Super 90 Sunroof Coupe: 1962 Porsche 356

UPDATE 6/6/18 – The seller has relisted this one here on eBay with a $5k price drop.

FROM 2/8/18 – The irony of a particular car becoming “hot” is when it reveals just how many are hiding out there, negating the need to feel pressured to jump on the bandwagon early. The Porsche 356 is a perfect example of that paradox, spurred by a rapid rise in value and consequently undercut when the masses unload their wares. That said, cars with special features or options are still the ones to buy, like this 356 Super 90 with a factory sunroof here on eBay, with a $26,900 Buy-It-Now and listed for sale somewhere in Sweden. 

The seller imported this car from the USA into Sweden several years ago and has determined he will not complete the project. And what a project it is: the floor are gone and the interior is stripped, but the seats are included. The glass is basically all gone, aside from a solitary rear pop-out piece and, if I’m reading the ad correctly, the rear windscreen. Gauges are missing, door panels non-existent and any and all trim will be up to the next owner to track down.

The real story here is the motor. The seller doesn’t allude to whether it is matching, just that it’s “there.” It may be frozen, as there’s no reference to whether it turns over. The S90 mill was the one to get if you weren’t on a professional team that demanded the 1600 4-Cam, and it had lots of interesting touches that made it more of a competition-type motor than other engine options. Larger bearings, lighter flywheel, bigger intake valves – all of which combined to bump output to 90 b.h.p.

So, is this 356 a fair buy at the current price? It might be, if the origins of the engine and transmission are confirmed to be original to the car. The presence of the factory-installed sunroof and Super 90 drivetrain make this far more interesting than a basic “B”-series coupe, but the cost of importation may scare U.S. buyers away. It does retain its U.S. title, which may make re-entry less cumbersome. Anyone think this Super 90 is worth the effort of bringing back home?


WANTED 1970-1978 Mercury Capri Very clean body, totally rot free, mild surface acceptable. Roller preferred. Midwest. Contact

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  1. dan

    just add gas & go

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    • Derek

      You mean, just add gas and a match.

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      • Mike

        BHCC will still buy the charred remains and add 20% to the price.

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  2. Mark

    Will it break apart if you tried to lift it?

    • Al

      At least the drivers outside door handle is salvageable, a great start on re-building a different car than this piece of crap.

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  3. jdjonesdr

    This is mind boggling. If you dipped that in an acid tank nothing would come out. I can’t believe people want these so badly.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have one, but in my mind they’re worth a little more than a VW bug.

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    • Adam Wright

      I’ve found that people who compare a 356 to a bug have usually never owned or even driven one.

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      • jdjonesdr

        In my case you’d be absolutely correct. Maybe that’s why I think the way I do.

      • SR

        I have driven one that my Grandpa left my Dad and your half right about comparing it to a Bug because it’s only a half step above a bug.

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      • Billy 007

        I have been vocal here about these, people know how I feel. If people love these, and are in it for that reason, not for some kind of profit (where some soon will be pretty regretful after the bottom drops out) good for them. With that said, in 1962 you could buy a very reliable and conventional Corvette that was a much better car at a fraction of the price. Why did people buy them then? My opinion-prestige. And that makes no sense at all to a car enthusiast. Being a snob at the country club is childish. You could buy a 62 Corvette today much cheaper, and it would still be a better car.

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    • Dickie F

      Not for me ……. and I like most vehicles with rear engines.

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  4. SAM61

    Pick your joke…

    1) Ikea, some assembly required
    2) Branch location of BHCC/Gullwing

    I won’t quit my day job.

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    • RayT Member

      What about “It will buff out!”?????

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      • Tony fannin

        If you put a buffer on that ,it would disappear,all but the pallet floor!

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      • Cj

        And “ran when parked”

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      • Andy

        You forgot LS1

  5. Derek

    These things were junk when they were new, what a perfect example of how ridiculously over priced the car market has become. You think the stock market was in a bubble? Just wait.

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  6. Bring-A-Taco

    Cost of importing not bad, basically 2.5% duty on sales price plus a few other fees. It’s the shipping that would be highly problematical, and given it’s dirty condition, the USDA would probably require a quarantine and steam cleaning before being allowed to leave the arrival port. But this doesn’t really look like a car, it’s just the idea a car could exist there once everything was replaced.

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    • Bill McCoskey

      Bring-a-Taco: It’s a returning car. If it’s still got the VIN tag attached, the government considers it a vehicle. USA import taxes were already paid when it first came in to America. The US state title may have been invalidated by USA customs, but probably not, due to the car’s condition. That said, the DOT paperwork will allow the new owner’s state to issue a new title. It’s in Sweden, no requirement for quarantine or steam cleaning for cars coming from Scandinavia as far as I know.

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  7. Classic Steel

    Wow it’s a rare bird with a wooden floor!

    I gotta get me one of these 🚗s !

