Superb Survivor! 1989 Ford LTD Crown Victoria

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Automobile model names mean different things to different people. When I hear “Crown Victoria” I’m right on law enforcement – and no, I don’t have an “unusual” relationship with the police, it’s just the first association that I conjure. Today, we have a decidedly non-police version in the form of a 43K mile, 1989 Crown Victoria, LX sedan to review – and it is quite nice. Located in Gwynedd, Pennsylvania, it is available here on craigslist for $6,600. Thanks to Pat L. for this tip!

The Crown Victoria nameplate was in its second iteration by 1989, having been revived in 1980 as a top-drawer option for the full-size LTD. The last of the LTD Crown Victorias were built in 1991 and then the C.V. became its own model in 1992. Body styles for this rendition included a two-door sedan (rarely seen today), a four-door sedan and a station wagon. Total 1989 production reached about 134K copies.

The seller states that this C.V. is essentially a one-owner car as he bought it in January of 2020, from the original owner, and then drove it for 2K miles. Sounds more like a two-owner car. He further adds that this Ford has been garaged its entire life but now that he’s lost his garage space he has to let it go. I’m not sure how you “lose” your garage space from digs like the one in the background, but whatever the case, the car has to go. And yes, it appears as if it has been stored properly over the years as it shows beautifully.  Reading through the seller’s comments regarding the exterior, and then perusing the accompanying images, it is obvious that this LTD needs no attention. The seller states that this Ford was never driven in winter or on salted roads. The only thing that subjectively detracts from the exterior is the silly landau top or what Ford referred to as “Brougham Roof Treatment” but it was part of the LX package and maybe this C.V. would look too much like a cop car without it – it’s a matter of preference. That said it appears to be in fine shape as the seller states, “Black half vinyl padded roof looks showroom condition”.

The interior matches up, condition-wise, with the exterior, it is like new.  It is very typically 1980s gray and very typically Ford as well. All accessories, according to the seller are in working condition and note the A/C test, the scan is registering 35.7 degrees Farenheight at the center vent – the first time I have seen that displayed in a for sale ad! Being an LTD, Crown Victoria, LX model (that’s a mouthful!), the thought was that the upholstery might be leather or a vinyl/leather combination but that’s not the case. The gray fabric looks ok, if a bit cheap, but it is in very nice condition and in that light, a shade, is a chore to keep clean. Interestingly, the seller has replaced the original radio with a 1994 Crown Victoria unit but he still has the original and it is included in the sale.

Sole power for ’89 was a 5.0 liter (302 CI) V8, developing 150 net HP. There is no word regarding this C.V.’s operational prowess but the seller does mention, “I took car (sic) of a few items since my ownership to get car to 100% including front brake caliper (stuck from lack of use), rear wheel cylinders and rear pads. Brake fluid and transmission fluid and filter flush as preventive maintenance. Air filter, oil and filter change”. Considering that this is a 43K mile Ford 5.0 engine, I wouldn’t be too concerned about it.

Nice presentation, nice listing, and nice documentation included too for what was originally an $18,373 automobile. I see former Crown Victoria police interceptors on the highways and byways near home all of the time but they always have a sort of “up to no good” vibe about them. It is really nice to see an original condition, non trashed example of Ford’s “Panther” that is as it was intended, and 31 years later, still looks factory fresh. I’m going to state this  LTD Crown Victoria LX  as a buy, what says you?

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  1. Weasel

    Wow! This is an ad.


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  2. Big_FunMember

    After reading the Craigslist ad, and knowing the clientele of these are known for ordering (and dealerships, also) these models in light colors. Im thinking this:
    Could the original owner have been a funeral home director?
    Perfect for six casket bearers to take to the cemetery and back…

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  3. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

    Good write-up Jim. Nice to see an “original condition, non-trashed example” of a Crown Vic. If you want your collector car to be a low-stress, low-maintenance car well suited for going out to dinner with your spouse and another couple, or to take the grandkids for ice cream (just don’t let them eat it in the car), here’s your chance.

    I agree with Jim, not a lot of money for the very nice car you are getting.

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  4. Kevin

    Beautiful example shown here. Price seems very reasonable for the condition. Always preferred this squared look as opposed to the jellybean shape of the next incarnation. With the tried and true 302, we’ve got a winner here. Just get in and drive.

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  5. Kenneth Carney

    You may be onto something here Big Fun. I have seen funeral homes that use
    these here in Central Florida for that
    very purpose. Or, it could’ve belonged to
    a celebrity. I once met Phil Donahue
    while filling up my ’64 Lincoln convertible at the Brandtville service center in 1978. He was filling up his
    ’78 Grand Marquis sedan at the pump
    next to mine. We shook hands and
    traded small talk and then he got into
    his car and left. He was impeccably
    dressed from head to toe and his Merc
    was the same way. Some celebs may
    have a car like this so that they can get
    out without being mobbed by the Poparozzi.

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    • Big_FunMember

      Thanks, Kenneth- I mean, when was the last time you saw one off these in black that didn’t have the the HD service package.(did they call them ‘Enforcer’ back then?).
      Neat story on Donahue- thanks for sharing.
      Drew Barrimore has a Crown Vic, she said in a radio interview.
      Willie Aames, from ‘Eight is Enough’ fame, also in a radio interview, said that people are always surprised when the valet pulls up his Bonneville (this was around ’90, on KCMO in KC, where he lived).
      Funny how car people car remember those facts 25 + years…

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  6. David G

    Great car, and in immaculate condition. Can’t go wrong at the advertised price. Key to good performance with these cars is rear gear ratios. The standard 3.08 gear is very sluggish, the 3.27 gear makes a noticeable improvement. The 3.55 gear (available with trailer towing option makes a world of difference in off the line performance, like a whole different car. Not buying the story of losing garage space while living in a million dollar plus home, though.

