Suicide Cruiser: 1967 Lincoln Continental

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Who doesn’t love a Lincoln Continental? They are large, iconic, and are the ultimate cruiser! This clean original example has covered less than 62,000 miles and has spent its life indoors. The seller has also invested a great deal of time making sure this car is mechanically flawless and up for any cruise you can think of. This fine Lincoln is priced at $14,000 and can be found here on craigslist out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

67 lincoln 3

The engine and bay look complete and original, looking to only need some detail work and a solid cleaning. The engine has received some upgrades such as electronic ignition, and a custom exhaust. This Lincoln has also seen extensive suspension and brake work. The only downfall we see, is that the air conditioning system could use some work to make it a little chillier in the cabin. Looking to be a clean and straight example, the more we look at it, the more we love it. The exterior looks nice, and the paint looks nice, although we prefer our Lincolns in darker colors. The chrome looks flawless, as does vinyl top.

67 lincoln 4

The interior is spot on in this Lincoln with no major issues to report. The seller has been very informative as to the condition and additions to this Lincoln. Even the door jams look clean enough to eat off of. We do love that this Lincoln has an operational 8 track player, making for an authentic look with classic tunes.

67 lincoln 2

The originality of this car is phenomenal, and with the cleaning and maintenance of this Lincoln makes for an excellent turnkey cruiser. Prices on these classic suicide door Lincolns have been on the rise, and they are scarce to find in reasonable condition. This one may be a little on the pricey side, but its originality and the maintenance make it seem like a pretty sweet deal. Does this Lincoln tickle your fancy? What would you do with this suicide door Lincoln?

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  1. Oldog4tz Oldog4tz

    The 67 I brought during the70s embargo wouldn’t run on California gas even then. I ran sunoco 260 to stop the ping

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  2. FordSon

    This Conty tickles more than my fancy…did I say that outloud? Sorry.

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  3. PaulG

    Having owned a ’62, 2-63’s (including a convertible) and a ’69 I can say these are well built cars, as long as there are no electrical gremlins.
    The fun thing to do is double date and valet park the car…
    What a ride!

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  4. sir mike

    Well this takes me back to 1967/8.A friends parents had one.We would be 4 up driving nowhere special but when braking for a traffic light or stop sign the people in the back would open the doors…air brakes…memories….

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  5. redwagon

    cool. i would probably put 61k miles on it in a year. ear to ear grin.

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    Amazing! So this is what a Suicide Door Lincoln looks like with out 22″ rims! Nice!

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  7. Alan Brase

    They were indeed a cut above most other American iron. They were among the first to have disc brakes and all four wheels at that. I think in 1965. (Jag and MG had them in 1958, Porsche 1963, but Corvette was 1965 also. The frame and body was unibody and quite strong. I had a 1969 and the owner’s manual cautioned that if one considered driving at speeds continuously over 100mph, the tires would need to be changed for speed rated tires. (Not many owner’s manuals were so frank nor could they brag so much.)
    Also the exhaust was very complicated but free flowing and quiet. And the seats in my 1969 were full red leather.

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  8. Chris A.

    When that series came out, they were a stunning change from the over chromed, finned cars of the late 50’s. Beautiful, clean design. I’m guessing they may have given Cadillac good competition as the best selling US luxury car.

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  9. Alan Brase

    They were indeed marching to a different drummer than the other American luxury marques.
    Keep in mind during the mid 60’s, Ford Motor Company also brought out the Mustang, made good showing in Nascar with the Hi-riser and Tunnel port 427, built the 4 cam Indy engine and the SOHC 427 primarily for drag racing, but most important tried and finally in 1966 prevailed at LeMans with the Ford GT MkII. So, they certainly had motor sports interest and were a world class player in engineering.

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  10. Steve

    Looks like a very nice specimen. Would love to own this luxury land yacht. What is interesting to me is that the seller claims the 8-track tape still works! How would they know unless they had a working tape and by this time, I would imagine the tape would have turned to dust? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought magnetic tapes from those days would no longer be working by now.

    *EDIT* I see you can still buy 8 track tapes on eBay, so I guess they still must work. Amazing!

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  11. Rich

    I got a 64 black on black for a wedding present in 74 after my Buick Electra 225 convertible was stolen. We rode away for our honeymoon in it. I drove it for years until I lost a tooth on the flywheel. Turning the engine by hand to engage the starter got old really quickly

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    • Gary Merly

      Just bought a triple black 64!!!!

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  12. RoughDiamond

    That truly looks like a great deal. If I were serious I would just take a chance on the AC and use that to try and negotiate the price down if possible. Do not see any evidence of body plugs from Ziebart corrosion protection which is a big plus in my book.

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  13. Woodie Man

    I had a ’63 in ’75…drove it out to Colorado from New Orleans with some pals….road trip! White with blue leather interior and a Craig 8 track on the hump…..wore out the Allman Bros Eat A Peach! Never had a problem with it…..of course gas was 35 cents a gallon…..and there were practically fights to make the others chip in the 6.50 or so it took to fill it up! Kinda favor the pre 64 grill n rear end….especially the ’61

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  14. Alan Brase

    How did the 462 engined ones do on gas? Mine was a 69 and had the 460 engine. A fish of different flavor. Seems like driven 65, it would do 15mpg.

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  15. Fiete T

    If you like this, you are probably smitten by the ’67-’70 A-bodies, the ’68-’70 B-bodies, and some of the Chrysler ‘big cars’ of the era. Why? Elwood Engle.

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  16. Wayne

    Going by the service sticker on the air cleaner it’s only done 1400 miles in 41 years.

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  17. rich voss

    What a beauty. Far too big for my garage, though. A work friend bought a convertible ’67 with white leather interior and had it restored in around 2000. His “baby”, lovely car, same color, I believe. Didn’t look up the Lincoln name for it, but it’s a light aquamarine metallic. Only drove it on the nicest of days with the top down…impressive ride ! Love the suicide rear doors.

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