Surf Wagon: 1968 Chevrolet 3-Door Suburban

Load up the family and hit the beach! This 1968 Chevrolet Suburban screams beach theme all over the interior.  For sale here on craigslist outside of Orlando, Florida (were you guessing California?).  The asking price of $11,900 seems a little high, but this is a very cool vehicle with a lot of things going for it.  I’m sure it will find a new home.

This truck features a full Tiki themed interior with rattan door panels and bamboo overhead storage and headliner.  The sale also includes a vintage surfboard, which you can see in the upper right hand corner of the picture.  The ad also states that the seats are new along with the carpet and full stereo system to provide tunes to everyone on the beach.

The surf and beach theme continues with the dash treatment and other do-dads.  Check out the surf board gas pedal!  The seller states that this truck will cruise at 80 mph on the highway and is very reliable with a 350 engine and automatic transmission.  New brakes and master cylinder along with new tires all the way around should provide solid handling to this heavy old vehicle.

This shot really shows the lowered suspension.  For a truck this large, the stance is just right.  Perhaps a set of vintage rally wheels and white letter (or white wall) tires would have been a better choice to fit into the theme?  Also, the exterior could use some surf shop sign lettering and some stickers on the back windows to complete the overall theme.  This truck deserves to be used the way it was designed.  I hope it gets to spend a lot of weekends with its tires in the sand, music turned up and wet surfboards in the back.

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  1. Chris Kennedy

    Are you kidding? 11K plus seems like a lot? In this day and age, anything with “patina” is worth it’s weight in gold… even if it is a dog bed.

    • Vegaman_Dan

      My 69 C10 longbed was only worth $900 as a runner in 2003. I sold it as I had no place to keep it. Today, with the ‘patina’ factor, I could have sold it for $25,000 easily. Sad how the worse a vehicle condition is, the more it is worth if the right model.

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  2. ed the welder

    very very cool even if the price is just a tad too steep…

  3. Vegaman_Dan

    It deserves to be taken away from this seller whim has butchered an otherwise decent truck that really needs a lot of TLC.

    I am tired of the patina fad as an excuse not to do the work to restore a vehicle.

    Maybe we should take sandpaper and salt water to a new Mustang, hit it with a hammer, shred the interior, maybe spray random paint on bits and generally vandalize the car while it is in the dealer room and then demand they pay us $50k for improving it with a proper patina look of neglect.

    I just do not get it. Why intentionally let a rig be destroyed like this?

    • Chebby

      I don’t mind patina as a way to avoid work, but that should be reflected in the price. The bamboo treatment here is very cool, but it’s a fun way to do it on the cheap. Combined with the rust, it’s absolutely not worth thousands of dollars.

  4. Curtis

    This would be a great street cruiser or beef up a bit more to haul your other rides to the strip. A little steep on price in my opinion but would be fun to get a hold of.

  5. Paul R.

    Add vintage A/C and drive it. I would leave it just like it is!

  6. jw454

    I’ve always liked these Suburban three doors. As for the feature vehicle, that’s all I like about it. This thing needs so much. First strip all the crap off of it, find some nice wheels, get the ride height where it should be and send it to the paint shop for starters.

    • Jaygryph

      Cool, then it’ll look like all the other restored ones.

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      • jw454

        Or… just leave it the way it is and put it in the monkey see, monkey do category.

  7. ShaunD

    Different strokes for different folks. As a Brit, I generally only see these online, but I think it looks great as-is.

  8. duaney

    My first impression, how hideous! Not one manufacturer ever intended their vehicles to look like this, unless it’s in the junk yard.

  9. George

    some call it patina, but it’s still rust!

  10. Steve

    Oh my word, enough already . It’s just another way to enjoy an older vehicle. Obviously he took the 10 grand that it would have cost for some basic “presentable ” paint and put it into other parts of the truck. So now it can be driven and enjoyed. I like real patina cars. Every one is different. It tells the story of that particular vehicle. Unlike all the “righteous” painted restored cars, that all look the same. All you sidewalk geniuses need to step back and think about why you are tearing down what other people do. Go back to your cookie cutter house, wax your pretty paint…. and keep those kids off your lawn

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  11. Rolf Poncho 455


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