near Riverside, California, but the advertisement contains just two photographs and the details surrounding the unique project are scarce. In an attempt to find more information on this oddball Porsche, I uncovered an expired ad from Volkswagen classifieds site The Samba, where the same Porsche sold for $5,000 in 2015, but very little other information exists. The seller acknowledges this Porsche needs a full restoration, noting that the wiring is intact, but the engine and transmission are gone. Allegedly, someone “invested” over $100,000 in the build, but now the current seller is asking $7,000 or accepting trades for vehicles worth around $10,000. Would you fix up this long Porsche and allow it to party on, or do you think this should have stayed in the ‘90s?


  1. Gsuffa Gsuffa Member

    Any pictures with the top down?

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  2. boxdin

    What a bad idea.

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    • Mountainwoodie

      Succinctly put.

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      • Al

        Indubitably !

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      • Rick Rothermel

        Back in the ’80s Jay Ohrberg in Hollywood built stretched cars for European car show tours that furthered the image of Americans as a**holes with tasteless cars. A few folks tried to copy for actual street use and they always stunk out loud. Jay’s did too, but they also made him money.

  3. Mike

    Dr. Porsche is spinning in his grave so hard that he augered himself 6 foot deeper.

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  4. Big Len

    Crush it.

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  5. Euromoto Member


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  6. Smokey Member

    This is decidedly against the will of the German sports car gods. A pox on this abomination !!

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  7. UK Paul 🇬🇧

    I love Porsches but … no, I cannot bring myself to like this one little bit. Parts car maybe? At least it could save some others.

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  8. Capriest

    Imagine the cost of redoing that faux convertible top good god!

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  9. Capriest

    Also who in their right mind does a limo with shaved door handles????? What does the chauffeur do wear magnetic gloves? I sooooo wish this was a 356 btw

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  10. whmracer99

    Would guess that the total value for this thing (since there is no drivetrain) is the front clip, some trim pieces, and scrap (and the front clip condition looks a bit iffy). Agree with everyone else, there isn’t anything about this that strikes me as a good idea.

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  11. mike john crawford

    The way to JOIN the Porsche club cheap.
    Staying in is another matter.

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    • Uk Paul 🇬🇧

      Funny! :)

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  12. Capriest

    Someone needs to put a beast engine in this just for the LOLZ of snap oversteer in a 21ft car! Seriously the only use I can think of for this thing is for someone to turn it into a drift car for comedic purposes.

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  13. 86_Vette_Convertible

    I admit I’ve seen my share of stretched vehicles but never a Porsche till now. IMO it’s just plain wrong.

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  14. Fireman DK
  15. Dik S

    I found the open one.
    Kind regards, Dik

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    • smokey Member

      Uh………..thanks , I guess. But all this did was bring on yet another cathartic fit. Oh, The HUMANITY !! (where’s my drink?)

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  16. ACZ

    Maybe if you wash it in hot water it will shrink back to what it was.

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  17. Eigil

    This thing needs to be undone and brought back to original configuration. It would not be too terrible of a job and a great car can be had again, at a reasonable price.

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    • Smokey Member

      No….Its too late to bring this car back to original. It has been reported that this car had already died from embarrassment. The Porsche family flatly refused to claim the body.

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  18. John

    That is sickening. Please take it off the site.

  19. Ward William

    Scrap metal if ever I saw it.

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  20. Fred Alexander

    Whoa Its BEAUTIFUL !

    Hehhh – Hehhhh—- Hehhhhhh – — Chortle – – – Snort – Haaaaaaaa !

    Tomorrows Monday 1st = April Fools – – – I’m starting early !

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  21. That Guy

    Boys and girls, I present to you the slimy underbelly of the 80’s in a single photograph.

  22. Rolls-Royce

    I like this Porsche 911 limousine

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