Rare 1991 Ford Ranger Skyranger Convertible

Many of us recognize the infamous Ford Skyranger of Detroit by now. It has graced these pages before, and classifieds sites many, many times. The seller, who by all accounts looks like he truly enjoys telling the world about the Skyranger more than he actually does trying to profit from its sale, definitely sticks to his guns as it relates to price, as I don’t think I’ve witnessed any change in the ask of $24,995 in all the times it’s been listed. The Skyranger is a 1991 Ford Ranger pickup with just 7,700 original miles, and of course, a removable convertible top. Find it here on craigslist in Shelby Township, Michigan.

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Pat L. for the find. As you’ll note in the time stamp on the photos, these pictures have been around for a while, just like the truck itself. This photo is from 2017 and shows what the Ranger looks like with its top removed from the side profile. It’s a bit odd, truthfully, and certainly not graceful. The fact that the rear window section pillar points towards the front of the truck as opposed to straight up has always bothered me in the many times I’ve looked at the Skyranger, and seems like it leaves the occupants even more vulnerable in a roll-over situation. The Skyranger also came with other custom styling cues, like unique front and rear ground effects and a rear spoiler.

These were never officially commissioned by Ford, but rather a private company that hoped Ford would buy off on the concept. It may seem crazy now, but in the 80s and 90s, plenty of one-offs and custom conversions were built and then sold right next to production-line models on Big 3 automaker lots. I often think of the conversion vans with couches, captain’s chairs, and mini televisions inside, which seemed like the bread-and-butter aftermarket concoction for a factory-warranted custom. However, the Ford Skyranger may have been just a tad too extreme for the bean counters at the big blue oval, as only 14 were ever made by an outfit called Professional Auto Crafters.

Now, the Skyranger was still sold through Ford dealerships, just in exceedingly small quantities. The brochure photo shows the Skyranger riding on what looks like period Ronal wheels, the same design that some Fox body Saleens wore on occasion. The seller notes that he doesn’t drive the Skyranger very much, and with current mileage at 7,700, he’s only put 200 miles on the truck in the years he’s had it listed for sale. Despite the lack of use, recent maintenance includes the air conditioning being converted to R134A. This is one of the stranger on-again, off-again collector car listings we’ve seen, and if the seller is having a hard time letting his pride and joy go to a new home, we hope the right seller comes along soon to put his mind at ease.

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  1. alphasud Member

    First I have seen such a creation. I think what they did with this to make it a convertible is about as nice as one could do with a pickup. I have seen the Dakota version and that doesn’t look as appealing. This wouldn’t work for me as my trucks have to work for a living. I let my cars be pretty.

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    • chrlsful

      ’81/9 dacota (By ASC) only hada “roll bar” none of the other ‘non p/u” type stuff this has. I’d go fer it with that 1, not this (esp if ‘garage kept’). Many contractors havea larger ‘wearhouse’ or some such. The ‘bar’ could even B used/converted to headache rack or support/carrier.
      rip off the ‘extra’?

  2. Fahrvergnugen Fahrvergnugen Member

    Well, at least it’s not being marketed as a Ford From Shelby…

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  3. Steve

    This is for sale every spring / summer. Still trying to find that ONE buyer, and at 25k, he may not even exist.

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    • Steve R

      You are right, it was last featured on this site in March of 2018. At least the seller updated the pictures.

      Steve R

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  4. MathieuB Member

    Never seen one or heard of theses.
    Not that bad but it’s not for everyone.
    Someday It may be valued at 25K$, maybe.

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  5. David Bailey

    Speaking of Ranger Conversions: Has anyone seen the Ford Total Perf. Rangers? I believe a hopped up Mustang 5.0 was stuffed into a first generation Ranger-The really square ones. In the Detroit area there were a few. I know the owner, at the time,of A famous race engine company drove one. Insane for the time(late 1970’s-early 1980s?) Just curious…

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    • Cav427

      Actually remember those! Was the mid 80’s. Never available in the showroom, but the 5.0 fit nicely inbetween the fenderwalls. Ford should have jumped on it.

  6. Steve

    Never seen one before,and I’m not surprised. It’s the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.

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    • Big_Fun Member

      If it only had amber driving lights on top of the bumper. Oh, wait – they’re in the air dam below.
      To paraphrase a Dr. on Seinfeld; “It’s breathtaking.”

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  7. Mr Dave

    Looks like I just saved $24,995 plus shipping by just saying NO.

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  8. AZVanMan

    This looks more like something created in 1981, something I would have been working on even then and wondering WTH are the customers thinking??

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  9. Ronald Pringle Member

    Might have seen this “Thing” at good guys Nashville nationals a few years ago. A few people were looking at it with frowned expression on their face. When does a pickup truck stop being a pickup truck. Curiosity at best.

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  10. Don P

    Professional Auto Grifters you say, nya nya nyahhhh.

