Supercharged Survivor: 1990 VW Corrado G60

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Among my crop of bucket-list cars is a specimen just like this: a survivor-grade Volkswagen Corrado. I’ll take either the supercharged G60 trim, like this one, or one with the delicious VR6 mill under the hood. This example remains in shockingly good condition for a car that proved too popular with tuners and teens, and you’ll find here on craigslist for $7,900 somewhere near Los Angeles, California.

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Roger for the find. The Corrado was a car I promised myself I would someday own, mostly as the stuff of high school fantasies. The spoiler that lifted at 60 m.p.h.; the fantastic colors; the chunky proportions; and a badge on the grill of a brand that was at one time, my favorite of them all. This Corrado remains in completely stock condition, according to the seller, and is almost like having the chance to buy a new one.

Now, don’t get carried away: this is far from a showroom car. However, considering how few are left on the road and how even fewer remain in stock condition with no major defects, it becomes clear this Corrado is indeed in rare company. The leather bucket seats look great and the dash and steering wheel surfaces shine nicely as well. If there are any modifications, they go unreported in the ad.

There are a few schools of thought on the engine choice, and neither one is a clear winner of an answer. Obviously, VW’s VR6 is a proven motor that sounds amazing with an intake and exhaust and would be far easier to live with long-term than the G60; still, a supercharged mill in a hot hatch like this would make this Corrado even more of a standout, and supercharged sports cars are few and far between these days. I can’t make up my mind; which would you choose?

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  1. Bakyrdhero

    This is a car I would circle a few times on my bike when I saw one on the street. I always wanted one. For some reason I wanted a gray one, but these days any color would do. I think I’d want the VR6 myself, but again, can’t be too picky anymore.

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  2. Carter

    This car was on eBay last year at $9,000. Rear bumper badly color matched respray, front bumper damage, no records of any service so the G-lader is likely to be on the hit list soon, and the interior is not original. Either it was a leather swap by the dealer or afterward if you check out the velour door cards. Still a nice base and Nugget Yellow is rare, but overpriced.

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  3. Damian Corrado

    Car has a good name to it

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  4. fstedie

    I sold my ’92 VR6 for only $6K. It had about $10K worth of mods though…

    I miss it but in CA it was a PITA to smog.

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  5. Danno

    Didn’t these have some kinda funky supercharger? Not at all like the roots-type. I remember a seashell for some reason.

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    • fstedie

      It was a “G-ladder” centrifugal supercharger. Very compact but also very prone to self-destruction. The latter models had a VR6 NA engine.

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  6. Kevin

    I’m in the minority here, but I was disappointed having these as a follow up to the Scirocco. Loved those cars and a ’79 saw me through college. Granted both power plants were more interesting in the Corrado, but the styling fell a bit short for me. I looked at these new and remember them being a bit spendy. Recall they did not have a long sales run in the U.S.

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  7. Bakyrdhero

    @ Kevin, I actually thought I was commenting on a facelifted second generation Scirocco. I didn’t even read the title until after. Shameful of me..

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  8. Hellenic Vanagon

    The g60 is the best engine as you can see here:

    The Passat Syncro g60 is the best Corrado g60 as you can see here:

    The Syncro Heresy

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  9. plresultsman

    My ex was a market research manager at VW when these were in market. I recall the supercharged versions (earlier one) were a significant problem, which is why they went to the V6. VW would do well to bring back a sporty four seater like the Scirocc/Corrado, IMHO. Of couse, I could never drive one because she worked for them!

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  10. David Kanarowski

    I was lucky enough to have one of each variety: a G60 and a VR6. Not at the same time. Both were purchased new. The G60 was great, but the VR6 is the clear winner here. It was the only car that I ever owned that made me shed a tear when I sold it.

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    • fstedie

      If it had been RWD I might still have my VR6.

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  11. Jesse Lundy

    I owned one…the guy I bought it from did NOT take care of it, but it was the same year, and was the G60. It cost me about $600/month to keep it running. DIdn’t last long, but man it was great while it did

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  12. G

    Happy owner of a G60 here, mine still works very well. Have long recognized that being fully aware if its attributes, and an ability to deal with them, is more than being inclined to just jump into it and/or use it as daily fun ride. Its a great piece for a hobby-minded collector these days.

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  13. GJH

    Still have my G60, runs great but it’s a vehicle that needs a person who knows how to care of it.

    Have a collector friend who owns 5 Corrados (really….2 VRs and 3 G60s, 2 of which are running at this time). Spends more time enjoying/driving in the 60.

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