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It is always nice to receive updates on cars that we have featured over the years. Josh and I always wonder where they end up, but we very rarely hear from the new owners. Luckily, Brandon at RPM Restorations was kind enough to email us a few photos of a car that we featured back in 2012. It has undergone quite a transformation since then and I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that this one has been saved. It has undergone a complete restoration and is now part of a large collection. Hopefully the previous owner will see this and feel good knowing that their teenage dream went to a good home. Thanks for sharing this with us Brandon!

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  1. Brian

    Amazing transformation! I don’t know if the turquoise and white was the original color scheme, but two thumbs up to whoever chose to go with it. That burgundy color just didn’t say “1957” like these colors do! Having a sporty 1950s car without a bright color scheme is like passing on a banana split in favor of a cup of plain vanilla ice cream!

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  2. RickyM

    Wow what a difference ! Superb job. And great to see what has happened to a previously featured car. Nice to see a classic kept on the road. Wonder how much it cost to do this though……………

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  3. jim s

    i love it. it is nice to see what happens to the vehicles that are posted on the site. that took a lot of work/money but what a great result. more pictures of the inside/under hood please. thanks for sharing

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  4. DolphinMember

    It’s great to see how well this car turned out. The color change from non-original all-burgundy to torquoise with white coves was a really good choice. I think it’s a bit different from the ’57 Corvette ‘arctic blue’ color, but sure looks good to me. Brandon at RPM said before that he would update BF, and I’m very glad that he did. He deserves congratulations for taking this car back up to where it is now.

    Looking back at the discussion when this car was offered on ebay gives me some respect for whoever went through what I’m guessing was wait time, hassle and probably also travel to get everything together that went with this car. Whoever that purchaser sure deserves to sit back in the driver’s seat and enjoy.

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    • Andre

      That’s Cascade Green. Arctic Blue is a silver/blue.

      Nice car

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  5. RPM Restorations (brandon)

    if you would like to see more pictures please click the RPM Restoration link in the text that barn find has supplied.

    thanks everyone. we definitely had a lot of time and dedication to making this car correct as possible with all of the correct markings colors and everything from a NCRS judging book lots of research was put into finding the correct parts when we needed them.Ray the owner, really a huge fan of how his car turned out how it turned out, it was his choice on the color scheme as well cascade green/ beige coves with beige interior.

    I will try and find out how much is in the car also.

    if you have more questions or anything check out the Facebook page for a ton of other projects and car we have brought back from the grave.

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  6. RollerD

    Lots of gratitude to both those who do the work and those who pay the bills to keep cars like this on the road. Well done.

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  7. Jerrilyn

    My husband and I had a 1957 in 1967, it was black with a white top, convertible, and a red panel and red interior.. It was an automatic so I could drive it… I didn’t know how to drive stick then….

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  8. geomechs geomechsMember

    Here I am coveting again. That car is perfect. I love that color scheme and sure wouldn’t turn down one like it. Thanks for posting.

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  9. RPM Restorations (brandon)

    thanks everyone, we definitely love the car as well it turned out amazing pictures don’t do the car justice. if you ever want corvette work done or any restoration bring it to us we are very reasonable on pricing.

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    • Ron

      I know 3 years have gone by, but I would like to see the pictures of RPM’s restoration of the ’57 Corvette. Can you supply a link? Can’t find then on BF’s website. Thank you, Ron.

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  10. brandon RPM Restoration

    I have a bunch of pictures of the car and the restoration all on my computer

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