Superhero Squire: 1970 Ford Torino Squire Wagon

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The seller of this beautiful and very cool 1970 Ford Torino Squire Wagon refers to it as a car that a superhero might drive. I can see why, it’s muscular, tough, and honest. You can fight traffic on your way to fighting crime and there’s enough room to put on your cape in the back. This wagon can be found here on eBay in Simi Valley, California with a $21,500 buy it now price and the current bid price is over $18,000!

If I were bidding on this fantastic car there is no way that I would let $3,500 come between my $18,000 bid and locking in that buy it now price! Someone will hit that buy it now price and you’ll regret it forever – been there, done that. Seriously, you’re already in for over $18k, just go for it. Clark Kent would be proud of you. The hideaway headlights are a fun feature, if they keep working as they should. Have any of you owned a second-generation Torino and had these headlights? If so, were they a problem? Here’s a YouTube video showing a similar car’s headlights in action. Ok, that sounded weird.

What a car! I can’t quite get the given VIN to match up with anything and it’s always fun to look those up. I’ll have to get my fun elsewhere today. The seller says that this car has had one repaint and that the car has been taken care of over the last almost 50 years. I would agree, it looks ggggggggreat, doesn’t it? Those painted rims and dog dish hubcaps are perfect. If this car had a 429 Cobra Jet engine that would be even better. Ford made 13,166 Torino Squire Wagons in 1970.

I know that there are those of you who aren’t fans of 1970s green. Everything seemed to be swathed, bathed, and otherwise covered in green, brown, or orange in the ’70s: cars, appliances, and clothes. I believe that this is Three Putt Green but it may be Medium Lime, it’s hard to tell from the photos. There is some cracking on the driver’s side of the Med Ivy Green vinyl bench seat but the back seat looks like new as does the rear cargo area. I don’t know if this car has extra seating back there, there’s no mention of it in the listing but it sure looks like there might be. Or is that where the spare tire sits?

Alas, this isn’t a 429 Cobra Jet – which wasn’t officially available in the wagon – but instead, it’s a 351 Windsor V8 with 250 hp and 355 ft-lb of torque. I’m reasonably certain that the rear wheels will freely spin at takeoff and a 9.2-second 0 to 60 time isn’t bad for a 3,900-pound wagon. The 1970 Torino was Motor Trend’s Car of the Year for 1970 and this sure looks like the wagon of the year to me.

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  1. edh

    I can’t see anyone paying over $3K for this, but nonetheless the bids are sky high.

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    • Capriest

      It does seem strange that nowadays this is worth more than a 70 torino 2dr with the same drivetrain/condition. Just how trends work I guess. Still a sweet wagon though.

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    • HoA Howard AMember

      What do you expect from California? Those people all must make $100 dollars an hour. Takes a lot of nerve to ask 4 or 5 times what a car is worth elsewhere. For $20g’s, it better have the window sticker, plastic on the seats, and the correct hub caps, not ’66 Ford poverty ones.

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      • Scotty GilbertsonAuthor

        Hagerty is at $20,400 for a #1 Concours quality wagon with the 351, they’d better update their values!

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  2. Todd FitchStaff

    Man this thing is sweet. Love the hidden headlights and the styling in general. From a quick search it looks like you could get a 360HP 429-4bbl (automatic only) in the wagon but not the CJ pr SCJ. Of course you could drop a 408 stroker and FAST EFI in this one and keep it nearly identical to stock appearance. I’d take that over a full sized SUV every time. 4400 lb is the same as a BMW 750Li. Try fitting a bunch of 2x4s or nine people in the BMW.

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  3. local_sheriff

    Are all cool Fords hiding out in Simi Valley nowadays?What a great muscle wagon, simply LOVE that ‘sick’ green color combo! ‘Streets of San Fransisco’ TV show background vehicle !

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  4. ccrvtt

    “Three Putt Green”? Been waiting awhile to use that?

    Well, it was worth the wait.

    Vintage wagons like this are a preferable alternative to the current selection of SUVs-CUVs-bloated piggy banks clogging the roadways. Poverty caps on a top of the line car don’t get it for me but back in the day it was not that unusual. I’d prefer full wheel covers and whitewalls.

    Nice find.

    Three Putt green….

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    • Theodore Donahue

      WOW! I remember when these were the family car everyone had back in the 70s !

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      • HoA Howard AMember

        Sadly, it’s priced out of the means of many families today, that could enjoy it.

