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Sunburned 1964 Chevelle Malibu SS

1964 Malibu SS

The seller of this Malibu SS claims that it has been off the road since 1977. They also claim that besides the surface rust, the corrosion is minimal. Obviously there are a few areas that need attention, but like the seller, I could actually see this being used as-is. As crazy as that sounds, it does have a unique look about it and would definitely garner more attention this way than it would with a shiny new paint job. Even though it’s scruffy, it does look complete and original. Unfortunately, the bottom rung 283 V8 resides under the hood, but at least it is connected to a 4-speed gearbox. The seller had planned to drop an LS engine into it, but didn’t have the heart so they stuck it here on eBay instead. It’s located on Des Moines, Iowa and they are asking $10,500 or best offer. So, if it were yours what would you do with it?


  1. RayT Member

    $10.5K? I don’t think so.

    I like early Chevelles (almost as much as hi-po Chevy IIs) and would probably do a restoration to original; to me, the paint and upholstery are several steps below “patina” grade, and those minor rust spots the seller describes can blossom into something major in a hurry.

    With a 283/four-speed, it won’t be slow, but is too complete and original to take down the resto-mod road. But the price would need to drop considerably before it would attract me.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Yeah the price seemed high to me too. Hagerty values a #4 at about $16k and this one has a long ways to go before it gets there. They are willing to hear offers though so maybe they would take something more realistic?

    • geomechs geomechs Member

      I agree with you, Ray. It’s straight and fairly complete. A full restoration would do it well, but restore it and drive it; I have a strong aversion to anything like this being trailered in. Unfortunately the asking price is quite a way out of my budget. I’d need to score something on the Power Ball to make this a reality.

    • SoCal Car Guy

      Agree, way too much money! A friend here (Los Angeles/Orange County megalopolis) recently nabbed a ’65 Chevelle SS with smallblock V-8 and (unfortunately) Powerglide, with almost zero rust and still wearing black plates, for about 1/3 of this car’s asking price. And that ain’t patina, it’s about five years too much year-round exposure to the elements to be patina. It’s rusty grunge and is about ready to start rotting from the top down.

  2. Mike d

    while it would be truly unique, I think it needs more work than the seller is admitting to . would upgrade to a 327 ( if memory serves me correct, they didn’t put anything bigger in the 64s ) pretty much looks stock the way it sits very few mods. most likely needs a complete redo

  3. cory

    I’d love to have it. 283 was not a bad motor for this car. I drove a 283 power glide Malibu In high school. I always wanted the 4 speed and an ss. This one is pretty rough. Not a 10k car

  4. DT

    The people complaining about the price,Im curious, how much would you sell this 1964 Malibu SS with a factory V8, 4 speed, numbers matching,for? If it was mine I wouldnt sell it. If it was yours how much would you price it at?

  5. Chris in WNC

    satin clear coat and drive it.
    you can always paint it later……..

  6. dj

    I’m sorry but I think the price is high. Can’t say what I’d sell it for but my friend just bought a SS 409 Impala numbers matching but missing engine(found the engine somewhere else for $900) $1500.00.

    Like 1
  7. Gary

    I have to agree with several others here and say the asking price is too high, in the condition represented I would say it would fetch somewhere in the $6 to $7k price range. I am in agreement with DT and say if this was my car I would not sell it. The 283 small block was a great little V8 for this car but for me I prefer the built up 327 with 4bbl and the 4spd combo., it would make a nice street machine. I would bring the body back original paint and interior which could easily set you back $10k. Nice find, hope that someone will bring it back to cruise Americas highways again.

  8. Dave

    I’d call a high school classmate of mine. He had one in high school. Runs a body shop now, I’m sure he would make it look like new.

  9. Rancho Bella

    What a great all around car………………but not this one. I see 15K and up just for body and paint……………then on to who knows what.

  10. john iorio

    My dream project, its beat out enough that I wouldn’t feel bad about really personalising it……I will clue you in- I would give it the “oreo” treatment…circa 1978…..lose the heavy backseat. replace with bose speakers…..lose all that nerdy trim, get rid of any carpets….install 1970’s jeep bucket seats, or mustang….replace all front end parts….keep the 283 and muncie transmission…install a long shifter with the cue-ball top…beef up the trans mounts(chevelles had crappy mounts)……install a chevy 10- bolt rear, or a ford rear depending……rip out that incredibly, rotted headliner, and sand down metal inside roof. Then paint a mural of a deep blue night- time beach scene with a full moon, with a nice blond in a 2 piece in the moonlight…..equip with a bluetooth player that only plays music up till december of 1979…….then take her for a cruise down milford, connecticut beach with some rolling stones blasting out the windows.

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