Supercharged? Daihatsu Hijet Jumbo Cab Pickup

I always enjoy reading the different opinions readers have of cars posted here, but I may have found something readers may actually agree on. (Could even Scotty or someone imbibing recreational pharmaceuticals love this truck?) It’s listed on eBay as a “1994 home made show car” and it can be yours today for only $2,500 (plus shipping and handling from Buena Vista, Georgia)! It stands (not) tall at 5′ 7″. The posting doesn’t admit what it is but it looks like a seventh generation HiJet produced until 1994. It likely has a 993 cc three-cylinder engine, but could be the supercharged version produced from 1987 until 1990.

As you can see, the builder applied very little imagination or expense to create this custom truck interior. There must be a reason for that little steering wheel, perhaps for driving in handcuffs?

Just in case anyway might have begun to developed a fondness for this, uh, thing, here’s a rear view. Check out those thumping bass speakers! (Hope it doesn’t rain!) The bottle between the speakers is more likely a fire extinguisher than a NOX bottle, don’t you think?  But seriously, uh, no, sorry, can’t think of anything. By the way, I attest to have written the preceding in a sober if not completely healthy state of mind.


  1. Don

    Love the Cheach and Chong steering wheel.

    • rustylink

      it’s so you can drive with handcuffs on esse…..

  2. Coventrycat

    Cars depreciate fast enough already. He was in the negative before he even started this experiment.

  3. Jeffro

    If this is a “show” car, then it clearly shows you what NOT to do.

  4. JW

    OK first off dump the Chain steering wheel as where live isn’t exactly southern California, then throw out all the stuff in the bed and loose the wing while the big butt rear bumper might appeal to some not me, then I might give 2K for the cool factor of this excuse for aTruck.

    • Jose Cantu

      JW, I think you may be some 1,500 high on your “might give” offer. Of course, I agree with your suggestions even though I do live in upstate California.

  5. Danno

    I don’t keep a real close eye on “Kei” vehicles, but I can’t say I’ve ever seen a left-hand drive version of any of these small trucks before.

  6. grant

    We used these at a railcar manufacturer in Portland Oregon as shop trucks. They made a van version too. We used to disable the governors on holidays when the plant was closed and race them! A lot of fun. This is horrific.

  7. MikeG

    Oh my, that’s quite the calliope.

  8. Woodie Man

    No doors… deal!

  9. S Ryan

    A very good reason to quit drinking.
    Or start!

  10. Sheffieldcortinacentre

    If it has got the supercharged eng ,then ditch all the junk fit some doors a std steering wheel discreet atch,Steelers & with the eng ( again if fitted) should be fun.
    There were a few of these (Inc van versions) over here with bike engs that were great sleepers.

  11. Truman L

    Soooooo much work for so little to show

  12. Adam T45 Staff

    Before I continue with my post I would like to point out that I am not under the influence of alcohol or any other chemical enhancements. I am of sound mind (loosely speaking)! I actually see some potential in this little thing. I agree with ditching the steering wheel and the junk in the tray (why are the sub-woofers installed back-to-front?). A bit of a tidy-up of the interior and it might be half alright. It’s a bit like a really ugly dog that you can’t help liking because it has one ear that flops over. It’s not going to be an open-road cruiser, but it would be fantastic in city traffic….and I can guarantee that none of your friends would have one the same!

  13. Tuskano

    Interesting mods… yea, the steering wheel can be lost. But I like the bodykit. Not the rear bumper though or the stuff I the bed. With the bodykit, it looks like a drift truck.

    Hijets are fun little trucks. This looks to be in decent shape to be saved. Needs doors.

  14. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    Is this owned by the same guy who has the yellow Ford model A with the wing? Sure has the same basic “look” to it!

  15. GIL in AZ

    This little truck was most likely used as a maintenance truck on a golf course or college campus, thus the no doors option. When I was in college, the University had a fleet of these with no doors and even some with a soft top.

  16. Jes

    I’m sorry but the tail end….is part of it from a Corvette? This thing is horrifying. Wow, some real winners today. Horrifying “resto mods”? I mean, do they even qualify as resto mods?

  17. racer99

    If you know anything about Buena Vista, GA you have to wonder how the heck did something like this end up there? Just another example of why exclusivity doesn’t necessarily equal value.

  18. Jay Reynolds

    There’s a yellow Ford in Pennsylvania that would go nicely with this.

  19. ags290 Member

    I was a student worker at Texas A&M back in the late eighties and we had a Daihatsu to haul audio/video equipment across campus for classroom use. Ours was a brand new little van with a fuel injected 3 cylinder and a 4 speed transmission. It had a governed top speed of 22 miles per hour. After a couple of attempts at getting the governor off ( One of which required it to be towed on a flat bed wrecker back to the dealer with less than 50 miles on the odometer) I finally figured out how it worked and was able to bypass the governor. The little van would run about 45 miles per hour wide open in 4th gear. (The speedometer only went to 40). It would try to chirp the tires when “power” shifting from 1st to 2nd. The big problem was you could only stop it from that 45 mile per hour top speed once before having to let the brakes cool down for about 5 minutes.

    I would love to have this truck if for no other reason than to see if the brakes on the street use vehicles were any better than on our side walk cruiser.

  20. Bobsmyuncle

    That IS a nitrous bottle. ZEX is a nitrous system retailer.

    For the record nitrous oxide is N2O (subscripted 2) not NOX and not NOS which is a company like ZEX.

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