Survivor Bird: 1963 Studebaker GT Hawk

front right

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There were only about 4,000 Studebaker Hawks built for the 1963 model year, while over 60,000 Thunderbirds were sold, so these are rare if not valuable. 1963 was also the last year these were built (The few 1964 model cars were built in 1963). This Hawk is listed on craigslist in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for a reasonable sounding $2,895. It’s not the supercharged model, but does have a 289. The lowest valuation given for these is $13,000. It was stored for at least 20 years but is said to be a straight, original car. There’s little other information given and few pictures, so one can only assume the worst, that this is a bondo filled rust bucket. There’s always the “what if”, what if it really is a nice car.


The chrome looks good and it looks straight from here. Studebaker was the US distributor for Mercedes so perhaps that’s what inspired the Mercedes radiator grill.

right rear

The back bumper may by look a little abused, but that seems to be the original shape. Is that a spot of rust to the left of the right tail light? It certainly would be nice to see pictures of the interior, engine and perhaps under the car. These Studebakers don’t have a large following, but this just could be a nice old driver. There are a lot of “ifs” of course, but do you think there’s any chance this could be a decent car or is it more likely a rusty mess? Given the rarity and value of these Hawks, this one might even be worth restoring. It will be really interesting to read what you think.

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  1. Fred

    I think the lowest valuation you could find being $13k shows how far from reality those price guides are. As far as these not having a big following, most anyone in the Studebaker Drivers Club would like to own one, and it’s a huge organization with 12,000 members, it’s own museum, etc.

    This one certainly looks good in the photos for that price. If the interior is salvageable and the engine isn’t seized, I’ll bet it sells quickly.

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  2. wagon master

    I’ve owned one. Nice cruising road car but not a GT for sure. Same chassis as the 50s Studebaker so don’t expect your skirt to be blown up.

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  3. Andrew

    I’d take it!

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  4. Peter L.

    Except for supercharged Avantis and some classics, most Studies are chronically undervalued.I’ve often thought that if you removed all the Studie logos and other identifying trim and replaced them with the blue bow tie, that prices would increase substantially.

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  5. Doug M. (West Coast)

    I do wish there were some inside shots. As I recall, the steering wheel and dash are pretty unique on these old Hawks….And at that price, how could you go wrong??

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    • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskeyMember

      Back in the early 1970s I had a mint condition, low mileage 63 GT Hawk, with the Hi-Po 289 4-bbl & dual exhausts.When I bought it in 1970, the price was $100, for a beautiful car needing nothing. That interior photo is rather interesting, I think it’s a 1962 GT Hawk, with the ribbed vinyl seat cushions and the access plate to check the fluid in the automatic transmission [Barely visible, on the right side of the trans hump.] The steering wheel was the same wheel they began using in the mid 1950s, for all Studebaker models.

      I suspect this is a pre-production factory photo, because all the GT Hawks had the deluxe horn button, with a half circle in addition to the 2 chrome arms. That beautiful dash was a single piece fiberglass panel, with a padded section on the passenger side, and fake engine turned dash trim panels. The version shown has the complete deluxe gauge set with clock, tachometer, speedometer [probably the 150 MPH version, & the 4 engine gauges [temp/fuel/oil press/ammeter.] It’s interesting to see that Stude was quick to adapt various “bolt-on” improvements like a 4-speed trans in 1961, and 2 years later offered the GT Hawk with a Paxton supercharger, or a dual 4-bbl carb setup, and while damn few were made, they offered either a single or dual 4-bbl carb set up with supercharger too! And we mustn’t forget starting in 1963 Studebaker offered Power disc brakes [Girling type] and an alternator from Presto-lite. Yet they kept the old king pin suspension dating back to the early 1950s, with center link steering.

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  6. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Wow. I grew up in the back seat of a 63 Hawk. Shweet car!

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  7. Ed P

    I love the GT Hawks the best. All Hawks look good to me. Nice find.

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  8. Vince Habel

    I am surprised it is not sold.Parts are worth the price. I had a 64.

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  9. Chuck Foster Chuck F 55chevy

    These are cool cars, a great design by Studebaker, I bet it sells quick also.

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  10. RollerD


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  11. stillrunners

    Thanks Doug and Bill…..

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