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Sunburnt ‘Yota: 1982 Toyota SR5 4X4

As many of you know, the market for vintage Japanese 4x4s is heating up. With durable engines, great looks and decent off-roadability, there’s a lot to like about trucks like this 1982 Toyota Hilux long-bed. But how much longer will they stay affordable? This SR5 package pickup is listed here on eBay with bidding over $5K and the reserve unmet. 

The pickup wears heavily weathered paint, which the seller seems to see as an attribute demonstrating the Toyota’s perfect patina. Honestly, I get that, but this one is perhaps even a bit too far gone for me to consider it an attractive display of its age. The bed is practically flat-black at this point, and I’d like to see some of the original color to help break that up. The ‘Yota also wears some larger aftermarket tires and period-correct Enkei wheels.

The interior is as basic as it gets with no major issues to report. The seller notes that the interior includes original carpeting and bucket seats, along with the OEM bottle jack. The steering wheel is a great, period-correct OEM assembly – doesn’t it make you miss the days the OEMs put thin three-spoke wheels in trucks? The 5-speed manual is paired to the legendary 22R engine under the hood.

The seller notes the rollbars and all of the exterior paint have been weathered to perfection by the Arizona sun. There’s no air conditioning and the truck features manual steering, so this is pretty much as basic as it gets. But therein lies the appeal, as they simply don’t make trucks like this anymore. The seller is right to set a reserve price, but I hope the number is $7K or less – but will that baked-in patina make a Toyota enthusiast reach for a higher number?


  1. brettucks

    Having been in the market for an older toyota 4×4 recently (and in Arizona) that price is high. I saw an 83 and an 82, same driveline, in better condition for $3000 & $3500 respectively. Heck the 82 had the desirable graphics (yellow, orange, blue) in decent over all shape, much better than this.

    Missed out on an 82 that popped up in prescott in excellent condition for $2300 – it was gone in 12 minutes before I could even leave the house.

    Just my opinion but I wouldnt give more than $4k, especially with no a/c.

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  2. Steve A

    Weathered to perfection, huh? LOL
    Wow. Just, wow.

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    • Mike

      Looks like they fished the roll bar out of the Pacific, blasted off all the barnacles and mounted it.

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  3. Sparkster

    You’ll need to read the ebay ad. The owner has a great write up as well as some of the trucks history. Lots of bids already with the reserve not meet . I had an 85′ Toyota xtra cab.with no a/c but it had power steering, great trucks and fun but rough riding. I believe the original seat upholstery came with cloth in the SR5 not vinyl . I had a 2×4 1983 long bed SR5 with factory cloth seats.

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  4. Too Late

    Got to wonder what the date code on those tires might be. A few years ago I received a 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass from my uncles estate. One day the tread on one of the tires decided to separate from the cord structure while driving 65 mph. I checked the date code and read it as 1989 on the sidewall.

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    • Superdessucke

      Tire should really be replaced every 6 years regardless of mileage. This is a little known and of course little followed rule, but it’s great advice.

      You got lucky you weren’t injured or killed. That’s basically how we lost Paul Walker. The 9-year-old tires on the Porsche Carrera GT he was riding in failed.

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      • Bostonjoe

        Totally wise advice. I had a summer driver with 10 year old tires. Tread was great since the car was driven infrequently, but one day I noticed a chunk of sidewall had separated. Lucky the tire did not blow while driving, now I’m religious about getting new tires based on age instead of wear.

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  5. JohnD

    Absolutely love these, and remember well the days when you ‘couldn’t swings dead cat’ without hitting one. But I couldn’t live with it like this. She deserves restoration—and A/C!

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  6. Gaspumpchas

    Looks like a dry west coast truck but check the frame very carefully- here on the east coast they rotted out, and they are still having the same problem with their newer ones. Extremely good and reliable trucks that are used everyday . I don’t go for this patina stuff, for Gosh sakes da that surface rust and get some primer on it. THis ol girl has plenty of life left!!

    Good luck to the new owner!

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  7. Wrong Way

    At least take the roll bar off or go and get it electroplated! If it can be cleaned up enough for it, not bright chrome tho there are many options! Just do something with it and it would improve the looks!

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  8. David J David J

    She’s ready for a revolution somewhere in the Middle East. Just add a 60cal gun in the bed.

    Props to the owner for the AC Delco battery.

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  9. John Cargill

    All of them in the midwest became piles of brown dust decades ago.

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