Super Sport Sedan! 1996 Chevrolet Impala SS

After Chevrolet introduced the Impala in 1958, it didn’t take long for the company to follow up with a new performance package, the SS (or “Super Sport”).  Though the Super Sport package eventually made it to other models, the ’61 Impala has the distinction of the first Chevy to bear the SS badge.  Chevrolet produced the Impala Super Sport through the 1969 year model, but then the SS took a quarter-century break before it was offered again on the Impala, returning in 1994 as the first 4-door vehicle to wear the Super Sport logo.  The run was short, only lasting from 1994 to 1996, but with its high-performance V8 and distinctive trim, it truly was a worthy modern muscle car for its time.  If you’ve been in the market for a well-preserved Super Sport and like the idea of a sedan, this 1996 Chevrolet Impala SS may be a good choice for you.  It’s located in Evans, Georgia, and can be found here on eBay with a current bid of $13,700.

The seller says that this Impala is a very original and unmolested example, which has spent its entire life in Augusta, Georgia.  It was purchased new by the brother of a friend of the current owner, who recently acquired the car from the original owner’s estate.  The car is claimed to have never been in an accident and never painted, and the seller says that the first owner took very good care of it.  A few things on the outside could stand some attention, such as the paint on the bumpers, and the black paint could use a good buffing, as the sun has faded the clear coat.

Under the hood is all business, with the seller boasting that the LT1 350 cubic inch V8 still runs like a scalded dog.  The transmission is said to still shift properly, and the mileage is listed as 100,800.  No word on whether or not the drivetrain has ever had a rebuild, but if it’s been maintained and cared for the need for an overhaul may not yet have arisen.  The seller says he has received inquiries about potential buyers flying to Georgia and asking if the car is roadworthy to drive a long distance home if they buy it, and he says absolutely.

The interior presents nicely, with only a couple of things mentioned that could use repairing, including a tear on the back of the driver’s seat and some carpet wear.  Another option is just to leave everything on the inside and outside the way it is, and just continue to enjoy the car as a driver.  One of my favorite things about the inside is the simplicity of the gauges and how basic yet effective they appear, something I miss in modern-day vehicles, and the 160 MPH speedometer is a nice touch as well.  What are your thoughts on this 1996 Chevrolet Impala SS?


  1. Kelly g

    This thing is a steal.

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  2. Big C

    You gotta luv a clean Whale!

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  3. Carnut

    I have a neighbor that has two of these offered both of them to me for 7500 both run and drive and are California cars not as pretty as this one but zero rust on either here.

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    • Chunk

      I’ll buy one!

  4. Steve Clinton

    Those bumpers are the result of a clear-coat treatment. (I speak from experience.)

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  5. Steve Clinton

    These Impalas were SO cool, and so were the Mercury Mauraders!

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  6. Car Nut Gig Harbor Washington

    Awesome looking car! This has always been my favourite generation for the Chevy Caprice, Caprice Classic, and Impala SS. I hope this car goes to a good owner, one who will enjoy it and take care of it.

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  7. Charles Klescewski

    GM should havebrought it back as a 2 door not a 4 door. ^5 was the last of the really sharp looking ones.

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  8. Hey porter, Hey Porter!

    When I was 12 My mother had a 95 new in black. Kept it almost 3 years and the bumper had started the same clear coat problem.

    Several months after purchasing she and dad were driving home separately and dad pulled up next to her at a light. Dad was revving his engine as if to challenge her to a race. Light turned green and she put the gas petal to the floor, squealing the tires and good amount of smoke, and she was gone. Dad said her eyes were as big as saucers when he walked through door. In all those months she hadn’t tested its capabilities. She nearly had a heart attack when she had to replace two tires at $600 a piece.

    I Loved that car and cried when she sold it. Have loved all the B bodies ever since.

  9. James

    Love these other than the Opti-Spark. Water pump goes? Ha, so does your distributor! Have fun!

    • 4501 Safari Member

      Meziere electric water pump and no more problems. Plus there’s a TSB allowing the disabling of the AIR as it met emissions standards without. Totally removing it really cleans up the engine compartment. I believe this to be true for the ’96. It is for the ’95. The ’96 is OBD II w/4 O2 sensors. There is still a very active following. The LT1 and 4L60E are good for 300K without requiring any more than good routine maintenance and being aware of the car’s needs. The Roadmaster and Fleetwood cousins are equally fine if cared for.

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  10. Steve

    Nice piece! Always wanted one. Trade ? H2SUT 07

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  11. Reggiewat

    I have one of these “Bad Boys” that I purchased from a 70 yr. old gentleman in 2010. The car had 21,078 original miles and was flawless. I paid $14,500 for it, still own it, and do not regret buying it. Plan to keep it in top shape as I am always being asked “Is it for sale. No!!!!

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  12. KWLa

    The first time I saw one of these was in Popular Mechanics magazine. It was a center fold photo of the car and the caption read: “Lord Vader, your car is ready”. I’ve been in love with these ever since!!!

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    i own 2 1996 ss !!!!!! one has 204, 000 miles the other one has 88,000. the second one with 88,000 i bought it for my birthday almost 3 years ago !!!!!!! i love both of them !!!!!! plan on leaving them for grandkids !!!!!!!

  14. Kelly MacGregor

    Awful GM interiors in that era (and others – just reacting to the interior shot above). I remember looking at a Cadillac in the 1990s (at a Car Show – not because I wanted to buy one) and realizing that the interior was more or less the same as the cheapest GM model of the time (maybe more fake wood; but all of the knobs and buttons had the same look and cheap feel). Did they really think people wouldn’t notice?

  15. Dave Mazz

    Car sold for $15,700.

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