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Summer Cruiser: 1969 Buick Skylark Convertible

1969 Buick Skylark Convertible

For some, the appeal of topless motoring knows no bounds. Despite the “death” of the domestic convertible in the mid-1970’s and its eventual rebirth, being able to put the top down on a car holds a draw like no other. Wind in the face, blown hair and the promise of sunshine means that most convertibles are more valued than their steel-roofed family members. As a convertible lover myself, I’ve noticed that it’s more and more difficult to find an affordable domestic drop-top, so I was pleased to find this solid Buick for sale here on craigslist in Apex, North Carolina for $4,500.

Buick Skylark Brochure

With the GS moniker moving to a separate line for 1969, the Skylark Custom Convertible was the highlight of the mid-size range for Buick. Power was supplied by a 350 cubic inch V8, with either a two or a four barrel carburetor depending on how fast one wanted to go. Brakes were drums front and rear, though power assist helped to arrest progress. As I was looking through the equipment list, I wondered what the “Magic Mirror finish” was. A little research found that it was the trade name for the Fisher Body lacquer paint used on upscale GM vehicles, with claimed greater resistance to wear and damage than normal paints. I wonder if this Skylark still sports that finish?

Buick Skylark Convertible

I’m encouraged by a lot of things about this advertisement. The seller is obviously a period GM enthusiast, with another similar Buick and two Chevrolets visible in the pictures. It’s nice to see the original spoked wheel covers present. The body panels appear to be straight. A claimed 48,000 miles and 20 years of storage mean there may be lots of life left in this Skylark, and there’s minimal rust visible in the pictures.

Buick Skylark Interior

Solid frame and floors are claimed as well, and the dash looks pretty good. The door panels haven’t been cut to install speakers, and someone even thought to use matching duct tape on the front upholstery! While the carpets are faded, replacements are easily obtained, as is a replacement trunk pan to fix the rust there. I wish I could get new sheet metal for my cars that inexpensively!

Buick Skylark Convertible Top

The seller has included some nice body and interior pictures, and even the convertible top looks serviceable. Unfortunately, there are no engine or under car pictures, so I’m left wondering exactly what engine is in there and if it’s the one it left the factory with? That being said, as a claimed runner/driver, could this one of 6,552 Skylark Convertibles produced in ‘69 be your ticket to an inexpensive topless 2015 summer?


  1. Vince Habel

    Looks to be a good buy.

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  2. jim s

    this looks like it could be a fun daily driver. a very nice find

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  3. Rick

    Cheap admission price for a very presentable as is Summer cruiser. Can’t blow the photo up to look, but I’m pretty sure the wire caps are Olds, not Buick

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    • ben

      I have to agree with rick on the caps looks like olds 442 if I recall they did away with the spinner in 67 for some safety reason and came out with the round center buick riv in 65 but were 15in

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  4. Jw454

    If I were in the market this one would be on my short list. I need to finish the one I’m currently working on before draging something else home.

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  5. Rick

    Neat Monte C ragtop build!

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  6. Chris

    I doubt the wheel covers are original. My ’69 Buick ” Facts & Features’ manual mentions wire wheel covers on the optional on the GS 350 & 400 only, not the Skylark range. I wonder how if they clear the rear wheel arches at full bump too?

    Pedantics aside,I’d love to get my hands on this one. None AC car, I can live with that. OPGI
    has trunk floors and a disc brake conversion is a must. And a lot of Holden suspension parts interchange.

    Black vinyl in a convertble- recipe for burns in my climate, ask me how I know……..

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  7. St. Ramone de V8

    Nice to see a realistic asking price. Should sell quickly.

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  8. Old Otis

    I’ll take it!

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