Sunny Bird: 1964 Ford Thunderbird Hardtop


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What a bright and sunny car! And it’s currently from a sunny and dry location (Maricopa, Arizona) after spending a lot of time in “dry” Colorado. The Thunderbird is for sale here on eBay, where the buy-it-now is $8,500 but bidding is considerably less than that.


Before you go running to your color charts, no, this isn’t a factory color (at least that I could find) for 1964 Thunderbirds. The seller tells us that the car was originally Florentine Green and is now Solar Yellow. I realize that some of you will find the color choice gaudy, but please keep in mind this is a rather plain car for a Thunderbird, and the bright color certainly makes you take notice, doesn’t it?


I can’t help it, I like this car, even though eventually I think I’d eventually want to return it to its original color scheme. But I think I’d enjoy it for a while like this first! The vinyl top is new, as are the tires. The seller talks about winning local car shows with the bright bird as well.


The interior still reflects the body’s green origins, although it does look quite nice. The carpet kit is new, and parts of the seats have been replaced as well. I have a feeling the lack of air conditioning and the seller’s retirement to Arizona may have something to do with the sale! However, I would actually prefer the crank windows this car has over power ones, though, as it’s one less vintage electro-mechanical system to worry about.


A healthy 390 V8 lives under the hood. It should be healthy, as the car is said to have covered only 32,481 miles from new. It doesn’t look like 132,481, so hopefully that really is the case. The seller has some records supporting this low mileage total as well, and believes they are the second owner. Would you like to be the third? I know I would!

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. MH

    I wish every car that is for sale on ebay wasn’t featured on barn finds. There not barn finds at all there just older cars for sale. Im may be the only one who feels this way but can we not have ebay cars anymore. Just my opinion.

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    • HoA Howard AMember

      Hi MH, personally, I like ebay finds, as generally, there are much better pics. I think BF’s has “graduated” from just vehicles “found in a barn” to ALL finds. Since I’m here, looks like someone had a few gallons of ” machinery yellow” laying around. MY opinion, they ruined a very nice car. Sorry.

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      • RayT

        Not sure it’s “ruined,” Howard. If the only thing wrong with it — well, aside from the “no a/c” bit — is the color, you could have that taken care of easily. What bugs me are the things that “ruin” cars that can only be solved with a welding torch or long, expensive searches for correct parts.

        Looks like a decent car, and the price is far more reasonable that what was being asked for the Alfa Berlina yesterday.

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    • Michelle Burge

      I got a great 1964 Thunderbird for sale I was thinkin of posting on ebay but have not done so yet. My car is in good original condition. Why not list it on ebay? I wanna sell this beauty. I am to tall to comfortably drive her. I am fairly uninformed on how to post on theese sites and get frustrated easily. Love the sunny bird I had a 1970 Ford Fairlane XL convertible w same color and always thought it was an original Ford color

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      • JoshStaff

        Hi Michelle,
        Lovely Thunderbird! Send us an email at and we can help you get it listed!

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  2. Joe Gotts

    Nice ride, however no air conditioning?

    That would be brutal in Arizona, no wonder it’s not driven much.

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  3. jim s

    i think they made a mistake painting it this collor but that means you can get a driver for less. do the PI, make an offer, install aftermarket A/C if you need it, and then have fun. nice find.

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  4. Luke Fitzgerald

    That is not 32 k – they couldn’t even leave the engine colours alone – saying that, its someone else’s idea of a good time – they could set it on fire if they like. And hey- leave the guys alone – don’t like the site – beat it

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    • krash

      Luke…..set it on fire?… would be like holding up a lit match to the Sun…any flame would simply extinguish itself out of confusion…..

      it’s the ideal retirement gift for the CEO of French’s Mustard.

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  5. DA

    The site is more about interesting finds and comradery amongst car geeks. Who gives a crap where the find originated? If we were limited to true barn finds we’d see a post maybe once a week if that. Thanks for all the great posts BF.
    As stated on site, “ is a community of like-minded automotive enthusiasts who teach, learn from, and entertain each other”

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    • John Deebank

      You are so right DA. I am here to see the cars I drove in 60’s and all the others people find. I look forward to all the comments on here and learn so much. I find this yellow to be beautiful. The color is for the owner/driver to enjoy, not Joe public. If we got this car for $100. we wouldn’t mind the color at all.

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  6. mark

    Beautiful car. Would be a good one for someone to buy and drive if the price is right. ……………and yes people did drive cars and survived quite well before air conditioning was a common option in vehicles.

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  7. MountainMan

    Wow.. It’s nice, even with the bright yellow. The interior makes me think it would be more attractive in the original green but hey, I’d drive it!

    As for the eBay Finds. I truly appreciate all the hard work that goes into the site. We get to see several cars featured everyday and I do check the site everyday to see what’s featured so keep em coming! Great site and thanks to those whose hard work and love for interesting ,classic, odd and crusty vehicles makes it happen! By far my favorite car website

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  8. JCW

    I don’t troll ebay so I like that someone does and finds these cars that otherwise we would not aee. Keep up the good work on a great site.

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    • krash

      I agree….this site does the hard work that I’m not interested in doing…and I never know what BF’s is going to surprise me with next…

      for me, it’s always an education..

      Doesn’t matter where you find ’em….it’s always amusing/fascinating/entertaining…..and it’s the members comments that are always informative and immensely funny…

      keep those submissions coming..

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  9. John Deebank

    I agree it should have some cars like this one for us folk who enjoy them. Not saying we should stray too far from it’s original intent. Enough to titillate the senses.

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