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    • Jerry G

      C’mon man…The house is juts a back drop to improve the appearance of ANY car..
      Many small car dealers will take photo’s in very nice neighborhood as the backdrop

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  7. Jack M.

    For $6,600 this could be a good daily driver. Good gas mileage and big enough to not be intimidated by all of the SUV’s and pick ups on the highways.

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  8. amos

    “This is essentially a one owner car, I purchased it in January 2020 from original owner (via Estate sale dealer)”
    So it’s not a one owner car. As honest as this guy seems to be, why did he feel to embellish the ad this way?
    How about “I bought this one owner, low mileage, incredible car at an estate sale with the intention of either keeping it or flipping it. I’ve decided on the latter.”

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  9. rustylink

    picked up for a song from an elderly owner – drove 2k – now flipping it for a profilt. Nothing wrong with that mind you -, but I too laughed at the garage space comment…

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  10. 370zpp 370zppMember

    Was this model the last of the “horizontal speedometers”?

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  11. Chas358 Chas358

    Beautiful old Ford.

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  12. Dan G

    Nice car. Seems legit but in one pic steering wheel appears to show more wear than I’d expect, especially since the rest of the car seems perfect.

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  13. Maestro1

    Very nice example, someone should buy it and enjoy.

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  14. Mark P

    As for losing garage space, maybe the seller isn’t living there anymore either or maybe that drive way was a great photo location for a great car. In the late 80’s we had a beautiful ’86 Grand Marquis, top of the line, what a car. First time my brother saw it he said it looked like something the president would ride in. Only issue we had was the kids were little and there were three (maybe 4) ashtrays all with cigarette lighters in the car. Had to keep them away from those.

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    • Robert L Roberge

      I have driven 30 miles to let Redland’s mansions be backdrops for cars I’ve had for sale. Much nicer representation than a 60’s rancher in Beaumont (and that garage was full).

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  15. Bakyrdhero BakyrdheroMember

    I grew up with two of these. An 88 CV and an 89 GM after the 88 burnt out from a faulty ford ignition switch. The GM was plusher as usual with Mercury extras, but the Ford was a comfortable cruiser. This one here looks better than I ever remember our silver 88 looking. Cars like these will be a hit with my generation (40’s) at future car shows. If we ever get to do that again..

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  16. Dave

    How do we contact the seller? On the listing there is no phone number nor email…nothing!!

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    • Bakyrdhero BakyrdheroMember

      I’d say one would have to go on Craigslist and respond to the ad.

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  17. JEFF S.

    What’s up with the odometer reading? The numbers do not look right in the picture. On a 31 year old car you can never be sure of the mileage. I have seen similar cars with 143,000 miles that look just as good.

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    • Bakyrdhero BakyrdheroMember

      As a matter of opinion, the whole gauge binnacle looks slightly crooked upon closer look.

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      • Dan G

        You’re right. Combine this with the wear on the steering wheel and there’s reason to suspect the odometer was turned back.

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      • YourSoundMan

        Re: Crooked binnacle

        Which photo are you referencing? In the one interior photo – driver side approach – both steering wheel and gauge cluster look fine.

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      • Bakyrdhero BakyrdheroMember

        In the craigslist ad there is a photo of the gauge cluster head on. The warning lights look crooked.

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  18. Ted Miller

    My guess middle aged person bought it, took care of it & hung on to it into there old age!

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  19. Touringfordor

    The radio was swapped out because the ’89 Ford radios all went nuts. Volume control had a mind of its own, or they just quit. I went through 3 in my ’89 Town Car before I gave up and went aftermarket. My brother’s Explorer did the same thing.

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  20. YourSoundMan

    *Look at the tail-light bezels* from this ’89 to the 1992 update:

    You can see the evolution: On the 1992 those bezels widen horizontally and shorten vertically, but essentially remain the same.

    Ford was slowly preparing the public, and its Victoria customer base, for what was coming, even 2-3 model years ahead.

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  21. roger

    to the owner will you take an offer

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  22. David RMember

    Beautiful car, amazing shape. I can almost sense the new car smell looking at the interior pics. Love the cloth seats, makes it all the more tempting for me.

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  23. George Richardson

    You never know what you will find with these nice cars. I’ve had several 89’s, still have an 89 station wagon, and 3 other 4 drs, plus a 90. Recently bought an 88 with 83,000 original miles. Even have the Virginia inspection receipts to verify that.
    The door striker bushings go quite often, and it is a pain to change the heater core or replace valve cover gaskets. But, over all a great car. The price might be a little high (there are a lot of good ones for around $4000. (I paid $1400 for my 88)
    Sad that so many were used in Demolition Derbies.

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  24. Major Thom

    An ’89 LTD Crown Vic in two door form would definitely be “rarely seen” as 1987 was the last year for the two door body style.
    Not impressed with the low mileage claim on this one. The nylon odometer gears on these cars were known to stop working after the car got some age on it. The speedometer would continue to function but the odometer would not record any more miles. Apparently sold now anyways.

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