Survivor 1970 Plymouth Cuda?

1970 Plymouth Cuda 340

The seller of this Cuda 340 claims it is highly original, right down to the paint, but I’m not sure how original it really is. We actually had a look at a different Plymouth earlier today that clearly wasn’t as original as the seller tried to make it out to be. This one looks like it might be a little closer to original, but there are just a few issues I see that leave me wondering if it really is. You can take a look at it for yourself here on eBay in Knightstown, Indiana.

1970 Plymouth Cuda Interior

There are just a few spots where the paint just doesn’t look right to me. The seller does admit that a few spots have been repainted at some point, so the paint isn’t completely original, just original in spots. I do see some road rash that looks 40 years old, so the majority of the paint might just be all original.

1970 Plymouth Cuda 340 Engine

They also admit that the driver’s seat upholstery isn’t original, nor is the engine block. The engine looks to be a warranty replacement from 1970 though, so it is at least a documented engine that wasn’t just recently installed. If this were a Hemi powered car, I’m sure buyers would be more critical of the numbers, but where this is a 340 car I don’t think buyers will be as worried about the engine’s numbers.

1970 Plymouth Cuda

Originality is always a tough one for me. I want my cars to be as original as possible, but obviously things happen in 40+ years of use. I’d rather have my car on the road than sitting in the barn not being used because the original engine is damaged beyond repair. So that leaves me wondering how you guys feel about things like engines that were replaced under warranty? If the documentation is there, does it still hurt the value of the car? This one will be interesting to watch unfold.


  1. Joe

    More rare than a 100% original ’70 Cuda is a dealer/flipper on ebay who is totally honest and not hyping a car’s condition. But if his description is correct, it could be a nice car. Not sure why a “Warranty Block” would be installed after 19 years! (longest warranty I’ve ever seen on a ’70 car–LOL). Not sure why a car that is said to not have rust shows rust. Yet, the flipper/dealer never said it was 100% original, just “mostly original”. Could still be a good car, maybe selling at an OK price, but not from photos and hype on ebay. Needs eyes on the car in person. This car is already overpriced at $28k and climbing.

    • Bingo

      Hey: They got a great warranty. LOL. The intake paint isn’t even burnt off yet. Rock on.

    • JACK R

      If the price is still climbing then I would say it’s NOT overpriced.

      • Angrymike

        I had a 73 340 Road Runner in the early 80’s, if I only knew now what I didn’t know then…..
        This looks exactly like it…..

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  2. MG'zer

    I must be doing something wrong! I only see one picture on ebay and their’s 39 bids!

  3. erikj

    I,Ve had a lot and seen a lot of cudas and a few things don’t seem right.never saw one with the side molding. And I thought the cuda package included a rally dash.I have seen a 3spd before. Seems if this is a real cuda it was the bottom level not even a console looks like a clone attempt My first barracuda had the auto console ,rally dash and a 8 3/4 rear ooh, and a convert and later I added dual exhaust with the tips. some one put a 340 in it before me but it was born with a 318. I,M not knocking the car ,it looks pretty clean just treat the rust so it dosnt get worse. yea the warranty seems funny!

    • pat k

      i test drove a 70 cuda, 318 with a 3 spd, no console. A friend of mine, just home from Nam ended up buying it. He wanted a 4 speed, but that wasn’t available with the 318 engine, supposedly only the 340, 383, 440 and 426 could have a 4 speed. IMHO, I think this is an engine upgrade done a long time ago. But the, cleanliness of some parts is puzzling.

      • Kim Getsinger

        My brother’s Challenger has a 318 and 4 speed so I would be surprised if the Cuda was not available with that configuration.

    • Jim H

      Rallye gauges were standard on Challenger R/T not ‘Cuda. I have a ’70 ‘Cuda the same color and 340 engine. It is coded V5X on the fender tag. V5X is body side moldings. Read the fender tag on this ‘Cuda and it is a RARE two-tone painted EF8 Ivy green roof , FF4 lime metallic body. Also built with the standard for 1970-71 ‘Cudas, three speed manual transmission. This car also had front and rear valances and trunk repainted. Undercarriage was also painted and detailed.

