Super Rare Mazda Miata Coupe!!?

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For decades, British manufacturers were the kings of building small 2-seater convertibles. Japanese companies tried to gain a foot-hold into this market, but their success was extremely limited. That all changed with the launch of the Mazda MX-5, or Miata, back in 1989. The Mazda was a complete game changer, and it has become the benchmark by which other small roadsters are measured. It also remains the most successful and highest selling small roadster in automotive history. With all this in mind, it is staggering to consider that the rarest version in the Miata range is not a convertible, but a Coupe. This particular example is located in Hong Kong and is listed for sale here on Pistonheads. The owner has set a price of £30,000 for this little gem.

The MX-5 Coupe is a rare vehicle and was only released for the Japanese Domestic Market during the production of the NB model range. Even there, with such an enormous potential market, there were only 179 Coupes produced. What further increases the rarity of this car is the fact that it is sporty Type S variant, of which only 63 were made. This car has recently undergone a full restoration, and the presentation is absolutely faultless. There doesn’t appear to be a spot or mark on the car anywhere, and the fit and finish of the panels are all that we have come to expect from Mazda. What makes the Coupe even more interesting is the fact that the fixed roof only makes the car around 22lbs heavier than the roadster, but the roof greatly increases vehicle rigidity. Therefore, the Coupe handles even better than the already impressive Roadster.

It is hardly surprising given the fact that the car has recently undergone a full restoration that the interior is immaculate. The Coupe trim is basically standard MX-5 fare, with all of the comfort features that you would expect, including air conditioning, power windows, power locks, and a CD player. One interesting limitation of the Roadster is the fact that it can be a bit uncomfortable for very tall people to drive, as the low windshield can leave the top of a driver’s head exposed to the wind. The windshield of the Coupe looks to be taller, as does the roof compared to the hardtop on a Roadster, so the Coupe could potentially be a more comfortable car in that respect.

With only around 30,000 miles on the clock, the Coupe is far from worn out. As with the rest of the car, the mechanical components have all been given a recent refresh. The engine is the potent little 1.8-liter version, and being a Type S, it packs 158hp. The drive is then sent to a 6-speed manual transmission. Of course, you get power steering and anti-lock brakes as part of the package. With 4-wheel independent suspension, the MX-5 possesses great handling, and as previously stated, this is further improved by greater structural rigidity. These little cars are essentially bullet-proof, and it is not that rare to find early examples that have clocked in excess of 300,000 miles.

The Mazda MX-5, or Miata, is not a very rare car. What it is though, is a good car, and history may even decide that it a great car. This one has the potential to be both great and rare. Being a Type S Coupe puts it in exclusive company, and while a Roadster of this era is not likely to increase in value in coming years, this is a car that almost certainly will. If you are a fan of the Miata, is this a car that would appeal to you?

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  1. PDXBryan

    Well son of a gun, I had no idea these existed! This is immediately my favorite Miata of all time! I love Miatas but I’m not a convertible guy and require more utility. To be more precise, I’m a wagon guy and have spent more than a little time brainstorming how a long roof Miata could be created. If this was a shooting brake (sport wagon) I’d be off to Hong Kong at this very moment!

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    • Bear

      I’d LOVE to see what sort of styling concept the talented team at Mazda could come up with for a “shooting brake” (wagon) Miata. I’m imagining something akin to the BMW Z3 Coupe (wagon)!! :-)

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  2. Coventrycat

    I loved my first generation Miata, and like the look of this, but wouldn’t want it myself. Putting a top down on a Miata – or any car – is the best form of therapy there is. And frankly, I wouldn’t notice a handling difference between the two anyway.

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  3. Ken Hebden

    I’m with you, Coventrycat, I love my blue ‘90 and with ony 140k on it, we have a lot of open air driving to enjoy.

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  4. UK Paul 🇬🇧

    What were they thinking by not marketing this properly? It would have sold well I would have thought.
    What a great looking thing and i never knew about them either.
    Mind you BMW only did the breadvan on the M and fairly limited numbers .. maybe there wasn’t the market. Find it hard to believe though.

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  5. Jferrelllancaster

    I started my mechanic life at Mazda in 1990 and worked for them for 18 years. This for me is the myth and legend of a prototype picture I fell in love with. Always wanted to see this go to production. What the H E double hockey sticks!! What a sexy little thang it was! Feel so cheated…

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  6. whmracer99

    As Adam mentioned in his article, I’d have to wonder if a “normal” US version 6 foot tall person would fit in this or not. Although the later model Miatas are roomier than the NA and NB models they are still a bit cramped for anyone above average height with the roof up. That being said, it’s a gorgeous car and would be a ball to drive but agree that part of the attraction of the Miatas is the ability to fold that roof back.

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  7. Chuck Turner

    I have been following the Miata evolution for the last couple of months. Something to do with being snowed in up here in the Green Bay area. :)
    So I acquired an Abarth 124 spider. All the new car technology with the heritage of the Miatas and the feel of the Z-3 of yesteryear. If the dam weather ever gets around to cooperating, I look forward to experiencing it on the road. I agree that the top has to come down to really get the full experience.

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      I think the Abarthbis better looking than the ND – looks more like an NB to me!! Nice car!

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  8. JP

    I worked for Mazda in the 80s & they were really great cars!

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  9. Bodyman68

    Another dealership find !

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  10. Danh

    I used to hate on the Mazda Miata, then I drove one, then I bought one.
    I also used to hate on the Porsche Boxster, then I drove one, then….well, you get the picture.

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  11. stillrunners

    Krewl…….should have made them available in the USA !

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