Baby Blue Survivor: 1976 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

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This remarkably clean 1976 Chevrolet Monte Carlo looks like it is posed for glamour brochure shots in these pictures! It’s a survivor car for the most part (although we aren’t sure about the paint) and is listed for sale here on eBay. Right now bidding is up above $7,000 and there’s not much time left to place a bid! The car is located in Cathedral City, California.

The chrome is shiny and most of the paint is intact — and that’s not all. There’s a large amount of documentation included, even the original loan payoff book! Although there were 353,272 1976 Monte Carlos manufactured, I’m sure there aren’t many left that look like this one!

Aside from some stains on the mat, even the trunk looks brand new. Now I should warn you, the underside of the car isn’t quite as clean as the top side, but the seller should be complimented for including a picture of it. Honestly, I don’t see anything to worry about, but if you do, let us know in the comments.

Although the carpet is a little faded according to the seller, it looks really wonderful in the pictures, and the interior looks the part as well.

The car looks great under the hood as well. We’re also told it runs fabulously and even has the original four headlights! What do you think — is the 24,378 claimed mileage credible? I didn’t find any reason why not in the pictures. Can you see yourself cruising in this baby blue beauty? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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  1. Vairnut

    Very nice, however unless it was parked outside in the dirt, near the ocean or the mileage is wrong, the underneath should not have that much rust. I would be looking very close at those rear inner wheel wells as well. Something just doesn’t add up IMO.

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    • Bruce

      This generation of GMs known as the colonnade generation rusted like crazy as GM reduced the steel content in their metal in favor of tin. I had three and I could stick my fingers through parts of each one of them.

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    • Andre

      Maybe it was stored in a barn with a dirt floor, or on a carport? Either of those would allow the upper parts to stay looking good, but moisture would collect underneath.

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  2. Jake

    Either item location is incorrect, CA? Or it has actually spent time in a humid climate like Florida. The surface rust is indicative of a humid climate like Florida. Easy clean up however it looks like it has already made it to a wheeler dealer stealership. The opportunity is already lost.

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  3. DON

    Love these Montes , but the 1973-1975 Montes looked so much better with the single round headlamps – The stacked square lights look hideous IMO.
    Our local race track claimed nearly all of the Montes in this area , whether it was a late model , street stock or Enduro race , most were big Monte Carlos !

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    • r s

      Totally agree – the 1973 was easily the best looking year for this body design. I looked at brand new ones at the dealer then – I was in high school – and most of the basic ones with AC and FM stickered around $4000 at the time. In ’73 you could get a 454 – my cousin had one, all silver w/ no vinyl and black swivel buckets. After ’73 it just wasn’t as nice.

      In ’75 the 454 was still available with 215 hp, ugh. And a 3 speed manual was standard with the 350 motors though who would have ordered one?

      Last year for a Monte Carlo w/ 4 speed was 1971.

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      • Charles Giertz

        I had a 1978 with a factory 4 speed, 305, and t-tops.

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  4. Will Fox

    In the rear 7/8 view, is it me, or does that rear tire seem kind of off-pitch? It almost looks as if the axle isn’t straight or something. Optically, it just looks odd.
    If I were to classify this Monte, I’d say it’s a fairly basic entry-level model. Bench seat, column shift, no power windows or locks, etc. The rally wheels & vinyl top seem to be the only dress-up items. Otherwise, it looks very straight & clean.

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  5. JimmyinTEXAS

    Between the vinyl roof and the trunk lid on the driver’s side is showing some rust poking out. I never trust vinyl roofs. And Jamie’s comment about the trunk looking so good! Looks like rust in the upper tray area common after the roof rust and leaks through to the trunk.

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie PalmerAuthor

      Jimmy, it may have something to do with most of my British cars losing the perpetual battle against rust…perhaps my standards are lower as a result!!! :-) Thanks for noticing that.