    • Jim Hamann

      I have the near twin of this car it was built with the bodyside molding and it is a real BS23 ‘Cuda. Also ‘Cuda’s didn’t come standard with the rallye dash,yet the Challenger R/T’s did.

      • Eric

        My father had a ‘70 with a 340. He said it came w/ 8 track and a/c. Supposedly unheard of as standard. Oh and drums all around. I guess you don’t buy a ‘cuda to use the brake pedal. Lol
        He sold it to his best friend who wrapped it around a tree on a snowy dirt road.
        I’m actually looking for one. My sister and I have been talking about it for years. Just to see his face would be worth every penny.

    • Bob TheMoparguy

      erikj the Cuda Rallye dash was an option (R/T Challengers came with them standard) Side body molding was very common in the 70’s both factory installed and added later. I recall a Shaker, hub cap, side body molding 440-6 Cuda. I have a picture of it here somewhere. They were different times….

  4. Roselandpete

    Did Chrysler replace a lot of engines under warranty back then?

  5. 56Chevy guy

    MG’zer, all the pics are under the discription.

  6. Pfk1106

    3spd available with 318, you had to get a 340 if you wanted a 4 spd. Not saying you couldnt get a 3 spd with a 340, but when I was shopping, I thought that was how the options were set up.

    • pat k

      that engine was less than a year old when replaced, based on 9/70 date. Hard life. I wonder if the owner paid for an upgrade to the 340 when the 318 blew.

      • angrymike427

        Way to many”red flags, a nice car granted, but as ppl said up thread, three speeds weren’t available on a “Cuda” as far as my investigation has shown, I could be wrong, but quite sure I’m not…..
        I’ll do a better investigation …..

    • Jim Hamann

      In 1970 the ‘Cuda came standard with a three speed manual trans. 1,872 340 cars were built that way.

      • Jim Hamann

        Here is a ‘Cuda window sticker.

  7. Kent Pearson

    Let me know if this is a stupid question but could you put Hemi Pistons in a regular 340?

    • Kevin

      yes i think it’s possible, what kinds of heads are you using?

    • Greg

      If you had ones that fit the bore and then had some hemi heads for that block, but why?

  8. Rick

    Still one of the best looking cars, IMHO. Looking at the photos, does anyone find it weird that the parts that should have rust (undercarriage components, suspension) look freshly painted yet there is major surface rust on parts of the trunk lid inside?

    • Jim Hamann

      The listing for this car said the engine compartment and other areas had been painted and detailed.

  9. ROTAG999

    Vin tag should able to tell you what motor and trans it came with.

  10. ROTAG999

    Friends 68 GTX got a new motor under warranty in the day,another friend bought a New 1970
    Roadrunner 383 with 3 speed manual on the floor.

  11. Jay Calk

    Their are lots of questions I have for that money. The first about the motor and warranty ETC? Also, is that an after market shifter? Sure looks suspect. I like my pistol grip.

  12. John H. from CT

    IMO this is a real car,howevert everything in the power train has been redone. The engine compartment has also been completely redone. Perhaps the only thing original about this car is the paint. That vinyl top even raises a flag.

    Someone commented about the rocker panel trim under the doors. These is early “gill plate” rockers and are very desirable. Some comments that this car is overpriced, but I have yet to see one in this good of condition go for under $40K. You can’t compare a ’70 to a ’72 or ’73. For many, ’70 is the holy grail cuda year.

    On the 340, perhaps one commenter was confusing it with the 340 in the AAR Cuda. That one uses many hemi components including the forged rockers and 4 bolt mains. So, the same displacement as this one but much beefier than a standard 340. The AAR also has the same triple carb six pak set up as the 440, so the AAR actually has more total CFM input than a hemi. See mine attached.

