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Surprise Packet: 1967 Ford Mustang GT

This 1967 Mustang isn’t all that it seems, and is hiding a secret that might cause heartache to the Mustang purists. Before we get to the secret, it is worth taking a good look at this really clean looking 1967 model. Located in Winnemucca, Nevada, you will find the Mustang listed for sale here on eBay. With bidding now sitting at $23,643, the reserve hasn’t been met.

There is no doubt that this is a solid looking car. The grey paint has a really nice shine to it, while the external chrome and glass also looks good. I’m not so sure about the rear wheels sticking out beyond the fenders, because that’s a pretty good way of accumulating a decent collection of chips and marks in the paint with absolutely no effort. Having said that, they do give the car a tough stance, especially when combined with the air shocks that have been fitted to the rear of the car. While there are no photos of the underside, the owner does state that the Mustang is completely rust-free. There certainly isn’t anything visible, and if this is the case, then this looks like a car that is ready to be driven and enjoyed.

As far as clean and original interiors go, this looks like it is a good one. Looking around the Mustang doesn’t reveal any aftermarket items, and even the original radio is still fitted into the dash. The dash and pad look really nice, while the white upholstery is clean, and appears to be free of any tears, rips, or staining. So far then, this looks like a nice original Mustang that has been fitted with a set of air shocks and some bigger wheels.

The hidden secret of this Mustang lies under the hood. Originally this would have been home to a C-Code 289ci V8, producing 200hp. In its place today is a 5.0-liter fuel-injected V8 from a 1990s Mustang, while the transmission is a 5-speed manual. It isn’t clear which year the engine comes from, but in standard form, power would be in the vicinity of 220hp, or thereabouts. Fuel-injection should make the Mustang slightly easier to live with on a daily basis, and this, when combined with the transmission upgrade, would almost certainly result in significant improvements in fuel economy. The owner says that the engine is strong and that the Mustang runs and drives really well.

There will be purists who will decry the idea of fitting a more modern engine to a classic Mustang, and I really understand their position on that. However, I don’t mind the idea of giving the classic a modern twist, and would also say that this motor has probably found its way to what would be its spiritual home under the hood of this car. It might not be to everyone’s taste, but for the person who would love a 1st generation Mustang, but would also like the experience to be easy and uncomplicated, this would seem to be a pretty reasonable compromise.


  1. rick

    i am glad they put a fomoco engine in it instead of chebby junk. i like the manual trans also. i can not help but wonder if it would be any better with some electric fans on instead of the direct drive clutchless fan. it would be quieter under the hood.

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    • Steve S

      I would leave the stance the way it is and get rid of the 302 which is actually a 4.9L and the Chevy 305 was a 5.0 I looked it up once. But that’s besides the point. Then I would get rid of the 5 speed manual transmission. Then I would either find a 289 or a 427 or a 429 scj with a 4 speed manual transmission and cam it up with a thumper cam and add a supercharger. Then beef up the 4 speed manual transmission and change the gearing so it didn’t feel like it needs another gear.

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    • Paul

      The reason that car builders install Chevy motors in Fords is because the are better then the ford motors!

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      • Chuck

        The REAL reason to install a Chevy motor, is because they are easy to work on, because you are constantly working on them! Fords, however, last forever!!! (;-)

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  2. JustinTran

    I would hope the modern trans as my 67 289 has factory gears that’s always sounding like it need another to go to.

    I like this ☝️

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  3. PDXBryan

    Get that rear end down, mount a set of Minilites or Torque Thrusts and you’re good to go! But too bad they didn’t put an Ecoboost V-6 in it. ;^)

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    • Mike

      “Jacked up” used to be a thing….Glad the 70s are over.

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      • Dave

        Unless you’re a fan of the original series of Hot Wheels cars. Then all it needs are the right wheels and Redline tires and it’s 1968 again.

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    • M vickery

      My only question is why you didn’t just put an electric cooling fan in it? If you’re not going to have anything original under the hood, I’d think you may as well do that. It would get better gas mileage, and probably cool better than that smallish fan without any shroud.

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    • Eric

      Hey Bryan, fancy seeing you here. “sgntpepper78”. Over here I’m lazy and just go by my name lol. If “West Coaster” were here he’d chastise you wanting to put another set of torq thrusts on a mustang.

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      • PDXBryan

        Yes sir Sgt sir!
        Yeah? Well you can go tell Mr Westy that I got his Torq Thrusts right here!

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  4. Nitehawk770

    Late-Fox 5.0 and T-5. Reliable, easy to find parts for….easier to upgrade. While it detracts from the overall value of the car in the eyes of the purists…..but i’d still drive it.

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  5. ccrvtt

    This car is screaming for a 347 stroker and some headers. The Cragars are fine, just get rid of the ridiculous offset rears and bring the back end down. It looks like one of those mid-’70s death traps with the elongated leaf spring shackles. “It makes it look cool!”

    No, it doesn’t.

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  6. Barney wilkins

    Interior isn’t totally stock. The steering wheel is after market.

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  7. Bernie H.

    Looks like the front suspension’s been converted to something else, no shocks in the springtowers. I agree that a nice 347 stroker would look better and give more performance.

