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Superior Coach Conversion: 1962 Pontiac Bonneville Limo

Creating a coach built custom vehicle has roots dating way back to the early days of transportation history, with Superior opening for business in 1909 and later becoming fondly remembered more for its school buses, hearses, ambulances, or in the case of this 1962 Pontiac Bonneville here on eBay taking a luxury car that was already plenty large to begin with and stretching it even further.  If you’ve been hunting for something unusual with 3 rows of seats that’s not a station wagon, this one might be worth checking out.  The Pontiac/Superior combo is presently residing in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, with the high bid resting at $4,000, still not enough yet for the owner to let it go as the reserve has not been reached.

The coach is certainly no stranger to having been operated in non-favorable road conditions, as the exterior shows surface rust just about everywhere you look along with a few areas that have corroded all the way through on the panels.  Both quarters and front fenders have fallen victim to the tin worm, but with some careful repairs they’re probably all salvageable if you’ve got a skilled body man on the job.

However, some good news is we get to see a lifted shot from down below, which shows what appears to be a decent platform with the seller affirming the car’s solid structural integrity.  Even the gas tank seems OK, but this is one of those rides that’s begging for a dual exhaust system just from the perspective of coolness.  We also get a photo from inside the trunk which also has some additional rust, but I’m not spotting any actual holes so hopefully it’s all on the top and none has actually eaten through the pan.

While the interior is not entirely free from wear, to be past the six-decade point things inside still seem pretty good overall, with the seating looking like I’d hope any vehicle with a claimed just over 50k miles would appear.  The panels behind the rear doors are showing some fabric staining and warbling in the lower vinyl, but the headliner is nicely preserved for the most part and has lots of lighting for the back passengers to read their Wall Street Journal or whatever publication was popular at the time.

The limo was in storage until last year and is said to now be running and driving, although the owner hasn’t been behind the wheel very much as of late.  He also says everything under the hood is original and untouched, so that 389 must be the factory motor and with the low mileage I’m guessing may have never been out of the bay.  This one would make a good conversation piece, and if you’ve got the skills to perform the needed body repairs and keep it running might be a fun acquisition to drive around town occasionally, as long as the reserve isn’t set too high.  What’s a reasonable price to pay for what we’re seeing here?


  1. RICK W

    Have seen a few so-called Limos similar to this. It’s definitely unique. Some have six doors. First off, the 62 Pontiac was not a favorite of mine. For a limo, I would expect at least full wheel covers and a more formal roof especially regarding windows behind back doors. Looks like a lot of work to make this a STAR 🌟, Chief! 😉 But you won’t find another one soon.

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  2. St.Michael

    Airport car…

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    • Eric_13cars Eric_13cars Member

      Exactly. Not very regal looking at all and a limo would have jump seats if any middle (although you could argue that the middle seats are jump seats but these are a lot more substantive). A limo would look a lot classier than this for sure.

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  3. Chris Cornetto

    It is neat but the six door version 63 in Arizona a few weeks back was a better value for the money. Cars like this are for collectors that care little about monetary return. You cannot buy this to flip. You buy this, dress it up. A great conversation piece and enjoy. I like it but not for the money. A Pennsylvania unit and rust go hand in hand. I had a beautiful 3x2s full optioned convertible years back when I lived in that area … A story for another day.

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  4. macvaugh

    Funeral car for the family.

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    • RICK W

      Don’t think I want to e caught DEAD in this!

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  5. Troy

    My oldest granddaughter just gave birth to her 4th child and they are in need of a car with more room, I think she and her mom would disown me if I got this for her, dad would be laughing

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    • Todd J. Member

      A family in the town where I grew up had a bunch of kids and they drove a limo. But it was a Cadillac, so it was quite a bit classier than the above Pontiac.

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  6. Nelson C

    Interesting car for sure. I kinda like it but I have a warped sense of taste. Anyone with a spouse who is as much a nut as you are could have a blast with this. Everyone else is going to divorce court.

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  7. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    One in a wrecking yard here in Texas and he’s been trying to sell it non-running as is for $3500 and no takers.

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  8. Claudio

    I was gone as soon as i read this – if you’ve got a skilled body man on the jo—
    In my part of the world , body men are gone with the dinosaurs, the ones left want you to pay for their new 100$k truck !
    I dunno but my guess is the paint fumes fries their brains …

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