    A thing looks funny on this one in the interior: the Barracuda logo on the dash above the glove box. I know that in the Cuda version, the logo is chrome. This one looks like it may have been sprayed over with dash re-dye, as it is black. Perhaps someone else knows the answer?

    In summary, I don’t look at this as an original car. That’s all the hype. But this is a doggone nice looking ’70 340.

    • John Taylor

      I don’t think it is worth what the bidding is up to anyway, it I snot like it is a real desirable model.

    • Roger Gibson

      FACT: AAR and T/A blocks did not have 4-bolt mains. They have thicker bulkheads that are capable of being drilled and fitted with aftermarket main caps with provisions for 4-bolts but they did not come from the factory so equipped.

  13. G 1

    More pieced together junk.

    • Angrymike

      I’d have to agree, it may be clean, but I’d bet my house it was a 318 barracuda. To much wrong with the options, but that just my opinion.

  14. ROTAG999

    What I broke down from the vin is B Barracuda S for cuda H for 340 car.

    Maybe wrong first time for me breaking it down. ! That is not a vinyl top darker green paint 2 tone.

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    • Angrymike

      I only think is the 318 Cud had an 8.8 rear, that has an 8-3/4, maybe it had a towing option…..

    • Rocco Member

      I found this on the web:
      Looks pretty cut and dried.

      It say’s the “S” stands for special, and the “H” for 340 High Performance. So this could be a bare bones 340 ‘Cuda with a 3-speed, like so many other HiPo cars of the era. SS396’s with 3-speed, Ford’s with 3-speeds as base tranny’s, etc.
      Maybe John H. from CT knows more about the vin# decoding from the web site.

      • Angrymike

        You’re probably right, I thought I knew a lot about Chrysler, but again I’m proven wrong, I’d love to have it 318 or not, I still have a 69 383 out of a Roadrunner that’s frame wnt in the early 80’s, it would sit beautifully in that engine compartment….
        Thanks for the clarification, learn something on a daily basis……..

  15. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    where’s the fender tag – that is the “holy grain”? or the broadcast sheet which is often lost like the Vette tank sheet – it should include the last 6 of the vin and should give you the break down – much like a Ford door tag… for the trim down the side – allot of cars got that as an ad on….nice car

  16. Rick R

    Many more photos on ebay, including the fender tag. The car is coded for a lime green lower body and a ivy green painted roof – very unusual for an E body and virtually assures that you will never “park next to yourself at a show” (in ’77 I passed on a low mileage ’70 Challenger R/T that was bronze with a black painted roof – Nice car, but I thought $1100 too much for a 340 the seller said needed a valve job). The ’70 Barracuda catalog says the 3 speed is available with the 340, and it wan’t that unusual to see a car without a console or a buddy seat. There was an optional side molding that was a plain vinyl strip outlined by a same color pinstripe – but this car has a typical ’70’s aftermarket version with the vinyl in an aluminum extrusion. Somebody questioned the black “Barracuda” on the dash – most of the “chrome” interior emblems then were vacuum plated black plastic; once the plating wore off, you were left with a black script (at least that’s what I remember from riding shotgun in a friend’s ’70 cuda 340 way back when). It looks like a nice solid car.

  17. M B

    The file for the brochure was a pdf, and too big, to it didn’t make it. I found it online and downloaded it.

  18. Glen

    I can’t see why a warranty replaced engine would be undesirable, as long as the documentation is there.

  19. Steve B

    Hahahaha “holy grain”…that’s the funniest thing I’ve read all week.

  20. Rogelio Torres

    I bought a 70 Cuda 440+6 couple months ago I know it’s not a matching number type and I really don’t care all I want is to find out as much about it as I can. What would be the best web sites for this? I can’t seem to find a site that can scramble older VIN numbers. It came with an AAR hood but I’ll be putting a shaker hood on it next week. Any help would be appreciated.

    • John H from CT

      Rogelio, if AAR hood in excellent shape, tell me how to contact you. I’m interested.

  21. john

    need to see fender tag but two tone paint rare. Price well these cars are so popular so price keeps climbing

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