    I am thinking that I can put some bamboo on the floors and possibly get that company that
    plastic wraps cars to put Marilyn on the passenger side and jimmy Dean on Drivers side and just change the fluids and ⛽️ it up and drive baby!

    I wonder if an ikea love seat will fit for a seat 💺👀

    The other alternative from seeing the
    last couple weeks is put a big set
    of mudders and four wheel drive underneath it!

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    • tugdoc

      New hack for pallets!

  8. Rue d'Anger

    It’ll buff out.

  9. Michael

    Scrap metal. At least with the pallet it will be easy to put in the crusher.

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  10. Mark S.

    Oh boy, another palletized Porsche. There seems to be a lot of these out there.

  11. Jimbosidecar

    What do you mean there’s no floor??? I see a floor and it doesn’t look too termite infested either

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    • Peter

      There are a few nice bits of oak in that floor..

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  12. redwagon

    wonders will never cease.

    it is not the cost of importation that scares me. it is the thought that at 25 large there may be room for profit once finished. really?

    the owner is not going to finish the project. why should s/he? just by waiting 5 years – while even doing nothing – the value has gone up.

  13. Lawyer George

    I understand the pallets in the background are avaiable at $5000.00 each do to the rarity of being stacked in a pile next to the 356.

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  14. Canadian Mark S. Eh! Member

    Maybe the seller should see the crashed Jenson post before pricing this turd. There must be 30 Porsche shells on the shelves in the pictures in better shape than this one. This looks like another great candidate to sit in the line of cars possibly next to the 82 x-11 at the tank jumping contest. As for the sunroof there over rated forever leaking but only on the rainy days. Well I guess IN this case though that pallet that’s holding this car together has to be worth some, maybe it could be used to make a rustic coffee table ( the pallet not the car ) JMO.

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    • Adam Wright

      Good luck trying to buy anything off the rack, the Klein’s have had them for decades.

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  15. KrisColumbus

    The listing ended : was bogus tmho: listed in Stockholm, car in Vienna ?

  16. Madmatt

    Fred and Barney ,would get a real work out in that thing..!
    These Porsches keep getting worse on here..,if that is possible….lol..,
    The next one featured, should come out of the swamp,after
    being burned to a crisp, in a Semi truck accident,and shall be
    priced at $40,000….yes, I think it would sell…..LOL
    What is wrong with some people..??

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    • Cj

      Do you know of such a car, MadMatt? I’ve got the $40,000…

  17. Jack Quantrill

    I’d drink muddy water, and sleep in a hollow log before buying this toad! Only redeeming feature is the sunroof, which could be sawed out and put on a good body!

  18. Tony fannin

    Nice pallet floor ,I bet there isn’t 25% of that car left ,it would take way too much to restore even it you can find parts. And at 26,000dollar purchase price,you would never ever get your money back,,and I’m sure it will never be perfect ,junk it!!!

  19. Robert G Thomas

    Here’s my Uncle George’s Super 90. By coincidence years later he bought a house and the home across the street had a faded red Super 90 in the front yard with weeds growing up around it… don’t know what happened to it.

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    • Jim

      Sorry, that’s not a Super 90–it’s a 1955 “Continental” 356 “pre-A” but it is a desirable car.

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  20. wes

    Upscale chicken condo

  21. SR

    Robert I love those stories, we all know documentation on a classic adds up to $. For me it doesn’t even have to be anything special, if I spot a car being overgrown with vegetation I always think about the little things like when the car was new, what attracted the 1st buyer to it? When I see a old station wagon my 1st thought is kids, maybe a car that wasn’t a muscle car at birth but had some cheap add on’s like a set of rusted Crager SS Wheels & missing a couple of center caps, probably a teenagers 1st car, to me it’s nothing special but at onetime it was to somebody. Thinking that way makes you appreciate all cars, just like that Porsche your uncle had a front porch view of.

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  22. Scot Douglas

    I really like the floorboards.

  23. Mark Radtke

    . That being said this one is a piece of junk like the one reader said if you dip this thing and acid nothing would come back. it’s too bad somebody let it go this far. At that price you can get a really nice vehicle. Maybe not at 3:56 but some other fantastic classic.

  24. roundhouse

    You know, you can order a recreation Porsche 356 from places like JPS Motorsports for under $40K built to spec. Same amount of fun to drive at a fraction of the cost. Been enjoying one for years.

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    • roundhouse

      photo added

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      • jdjonesdr

        Now we need a video of how it sounds… lol.. Nice set of wheels.

  25. jdjonesdr

    The seller could have at least hosed off the dust and dirt. I bet it would look a thousand times better.

  26. Murray

    I think Fred and Wilma Flintstone would feel right at home with this Porsche. Good ol foot power and just think of the fuel economy and low maintenance this would be

  27. Jose Delgadillo

    These sellers are examples of the best car flipping philosophy. Buy for the lowest price, just hold onto it, flip when the market takes off. You just need storage space. From the looks of this, the car was just sitting in a field, exposed to the elements. Invest no money, not even in an attempt to preserve them. All you need is access to a field and some cash to start buying. Here’s a plan, buy up ten of those late model Corvette C3’s from desperate sellers,park then around some farmer’s barn and wait for the money to roll in.