  11. Steve Clinton

    In 30 years I’ve never seen one of these…thank goodness!

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  12. Barney

    There was one of these in Arizona a few years ago. I saw it several times in the Flagstaff area. It’s pretty interesting to look at when seen in person. OK, I have bad taste because I think it’s kinda cool

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  13. David Bailey

    Barney…AMEN! I think it’s cool as Hell. Not aerodynamic , but funky. I like it. I liked the Dodge Convertruck. I like bold colors on musclecars. I like it all.

  14. Bunky

    Hmm. Almost afraid to say- but I like it.🤷‍♂️ I love Ranger pickups. I’ve owned a few. Two were rubber floor mat specials – ‘95 & ‘99 4 cylinder, 5 speed, 2wd, standard cab. Bought ‘em cheap and worked ‘em hard. Always liked the older square cabs better.
    With this truck, they started with a square box- it’s not going to look like a Lamborghini. The roll bar is made leaning forward at the same angle that the windshield leans back- seems like the right way to do it. Regardless- I like it. As for the asking price, it’s a rare custom vehicle with extremely low miles. $25k is a lot of money in my neighborhood, but I don’t think it’s ridiculous. Especially when compared to what people are asking, and getting for rusted out, stripped hulks that used to have a desirable powertrain.
    Oh well, differences of opinion is what makes the world go round.

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    • Gary

      I drive a 1994 Ranger as my daily. These trucks are tough as heck. Mine has the 3.0 V6 and 69k original miles. My Sister bought the truck new. I bought it from her 12 years ago. It’s been excellent. I only wish it had more horsepower. I live in Roanoke Va. Lots of hills to climb. I would love to have a 5.0 in it.

    • Steve

      Sounds like your his man!

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  15. MarveH

    I think there were a couple of pages in the parts catalog they might have missed, I still see a few inches without any tack-on plastic bits.
    It is said that less is more and this is a rolling example of that philosophy.

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  16. Pookie Jamie

    I’d be a buyer at $7500. Cash. But if the seller can prove the kbb value is what he is asking, then I’ll give $20,000. Proof people. It’s in the pudding.

  17. RBC

    What happens if both doors are opened at the same time? Will it fold in two?

    • Cav427

      Body on frame, was a solid conversion. It’s not a pontiac sunbird after all.

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  18. Don Eladio

    Not bad…it may even bring $12-15K but, that’s about it for now. It is, afterall, a 7,700 mile truck.

  19. AMCFAN

    I am not going to add to the blu blab. The guy has a nice truck. Sooner or later someone will step up. Hate it or not custom mini trucks were a thing. It still is. It was a common mod to cut the roof. Chrysler offered the Dakota. This company was hoping the Skyranger would take off. It is amazing the owner knew how special it was early on and kept it out of the elements and harms way. For that he should be paid.

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  20. Howie Mueler

    In some photos the rear sits low, and other photos it sits high? I had a Ranger once, this is just a pig with lipstick.

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  21. T. Mann

    The Dakota convertible 1989 to 1991 sold Three Thousand copies.

    Very clean design. Many good comments, mostly “Did you do that?”

    FACTORY :-)

    I have two of them.

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      I did see someone who did it himself, at a car show one time.
      It was very well done and I first thought it was factory. Up close, you could tell that it wasn’t, but not bad for someone who cut the top off himself.

  22. TA

    How much is the asking price for this $800 truck?

  23. ADM

    Some people are absolutely relentless, on price, when it comes to selling a vehicle. They won’t drop it, and people that might be interested, are just as relentless in not buying it. I remember, back in the ’80’s, someone was selling a 1974 full size Oldsmobile sedan, with 10,000 miles, for 10K, in the old Want Advertiser. I’d see the ad every time I looked. This went on, for over two years, and he never dropped the price. For all I know, it rotted into the ground.

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  24. Mountainwoodie

    Note to self: Do not try to sell your vehicle by taking a picture of yourself in front of it.

    Now thats out of the way, I can see where Mr Skyranger was going with the forward leaning rear window cowl (?). If you look at concept cars/trucks from the Sixties they invariably have that ‘futuristic’ tilt to the rear window cowl (?).

    Lower that sucker , throw some boom boxes in the back, play some really lousy.er……..I mean loud rap music and cruise around South LA…..it’ll sell in a minute……

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  25. Jwaltb

    What a POS.

  26. Solis of Texas

    This vehicle has found a buyer. Me. It will now reside in Texas where it will be cared for, taken to truck shows here throughout central texas to admire its novelty and the occasional parade duty. Our family is very happy to have the care of a vehicle of this legacy.

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  27. chrlsful

    Good Luck Solis. Enjoy -curate- well. Sometimes I forget Tx has Austin, Kinky Friedman, pines next to cactus and semis by swimming pools…

    What similar vehicles do you have?

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