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Super Survivor: 1966 Mercury Park Lane “410”

You have to go back quite a few years to find a Mercury that was a Mercury and not a gussied-up Ford. By the mid-sixties the Mercury absorption was in full swing but not entirely enacted, Mercury still planted its own flag. Showing off its big “M” identity is this 1966 Mercury Park Lane, two-door hardtop. Located in Peyton, Colorado, it is available here on eBay for a BIN price of $12,500.

The seller advertises this Mercury as a “Monterey” Park Lane but it’s a Park Lane; Monterey being a separate, and lower, trim level according to ’66 Mercury marketing material. Nevertheless, this is a very sharp-looking Mercury hardtop. There is some Ford “similarity” in its lines but nowhere near the similarity that crept in several years to the future. The seller advertises this always garaged, 81K mile beauty as being “razor straight” and free of rust or damage. The white over Cardinal Red finish still presents itself very well with a surprisingly reflective shine – it’s not hard to believe the “garaged” claim. Ditto the chrome and trim, all there and all correct.

The grandness continues inside with beautiful red (maroon) vinyl upholstery that appears to have experienced little seat time. The material, carpet, headliner and dash belie their 56 years of age; this has been a gently used car. Surprisingly, even the gauges/instruments don’t have a “clouded” aged look about them which has been the bane of every old car I have owned. It seems that it’s impossible to keep out dust regardless of how or where the car is stored. This Park Lane was designed and built in a time when the back-seat of a two-door hardtop or coupe was actually usable by someone taller than 4’3″.

Nice to find is a working A/C unit courtesy of what appears to be an under-dash dealer installation. Check out that dash design, simple, attractive, and effective. If you rent new cars on a regular basis, you’ll appreciate the functionality of this Park Lane’s instrument panel. Note the ignition switch, Ford was the first to offer lock cylinders that accepted a key inserted right-side-up or upside down. The original radio is nice too but unfortunately, there’s not a lot to listen to on the AM band anymore.

What puts “the Mercury” in this Mercury, is the engine, it’s a 410 CI “FE” based V8 and a Mercury-only motor. Now admittedly, this 330 gross HP engine is really a stroked Ford 390 unit but it is a mechanical and marketing attempt to separate Mercury from the rest of the Ford pack and it would have made the mythological Mercury proud. It was short-lived however and only produced in ’66 and ’67. It’s not to be confused with an earlier 410 CI MEL (Mercury-Edsel-Lincoln) engine, from the ’50s, that was a different architecture. The seller claims, “The 410 4v runs unbelievably smooth and powerful, the engine bay is just dusty.” And there is no reason to suspect anything less. A Merc-O-Matic (really a renamed Ford Cruise-O-Matic) three-speed automatic transmission is in place behind the engine.

I miss these large two-door domestic cars. It’s true, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone as it’s unlikely this design will ever make a come-back. Fortunately, thousands and thousands were produced by most marques at least through the ’70s, and in some cases, later, so they are still available if they are your preference. That said, finding one in this condition is a challenge. If you’re in the market for just such a ride, I’d go for this one, don’t you think?


  1. MattR

    Nice sled. Detail that motor and you are done.

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  2. John Wilson

    Anyone want to buy a kidney? I want this car!!!!!

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  3. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    Nice Mercury.
    God bless America

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  4. Vance

    In the early70’s my Dad was retired and sold cars for something to do. He bought my sister one of these because it was a trade-in and he got it cheap. It was a large vehicle and my 16 year old sister hated it, but it also had a drivability issue. I was 9 and the one who had to push the 4,000 lb thing down the road. Having to listen to her complain nightly, he bought her a 67 Mustang convertible to replace it . I guess you grease the noisy wheel, but it was a really nice ride and was huge. The Mustang was much easier to push.

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  5. Mrtinwoodie

    Jack Lord drove a car similar to this one, a 2 dr 1967 Mercury Marquis in the pilot episode of Hawaii 5-0.
    When CBS picked up the show, McGarrett’s car was changed to a 4 dr 1968 Parklane. Both beautiful black cars!

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  6. Luke Fitzgerald

    Sorry to be a train spotter – but the upholstery facings are leather

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    • Mr Bill

      You are correct. The creasing and wrinkling of the leather is not bad though…

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  7. local_sheriff

    As much as I love 60s road boats this design has never been my favorite for some unknown reason. But this Merc seems SHOCKINGLY well-kept ! And for the price of an OK V8 Mustang… really a great unusual find! 👍

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  8. Miguel

    That is a nice car, but where they took the pictures does the car no favors.