    • Byte-A-Taco

      Hanging onto cars is not really the way to make money, they have to be flipped fast – the longer you own them the greater the ownership costs add up and the risks increase so if you go buy those ten Corvettes you’re talking about, think of the money you’re losing while it’s tied up, consider the risk – the farmer’s field could burn, kids could use them for target practice or they might otherwise get stolen or disappear. Of course there are exceptions to any rule and all of you will have examples of people made a killing by holding onto an old car – my friend who’s father bought an old Ferrari 50 years ago and let it rot in his backyard for decades is one of those very well known examples but such examples are aberrations, but they are still what inspires everyone else to horde.

      • carsofchaos

        Agreed. I’ve bought and sold classic cars and trucks for about 6 years now. The ones I broke even or lost money on: the ones I restored. The ones I made the most money on: the ones I did nothing but vacuum and wipe down.

  28. Beatnik Bedouin

    The engine looks like a Super 90 – note the Solex 40-P11-4 carbs.

    Unfotunately, the engine – assuming that it’s saveable – and trans are only worth a fraction of the asking price, but probably a bit more than the one I bought in 1972 for my VW beetle. The rest, or what’s left of it, is only suitable for a local recycling centre…

  29. Pete

    When I go to buy and ship that car I will bring my coarse bristled broom to sweep it into the dumpster errrr a container. The big chunks I can just throw in after all that. Bet I would have about 1500 pounds of scrap metal I can sell and walk away with $150 for my efforts minus the 3 or 4 actual parts that I could resell to someone to fill a hole. This thing is so far gone, the only way to fix it is to take the gas cap off and slide another 356 under it. SMDH

  30. Del

    A lot of preparation has gone into getting this car as wrecked as it is.

    Therefore its off the dump , the dump, the dump and crusher soon

  31. PatrickM

    I feel sorry for the owner being so disillusioned. 2 things wrong here: (1) owner, as I said, (2)…umm…just check back with (1)

  32. Too Late

    So 49 comments for a rust bucket Porsche and 12 for a 79′ Corvette and even less for a 71′ Challenger. Don’t tell me these are not popular but over priced cars.

  33. Dirk

    This Swedish guy’s been popping way too many Tide pods. These rolling turkeys aren’t worth that kind of money in mint condition. Ever actually drive one in anger?

  34. Dolphin Member

    Old Porsches have wooden floors???

    Sure, it reduces the welding that might be needed, but where do you hammer in the nails?

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  35. Steve

    This one needs some plywood wheels to go with the floor!

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  36. Mj

    You’d have to pay me a healthy amount to come pick up!

  37. Keith

    Almost as bad as the rusty Mopars we see on this site…..LOL!

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  38. Frank Sumatra

    An old Porsche is guaranteed clickbait..

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  39. Lane Anderson

    I recently had the opportunity to drive a beautiful ’64 356C Super 90 belonging to a friend and I now understand the attraction. The experience, other than the typical air-cooled flat-four sound, is very different from a Beetle. That said, the price for this pile of iron oxide is delusional. There is no way to make it into a workable car for a reasonable price. You could buy one already restored and save yourself tens of thousands. This is just a pile of a few usable parts at best.

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  40. Chris In America ( for the moment)

    I wooden be able to restore this, still I pine for one. OK, enough bad puns for the day.

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    • Ike Onick

      Fir sure!

      Like 2
    • Chinga-Trailer

      Hey Bud, I could go out on a limb to explore the root of your jokes, but then you would probably just bark at me to leave.

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  41. Poptheclutch…i can’t comment there’s nothing left to say.🤣


    The metal work would be feasible including the floors but I wonder how much good steel is left and if anything is salvageable. It may not be salvageable and in need of a new replacement shell, doors, bonnet, hood, etc… Aside from that far too many parts are missing to be worth thinking about rebuilding it.

  43. Rex Rice

    Add this one to my growing list of ‘Things I Don’t Understand.’ As the past owner of a few 356s, I don’t see how these cars can draw this much attention, let alone such crazy prices. They are a joy to drive for sure, like nothing else, but at these prices? Big No.

  44. Wolfram

    i will never understand why people pay almost every price for a crappy Porsche, they were overpriced beetles from the beginning, the configuration with rear engine is just ridiciulos for sports car. Believe me, i live in Germany and work in the car business. Last time on the track i could witness when a brand new Porsche 911 got ass kicked by a Renault Megane RS (this is a sporty compact fwd 35k $US car) we all laughed us almost to death :))))) , i would sell my C7 Stingray when this would happen to me

    • Deborah King

      Wolfram–don’t like ’em? Don’t get one. Not everyone agrees with you.

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