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    • Scotty GilbertsonAuthor

      Believe it or not, that’s the actual Ford color name, ccrvtt!

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  5. Skorzeny

    Oh no. Full wheel covers and whitewalls belong on NOTHING. I still celebrate the death of the whitewall tire. This is a great wagon. Love it.

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    • Capriest

      I find full wheelcovers more egregious than whitewalls though I don’t care for them either. Nothing is worse than both together. YUCK

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    • Moparman MoparmanMember

      @ Skorzeny: I partially disagree, whitewalls and Magnum 500’s would really make this otherwise rather plain one stand out! But hey, different strokes for different folks!! :-)

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    • local_sheriff

      Skorzeny; those are hub caps rather than full covers. I understand many folks find them looking homely, however I think poverty caps are a great ingredient for creating a sleeper muscle wagon…!

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  6. Ted

    I love long roofs, if this was nestled away in my garage after picking up my lottery cheque it’d be a 3 phone calls away from Jon Kaase, then Lenco, then Greg Williams and I’d be set for summer.


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    • NotSure

      @Ted – we’ll excuse you if you need to grab a cold shower right now…

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  7. JamesMember

    I learned to drive in the Fairlane 500 version of this wagon. The difference was that my dad ordered it with the 325HP Cleveland 351. I grew up thinking that’s how cars were supposed to act! Probably why I have a love of muscle cars to this day. The car is certainly long gone, but if anyone sees that combination in Grabber Orange (it was probably 1 of 1:-) ), let me know.

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  8. Dave Graham

    Way cool car! If I had the dough, which I don’t I would add Torino GT hood, bucket seats and console, chrome Crager mags, dark tint the glass and have a blast.

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  9. Michael

    A year ago, 9k; today 19k. wow.

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  10. SuperStock

    My Dad Had this car in yellow with a 302 when I was in high school. My girlfriend an I put it to good use. It was fast and handled well. All it needed was a less restrictive exhaust. I still think about that car often.

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  11. Jack

    That era vehicle usually didn’t make it beyond 70k miles. I would think this vehicle would be a candidate for a full restore if you wanted to actually drive it beyond the car show.

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  12. karl

    Yes they did ! Most cars back then were considered tired once they got to 100K , but many still chugged around longer. What killed most of these cars was just neglect as they got older ; they became the parents kids first car (and got the bejeezus beat out of it) , or sold cheap due to miles and rust where they were driven as beaters. We actually had cars driven to our junkyard because they didn’t want them anymore and couldn’t be bothered selling it, or things like the cars needed brakes and tires and they didn’t want to spend any money on their “old” car !

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  13. Jack M.

    @ Howard A- families today could afford this car today by using the same strict savings techniques that we used back in the day.
    Eat your meals at home, not in the restaurant.
    Don’t have a $100 a month cable tv bill.
    Don’t upgrade your cellphone every year and buy unlimited data.
    Don’t give your 8 year old kid the latest and greatest cellphone.
    Don’t go to Starbucks everyday.
    This is just a short list of things that I see going on everyday when people complain to me that they have no money.

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  14. don

    Especially like it without the ugly roof rack. Leave the black walls but add Craiger SS or Magnum 500’s.

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  15. Chuck

    I had a ’70 Torino GT fastback, 351-4v Cleveland, AT, PS, PB, AC, hidden headlights, trailer tow, 3.25 rear w limited slip, rear window defog, interment wipers, AM-FM 8 track, light package, medium blue w/ laser stripes, bench seats & black interior. Brand new, OTD, $3300! That was my 21st birthday present to me! $700 down & $90.68 / month for 36 months! Ah, those were the days! (:-) I just love the hidden headlight look! The only thing I like better is the stacked headlights on a vehicle. Mine finally died at 340,000 by the rust worm!

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  16. Chuck

    Hide-a-way headlights were very reliable! All vacuum controlled, there was a special headlight switch that controlled both the vacuum and the electrics. There was also a bypass valve to open the lights without turning them on, and they would open automatically with vacuum failure, which was a safety feature.

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  17. DAVID6

    😲I HAVE A 67 BIRD 345hp
    69 GAL 375hp DOVE 429

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    • Miguel

      David, you don’t have a 1969 Galaxie with covered lights. It is either an LTD or an XL.

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  18. Del

    I do not like any Fords.

    But . This is extremley rare and worth probably twice what is bid.

    Wow. What a find.

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