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  8. 86_Vette_Convertible

    I’m not much of a Mustang fanatic, but this one has some issues/problems IMO that need to be looked into prior to dropping some cash on it.
    As was noted, look into that front end. Shock towers are gone, so what’s in it’s place? Those rear rims and tires don’t fit well. Get rid of the rims and put some proper size tires on it to get it back to where it belongs. Because of these, I’d want to give it a complete thorough examination prior to putting any money down on it. Being the rear is screwed up IMO I’d have to say check it with a fine tooth comb first.

    My 2 cents.

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    • KevinLee

      I see nothing wrong with the look and drivetrain of this badass Mustang. They can’t all be completely original. For what it’s worth, this is how they looked in my high school years, so kinda partial to that. Love the take.

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    • Chas358 Chasman358

      IMO, If you’re going to change the engine, put a fuel injected 351 Windsor in it. Normally aspirated, and with modern cylinder heads it could easily produce 400 – 450 HP_and the fuel injection system could look like a carburetor. Great drive ability and performance – with stock appearance.

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  9. KevinLee

    The take is what I meant. The beauty of air shocks is, if you don’t want a rake , let the air out and presto,stock height!

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  10. Troy s

    Purist Mustang types have a battalion of dead stock all original early Mustangs to hug…no shortage what so ever.
    The 5.0 swap has been around since the late eighties, thought it was a great idea: you get the much much better looking classic car along with a solid 5 speed manual, decent power from the fuelie 302 and fair reliability that was meant for today’s pump gas. Makes sense to me.
    But why stop at what appears to be a stock engine.
    Edlebrock heads and upper/lower intake, little more cam, larger mass air meter,shorty headers and straight thru off road exaust with 2 chamber Flowmasters, and that’s just scratching the surface. Didn’t read the sellers add so I’m not sure about the rear end. Gears?
    Stroker 331 or 347, maybe a 351 done up Lightning style or stroked to?????…I love cars like this as the possibilities are endless and still remain very much a driver’s car. The whole stance/fat rear tires thing is a matter of personal preference…torque thrust ll’s or D’s would look great as well. This is old news, nowadays that Coyote V8 swap is the latest…

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  11. Steve P

    Wouldn’t the high HP, high torque mustangs have reinforcements in the frame that a 289 mustang would not have? If so, wonder if this mod had those reinforcements installed.

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  12. Chuck

    Being a ’67, an FE engine would fit right in there. My thoughts would be either a 427 side oiler with 2x4V induction, or if you got the $$$, a 427 SOHC with dual quads, and a 4 speed with 4.11 Detroit Locker !!! That would be a lot more era appropriate, plus there wouldn’t be much that could touch it !! As far as being jacked up, tub the rear end, and raise the front so it doesn’t look like it’s running down hill! It would then be a nice Woodward cruiser!

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    Love the Manhole sniffed look. Take me back to the 70s.

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  14. Carla Hernandez

    I’d love to see this retro-style make a comeback. Gabriel HiJackers! Cragers! Mickey Thompson N50-15s…G60-14s even. I love cars for the lifestyle, for the fun and that era was fun, too!

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    • David Ulrey

      It scared me when I saw the title to the post. Lol. I was expecting an LS swap or even worse, a Nissan Skyline GTR swap like they did in Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift. LS engines are great and the GTR is great, especially with the JDM crowd but I’d really hate to see one in this Mustang. I can’t honestly see a darn thing wrong with swapping in a later model 5.0. Sure they could still do this or that like mentioned in many of the comments above but nothing wrong with the newer into older in this case. Especially since the car and engine are both Ford products.

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      • Troy s

        And it will remain an easy modern day driver, no octane boost or expensive race gas, all that and if you leave the hood down it looks to be a period street cruiser/strip car. No ones the wiser that it’s powered by late model stuff. Parts are plenty for the whole driveline another plus.
        Kinda like what the “kids” were doing a half century ago with ’32 Ford’s, ’50 Fords and Mercs, t buckets ,ect…old cars and newer mechanicals.

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  15. Fossil

    Interested in how you Americans allow tires to protrude past the body line. In our country, Australia, we will be put off the road if tires don’t fit inside the body line. One solution is to flare the guards or add rubber strips to the guards to cover the tires (tyres in our country!!)

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      That was up to each state to decide here. In some states it was fine and in some it was a problem. Back when this was the popular way to run your car it was not legal here in PA. Running too wide of a tire would not pass our state inspection so most guys would put a pair of skinny rear tires on their car when they took it in for state inspection and then put the wide tires back on after a new sticker had been issued. Of course that did not stop the local police from pulling you over and issuing you an equipment violation ticket. Back in the day some guys could paper a room with all their tickets.

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  16. Srt8

    The rake is from my era, we put air shocks and shackle extensions on everything. It was bad enough that at night the headlights only illuminated the road about 10′ in front of the car. Great for finding loose change but not so much for driving.

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  17. TimM

    A modern twist on a classic body style what can you say that’s bad about it!! Because of the year of the body it doesn’t need to go through the plug in inspection!!!

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