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Super Clean 1981 Volkswagen Scirocco

1981 Volkswagen Scirocco

This could be one of the nicest Sciroccos still in existence! It is showing 54k miles on the odometer, but the paint, engine, and interior all look like new. The seller has owned the car for 7 years and has obviously taken good care of it. The previous owner performed a few upgrades that could easily be reversed. Overall though, this thing is stunning and should be on any VW fan’s watchlist. It’s located in Ada, Michigan and is listed here on eBay where bidding ends tomorrow!

Clean Engine Bay

The Scirocco was basically a sporty Rabbit. So, if you have ever owned one of those, this engine layout should look familiar. You can see hints of the upgraded suspension here and there’s also a big compressor for the air conditioning. The seller mentions that it’s loosing its cooling capacity so budget some bucks for that if you live in a hot climate. The fuel injection system can cause headaches if it’s not clean, but it sounds like this one is okay. Whatever you do though, don’t try to adjust the mixture!

Immaculate Interior

If you thought the engine bay was clean, then check out the inside! Admittedly, the carpet has been replaced, but everything else looks great. That’s saying a lot too because the sun can really destroy all the eighties’ plastic used in these cars. There’s a few little flaws, but nothing major that I could spot. The horn and backup lights do need some attention. With manual windows and very basic controls, there not much that can go wrong.

Rear Hatch

I’m not the biggest VW fan, but this sleek little car has me going. It’s almost too nice to daily drive though! With the suspension mods it could make a fun weekend canyon carver or autocross entrant. I’m sure it would garner some respect at any local VW club event too, so I’m sure the next owner will have a lot of fun with this one even if they decide to not drive it much. That would be a shame though because these pack a lot of FWD fun!


  1. wynkin

    I got in one once – had to be surgically removed!

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  2. nessy

    This era Scirocco, 75 to 81, was the best looking VW period. Of course, we all know who designed this sharp edged little wedge right? What a nice car. What is not to like except the price is already almost 10g which is alot of money for this car. I guess alot of other people like it too.

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    I had more than one of these since I have been in the car business. These cars were one of the better econo boxes built back in the late 70s and 80s. They were a lot of fun to drive and handled well to. But like a lot cars back then they were known for rust issues. Never see them anymore and it shows with the bidding heading to 10 grand. Nice car.

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  4. HoA Howard A Member

    I always thought of this as a Rabbit on steroids. If you had any Chrysler 4 cylinders, this engine should also look familiar. The one wiper creeped me out, but must have worked. Not into these either, but, wow, this is one clean VW. Since collector value is iffy, at best, ( so far) if it was half the price, I’d buy it just to drive until the fenders fall off. I bet it is a fun car to drive. And well built. German’s don’t make junk.

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    • Bobsmyuncle

      Collector? That might be a stretch but there is a voracious and passionate VW owners group out there.

      HIGHLY covetted machine.

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  5. mat

    My Dad bought one of these new. The tailpipe rusted and fell off after only a few months. Also, when parked on an incline it wouldn’t start! The dealer said the
    fuel injection system wouldn’t function when the car was parked that way!?

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  6. Joe Howell

    My wife had a 1976 Scirroco when we got married. We traded it for a new 84 ($13,xxx and then a new 87 16V ($15,xxx) The 16V’s power and suspension upgrades were quite a step up from 8 valve cars. The steering wheel looks aftermarket.. I will check with my brother, he bought a new 81, his was $10,xxx. These weren’t cheap cars. His 81 was much nicer inside then Judy’s 76, it was pretty bare bones like most VWs were in 1976 except for the high priced Dasher, an Audi with VW badging. Like most cars Scirrocos got a little more plush with each passing year.

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  7. SunbeamerStu

    I always felt these were undervalued cars. They are fun to drive.

    Bidding to $10K already? Wow.

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  8. Leaf36

    Absolutely a fun driver. Most responsive car I’ve driven. Would love to have this.

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  9. Joe Nose

    I fondly remember the O2 light glowing in the dashboard…regularly…

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  10. ccrvtt

    My ex-brother-in-law traded his beloved Karmann Ghia for one of these in 1977. Neat, quick, tight, good-looking car, but they were prone to rust. Not collectible IMHO but a very nice car.

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  11. Jeff Staff

    Wow. That is impressively clean.

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  12. Joe Howell

    $17,100 !!!!!!

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  13. Steve B

    There’s a reason there are not many of these left…prior owners can attest to that. It was so nice of the VW engineers to put the distro in a nice water-collecting metal cup. And the Lucas-like reliability of the interior electrics. Still, nice looking and fun to drive though

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  14. BobinBexley Bob in Bexley Member

    81 with white/tan combo, don’t remember that.

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  15. Kyle W.

    Omg! I had one of these in highschool in the early 90’s. God I miss that car. I bought it off a VW mechanic in Prescott AZ. The guy looked like Kurt Russell lol. Man that car was so fun to drive. I regret selling it now.

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