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    • Lance Platt

      I agree with Will Fox that this particular Monte isn’t well equipped. I do love the body style and the light blue color. The rust would be problematic too. Even with it’s flaws, this car looks better than anything GM sells now.

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  6. JimmyinTEXAS


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    • Joe Spinelli

      bucket seats never never never nothing like cruising with your girl next to you cant do that with buckets

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  7. JimmyinTEXAS

    Bid is up to $2100 USD with two hours to go…

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  8. Suttree

    A really hot girl picked me up just out of the blue in her 73 Monte with the bench seat. She took me to a drive in movie. I’ll never forget that night.

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    • Eric

      Gotta be more to this story.
      Do tell …

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  9. TimM

    Nice looking car would make a good daily driver

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  10. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    Ended: May 09, 2019 , 8:11PM
    Winning bid:US $9,101.76
    [ 63 bids ]

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  11. GregM

    Hi all, love the look of this monte.
    How would someone stop further underside rust/corrosion?
    It would seem to be a very big challenge and expensive concern to me?
    I’m sure the price reflects some of that but should it be a deal breaker?
    Thanks, sorry for the novice questions.

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    • JimmyinTEXAS

      There probably is someone here that knows better than I do, but my opinion is you can’t without a full blown off chassis restoration. I’m pretty sure the consensus is for all the rust you can see there are multiple times more that you can’t see especially on a 43-year-old car. I’m fairly certain if the body was removed and dipped to remove paint and rust there would be holes that needed to be repaired, especially under the vinyl roof and rear window. With all that said this car might be driven for years without doing any body work to it and be a great deal.

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  12. JimmyinTEXAS

    That was probably a good price. Could probably have been dd for just a little upkeep monies. Pretty color combo and looked good from 20 ft.

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  13. R Tocki

    If this is the car I think it is, it’s legit. This appears to be car owned by the late Sylvester B. I tried to buy it several years ago when it had less than 20k original miles. It was garaged in San Diego’s few miles from the beach. Sylvester wanted to buy his wife a new car, so he sold this to a salesman at the dealer who was from the Cathedral City area. I wish I still had the VIN to verify, but this sure looks like the car and the story aligns.

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  14. Fred Alexander

    I had a 1972 Monte Carlo for about 5 years (2nd owner 30K miles. Repainted it original silver, added vinyl top far a restoration fresh up.
    I had to replace all the springs as they typically sagged and the front end got pretty low.
    Had ALL the suspension redone front to back and what a tough looking ride it was with that new stance.
    These all look good when they stand at correct curb height.
    Last September I had my 82 Caballero down (from Canada) to Big Fork Montana for their Rumble In The Valley Car show and there was a 72 all original there – – – what a beauty I went over this one for better part of half an hour..
    I much prefer the 70 to 72 style vs later years.
    In 1975 I owned a 68 Ford Galaxy 2Dr HT and was in a mall parking lot = = as I pulled out of my spot, a guy in a 75 Monte opened his door into my RR quarter panel and the bumper caught the door and pulled it into the LF fender of this brand new shiny black 4 hour old car.
    He’d just picked it up at the dealership that afternoon and was going out with some friends (back seat) and stopped beside me. As he got out that large door got away on him.
    He apologized like crazy, and I felt bad for him. People in the car were speechless.
    Don’t know how much his damage was – – – mine was $1200 – – pretty significant at the time. Near write off.
    Nuff Said.

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  15. Mark Gratton

    In 1976 i bought this same car brand new! Same color combo. In Ontario Canada.. I paid $6100 tax incl. One of my most favorite cars. Wish i still owned it..

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  16. R Cook

    Had the twin to this car in Austin, Tx back in ’82……. mine had white vinyl interior with swivel buckets and all the pwr. equiptment, tilt, cruise,am/fm/8trk ……… beautiful car……. it only had a 305, but I had all the power I needed…… cruiser, not a bruiser……..

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