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  9. CCFisher

    Based on the creases in the seating surfaces, I believe this car has leather upholstery. According to the 1966 Mercury brochure, burgundy (and apparently only burgundy) leather was available on Park Lane hardtops.

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    • Jim ODonnell Staff


      You may be right, I only saw the part about vinyl and didn’t see the leather reference until I checked a few minutes ago.

      Luke, listed above, noted that too.


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  10. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    (Alan Jackson, or my preference, Steve Miller, with a bit different lyrics)

    “Mercury Blues”

    Well if I had money,
    I’d tell you what I’d do,
    I go downtown buy a Mercury or two.
    Crazy bout a Mercury,
    Lord I’m crazy bout a Mercury,
    I’m gonna buy me a Mercury & cruise it up & down the road.

    Well the girl I love,
    I stole her from a friend.
    He got lucky stole her back again,
    She heard he had a Mercury.
    Lord she’s crazy bout a Mercury.
    I’m gonna buy me a Mercury & cruise it up & down the road.

    Hey now mama
    You look so fine
    Driven round in your Mercury 49′
    Crazy bout a Mercury
    Lord I’m crazy bout a Mercury
    I’m gonna buy me a Mercury & cruise it up & down the road.

    Well my baby went out
    Didn’t stay long,
    Bought herself a Mercury, come a cruisen home.
    She’s crazy bout a Mercury,
    Yeah she’s crazy bout a Mercury.
    I’m gonna buy me a Mercury & cruise it up & down the road.
    (Ahhh cruise now)

    Well if I had money,
    I’d tell you what I’d do,
    I go downtown buy a Mercury or two.
    Crazy bout a Mercury,
    Lord I’m crazy bout a Mercury,
    I’m gonna buy me a Mercury & cruise it up & down the road.
    I’m gonna buy me a Mercury & cruise it up & down the road.
    I’m gonna buy me a Mercury & cruise it up & down the road.

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    • Gaspumpchas

      Super song, Day Dream, I believe this was written by Roy Rogers, Love AJ’s version!!! Stay safe.


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  11. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    The whole vibe of this Mercury puts me in mind of my ’67 Newport Custom. I like big boats and I cannot lie.

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  12. Francisco

    I beg to differ, Jim. I listen to AM radio almost exclusively.

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  13. Packen

    I’m confused about the reference to the 410. Back in 1969 a very good friend had a !964 Mercury Park Lane convertible with a 410 tri-power and 4 speed. it had the 410 fender badge and I know for certain he didn’t change anything from when it left the showroom. The car is still around in its original form, though restored. Would this have been an early version, or the later one?

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    • z28th1s

      The 410 was only available in ’66 and ’67 as stated in the article.

      The 410 was never available with tri-power.

      ’64 Park Lane’s didn’t have any type of fender badges for the engine size.

      The only engines available in a ’64 Park Lane was a 390 and a 427. Neither of those were available with tri-power.

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    • David G

      …I think only a 406 w/Tri-Power was available from FoMoCo in 1964. Could you be a few cubes off like that maybe?

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  14. Guardstang

    Living in Canada we had the Montcalm version of this car but it was a 4 door with
    Breezeway rear window. I have a 2018 Stinger with Harmon Kardon sound system but usually listen to the all sports station on AM radio.

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  15. Jin Turner

    God of Speed!

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  16. Greg W

    The 410 engine is a 390 block with a 428 crank. The 428 did not come out untill 1966 so the 410 did not come out untill 1966.

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  17. Greg W

    The 406 was a 1962 to mid 1963 engine only. Replaced mid year 1963 with the 427.

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  18. TimM

    This is a lot of car for $12,500!!! Really good example of a car you just don’t see a lot any more!!! Damn I wish I could own them all!!!

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    • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

      Yes! And if not ownership, how about being a curator for a large collection, charged with keeping all of the cars in running/driving condition? That would mean regular exercise, of course!


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  19. wrockfish

    Steve Miller version, with that thick groove, is the go-to here, hands down. Still cooler-n-hell. (With a nod to Shaver. Thankyaverymuch)

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